Noorani Qaida Course For Kids

How to Learn Noorani Qaida For Kids_ Discover The Best method!

Introduction to the course

The Noorani Qaida Course is considered as the first step to learn Quran reading as it starts with learning the basics of Arabic Reading, for this reason, the kids should start their journey with learning Quran reading with Noorani Qaida.
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We provide you with up to 2 free trial classes with one of our highly qualified Quran teachers whether for you or your kids!

What the Kids will Learn in This Course?

The kids in this course learn couple of lessons which are the following:

1. Arabic Alphabet Letters (One by One)

In this lesson, the kids learn and know with their Quran Teachers the names all Arabic letters one by one which are the twenty eight letters while consedering the following:

2. Arabic Alphabet Letters (Compound Letters)

Compound letters mean learning how to pronounce two letters or more together so that the children can distinguish between the letters.

3. The Huroof Muqata'aat

After understanding the compound letters, the teacher starts learning them The Huroof Muqata’aat in the Holy Quran so that they pronounce them as letters not words. Example: آلم – يس – آلر etc.

4. Al-Harakat, Al-Modod, Al-Sukon, Al-Tanweed, Al-Tashdeed

The Teacher start teaching them how to read the letters with all last lessons.

Why Making your Kids Learn Noorani Qaida With Us?

Actually, we pretend that we offer the kids the suitable environment that help them to learn Noorani Qaida in easiest and most effective way. My dear parent, we provide your kids with the following:

1. Highly Qualified and Friendly Teachers

Our teachers are Azharian and Hafiz of Quran, besides that, they’re friendly with the kids, so, they how to teach the Noorani Qaida in the right way while building friendly relationship with kids.

2. Experienced Quran Teachers

The point here is having an experienced teacher save a lot of efforts with your kids in their journey of learning Noorani Qaida.

3. Considring Each kid's Personality and Level

The kids are different whether the difference of the personlaity or grasping the information, so, because our teachers are experienced, they know what the suitable way for teaching each student. Example: some student have some problems, as native Arabic speakers, with some letters, they know how to deal with that.

How to Enroll for Your Kid to Learn Noorani Qaida With Us?

Simply follow these four steps:

Step One: Fill Out The Next Form (New Student Form)

Filling out the info accurately and precisely helps us to suggest the best Quran Tutor for you!


Step Two: Recieving a Confirmation Message or E-mail

You'll get a Confirmation Message or E-mail within 24 hours after filling our the form.

Step Three: Attend Your Free Trial Classes

In order to help you to take your time before making your subscribing decision, we provide you with up to two Free Trial Classes.

Step Four: Subscribe to The Plan That Suits You!

When you decide to join us, you can choose whatever plan from our affordable plans that suits you or your kids!

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