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learn quran online for adults and beginners

In the modern era, learning the Quran online has become an increasing need for Muslims around the globe. Owing to the fast-paced nature of the life of Muslims nowadays, learning Quran online for Adults and beginners provides a more accessible, convenient, and affordable way to learn the Holy Book from home.

Shaykhi learn Quran for adults and beginners classes provide a golden chance for all Muslims to embrace the beauty of Quran by learning how to properly recite and memorize the words of Allah efficiently and effortlessly.

What Is Learn Quran Online for Adults Course?

The Learn Quran Online for Adults course offers a flexible and convenient opportunity for adult learners to deepen their understanding and recitation skills of the Quran from the comfort of their own homes. With tailored instruction led by qualified Quranic tutors, the course covers fundamental aspects of Quranic recitation, including Tajweed rules, pronunciation, and memorization techniques. Through personalized feedback, interactive lessons, and flexible scheduling options, adult learners can progress at their own pace, enhancing their spiritual connection to the Quran and enriching their knowledge of Islamic teachings.

What Is Online Quran course For beginners?

The “Learn Quran Online for beginners” course is a comprehensive program designed to introduce newcomers to the fundamentals of Quran reading, understanding and recitation. Through personalized instruction and interactive learning materials, students will explore basic concepts such as Arabic alphabet recognition, pronunciation, and Tajweed rules. The Quran for beginners course focuses on building a strong foundation in Quranic recitation while fostering an understanding of the spiritual significance of the verses. With flexible scheduling and dedicated support from qualified instructors, beginners will develop the skills and confidence needed to embark on their journey of Quranic learning and deepen their connection to the holy text.

Benefits Of Quran for Adults Classes

It is often challenging for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to find an Islamic center near their homes; which makes online Quran courses a more convenient and affordable option, saving them a lot of time, money and effort. 

Shaykhi Online Quran classes for beginners help thousands of Muslims around the world to connect to professional Arab native Quran tutors making their learning experience much easier.

Steps of Learning Quran For Beginners

As a beginner, taking the first step towards Quran learning may be daunting. Hence, Shaykhi online Quran learning for beginners courses offer beginners a stepwise approach to learn the Quran in the most effective and easy way. This entails the following steps.

Learn Arabic letters

During our Quran sessions you will get to know more about Arabic letters’ articulation organs and specific characteristics, in addition to learning how to pronounce them naturally and fluently as a native Arab.

Learn tajweed rules

Throughout our online Quran for beginners course, you will comprehensively study the rules of tajweed including Noon- Sakinah and tanween rules, Madd rules, Mushaddad, Meem Sakinah, stopping rules, and many more

One rule at a time!

In order to ensure you have completely grasped the subject during online tajweed classes, our tutors will not move on to a new topic except after you have completely mastered the previous one.

Memorize the Quran

Each student gets a customized Quran memorization plan that fits his/her specific learning needs and preferences and helps each student study Quran efficiently at his own pace.

Revise Quran Surahs

In addition to Quran memorization, You will get a carefully organized Quran revision plan to solidify your Hifz and avoid forgetting the previously memorized verses.

Obtain Ijazah

After becoming a “Hafiz” inshallah it is recommended to join Shaykhi Ijazah program to become a certified Quran tutor and help other Muslim brothers and sisters learn the Holy Quran.

Do You Have Different Levels of Teaching in your Quran Classes?

At Shaykhi Online Quran learning for adults classes, we have Quran teaching curricula that suit the various levels of learners, starting from beginner level to intermediate and advanced levels. So, no matter what your level is, you will surely find the course that exactly suits you!

How to Learn Quran Online Fast?

Although all Muslims wish to learn the Quran as fast as possible, you should always remember that what comes fast, goes faster! That’s why, focusing on quality rather than quantity is recommended while learning the Holy Quran.

Despite that, here are some pieces of advice on how to learn the Quran fast and with the least effort possible.

Set your SMART learning goals

Before proceeding with your study you should set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals, this will save you a lot of time and effort, as well as help you avoid procrastination.

Join online Quran classes for adults

Joining an online Quran course is definitely beneficial; since it will provide you with the essential study materials and professional guidance you need during your study.

Quran Repetition is the key!

One of the most successful techniques while studying Quran is breaking down pages into several portions, repeating each verse separately, then repeating the whole portion several times then moving to the next portion and so on.

Listen frequently to your favorite Sheikh

The more senses you engage during the Quran study process the more you will remember the verses easily. Thus, it is recommended to listen to the verses alongside reading from Mushaf. It is also advisable to read out loud during the Hifz process.

Revise Quran on a daily basis

Setting a daily “Wird” or a daily portion is crucial to ensure that you do not forget what you have already studied, it also helps you become more attached to the Holy Quran making it an indispensable part of your daily life.

Study Quran with a friend

A Quran study companion will surely encourage you to commit more to your daily study schedule. It is also helpful to share and discuss your knowledge with a Muslim friend on a regular basis to reinforce your Hifz.

Recite newly memorized verses in prayers

Utilizing the verses that have been memorized and corrected by your tutor helps you firmly establish these verses in your mind.

Reflect on the meanings of verses

Understanding the meanings of the Quranic versus is another way to solidify your memorization as well as adhere to the teachings of Allah (SWT) in the Holy Book.

