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Welcome to Shaykhi Academy!

Your Holy Quran Journey Starts Here!

Who We Are?

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Our Courses

Quran classes

If you or one of your family is struggling with reading Quran or memorizing it, we can offer you a qualified Azhary Quran tutor who can help you!

Tajweed classes

If you want to master Tajweed rules and read Quran as it was revealed, we can provide you with a systematic way to master it in the easiest way!

Arabic Reading classes

If one of your dreams is to read Arabic like a native, we will provide you with a native Arabic speaker to make your dream come true!

What Our Students Say

The teacher has been excellent to my daughters. He is excellent with children and has great interaction skills. May Allah protect him and reward him immensely for his effort Ameen. We are 100% satisfied with his classes.

Razia Begum – Australia


Positives: teacher is very friendly, encouraging, attentive which you do not get to see with online teachers.

Zamreen Raza UK


Our Students Experience

Mariam & Fatima – Australia

Junaid Raza – UK

Mariam & Fatima – Australia

Junaid Raza – UK

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