What will you Learn During our Online Quran Classes for Adults?

During our online Quran classes for adults and beginners you will start from scratch till you become a confident reader of the Quran. Our courses cover the following topics

Lesson 1

An introduction to the Arabic alphabet shapes and sounds

Students are first introduced to the shapes of separated and linked Arabic letters, their sounds in case of Fath, kasr and damm, and their correct pronunciation from their articulation points in addition to characteristics of each Arabic letter.

Lesson 2

Comprehensive tajweed curriculum

We provide a comprehensive tajweed curriculum starting from tajweed basics to advanced levels to meet the learning needs of our students. In addition to providing extra support through practical exercises to ensure mastering all tajweed topics.

Lesson 3

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced Quran memorization classes

We strive to help our students achieve their Quran learning goals no matter what their level is. Accordingly, we provide unique Quran memorization plans that suit beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with customized curricula.

Lesson 4

Efficient Quran revision programs

Quran revision plans are an essential part of our live Quran sessions to help our students establish their Hifz. Hence, besides memorizing new Surahs, students will follow a carefully designed Quran revision schedule so as not to forget what they have already learnt.


Lesson 5

Practical Quran recitation sessions

Students are encouraged to practically apply tajweed rules by following the recitation of our native Quran tutors and then correcting any possible mistakes. This teaching method is known as talaqqi (imitation), which is one of the oldest and most effective Quran teaching methods.

Lesson 6

10 Qiraat and Ijazah programs for advanced learners

Our experienced Quran tutors will teach advanced learners the 10 different methods of Quran recitation with their related tajweed rules. In addition to providing Ijazah certification to Hafiz students; which enables them to teach the Quran to other Muslims.

Skills You will acquire by the end of this course

Teaching the Holy Quran to the new New Muslims and beginners is our noble message we always stand up for. Hence, we ensure that by the end of Shaykhi online Quran course for Adults you will master the following skills:

Skill 1

Learning the Arabic alphabet

By the end of our online Quran course you will be able to pronounce the Arabic letters correctly in addition to Arabic letters identification in their various forms and with different movements including Saakin letters (non- voweled) or letters with Fath, damm, and kasr (voweled letters).

Skill 2

Joining letters to read Arabic words

Our course enables you to learn more about the four different forms of the Arabic letters which are the isolated form, and the initial, medial and final forms of Arabic letters and how to easily and proficiently read the words of the Quran.

Skill 3

Joining words to read complete verses

Throughout our online Quran sessions you will learn how to join words in order to read a full Quranic verse on your own, in addition to the proper way to start, pause or stop during Quran recitation.

Skill 4

Memorizing Quran Surahs

You will study Quran Surahs by heart in a stepwise approach. As a beginner, you will typically start Quran memorization from short Surahs of Juz’ Amma till you become a Hafiz of the whole Quran insha’Allah.

Skill 5

Revision of previously memorized Surahs

Continuous revision of the memorized Quran verses through Shaykhi Online Quran Academy revision program will help you establish your hifz and achieve your Quran memorization success goals.

Skill 6

Reading from Mushaf without mistakes

After completing Shaykhi Academy online Quran course, you will be able to confidently read the Holy Quran out loud from any site in the Mushaf with proper tajweed rules without assistance.

Why Join Shaykhi Quran Online Classes For Adults?

Shaykhi Online Quran learning for beginners offers you an amazing opportunity to learn the words of Allah in the most engaging, comprehensive, and efficient way. Here is what makes our online Quran classes for adults and beginners so special.

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Start the Journey with Quran and Learn with Highly Qualified and Friendly Teachers.

How to Enroll In Shaykhi Online Quran Course?

Simply follow these four steps:

Step One: Fill Out The Next Form (New Student Form)

Filling out the info accurately and precisely helps us to suggest the best Tutor to learn Quran!


Step Two: Recieving a Confirmation Message or E-mail

You'll get a Confirmation Message or E-mail within 24 hours after filling our the form.

Step Three: Attend Your Free Trial Classes

In order to help you to take your time before making your subscribing decision, we provide you with up to two Free Trial Classes.

Step Four: Subscribe to The Plan That Suits You!

When you decide to join us, you can choose whatever plan from our affordable plans that suits you!

How Much Does it Cost to Join Quran Classes For Adults?

With Shayhki Academy, you can enroll in online Quran course at an affordable price when compared to the quality provided which is manifested in Qualified teachers and an effective environment of learning (cost-effective). The Hourly rate is just 8.5 USD with a 10% discount for families, and there are plans for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.

Meet Our Teachers

All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced so you can learn Quran online with them effectively!

Numbers Speak

Make Sure that you choose the right place if you want to join Online Quran Classes for Adults.

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Shots from Online Quran Classes For Adults

These are the shots from our Online Quran Course For Adults which is your first step to learn the Holy Quran.

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Reviews of Our Online Quran Classes For Adults

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In case you missed one of your online Quran classes, you can easily contact our student support team to reschedule your session.

There is no such thing as the perfect time to start learning the Quran. As long as you have the pure intention and commitment to learning you will eventually achieve your goals insha’Allah. At Shaykhi, we have Tutors for Adults to Learn Quran Online efficiently and with the least possible effort.

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Start your Journey with Quran and Learn with Highly Qualified and Friendly Teachers.

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