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What Is Meant By Quranic Arabic Language Term?

The Holy Quran was sent down by Allah the Almighty as a linguistic miracle. It’s also considered a challenge to the Arab’s great power of the language eloquence to the Arabic language in this Era.

It’s a miraculous eloquence. Great Arab poets, in this Era, were so famous for their eloquence. They wrote wonderful poems which are still famous now. They reached a great standard of mastering and commanding the Arabic language proficiently to the extent that they held an annual exhibition for the most eloquent poems. It was named the Aokaz exhibition for poetry. Allah defied them to bring writings that are the same as the Holy Quran but they couldn’t. He The Almighty defied them even to bring a line that is the same as the Holy Quran but they couldn’t either.

Characteristics of The Quranic Arabic Language

Before I tell you how to learn Quranic Arabic online, let me first tell you what is Quranic Arabic. The Quranic Arabic is unique in its statements, phrases, clauses, expressions, word synonyms, and meanings. Its hidden music that dwells between its lines is unprecedented.

Here are just some of these characteristics:-


Allah Subanhu WaTaala said in the Holy Quran: Say, If mankind and jinn came together to produce the like of this Quran, they could never produce the like of it, even if they backed up one another.”  Surah Al- Israa, Verse 88.


There were many orientalists who tried to prove that there are linguistic errors in the Holy Quran generally and in the Quranic Arabic Language and its grammatical rules particularly but in vain

Allah Almighty said: “It is He who revealed to you the Book. Some of its verses are definitive; they are the foundation of the Book, and others are unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation, they follow the unspecific part, seeking dissent, and seeking to derive an interpretation. But none knows its interpretation except God and those firmly rooted in knowledge say, “We believe in it; all is from our Lord.” But none recollects except those with understanding.” Surah Ali- Imran Verse 7.  

Each time they try to prove that it is full of deficiencies. Instead of that, they proved the opposite. To the extent that many of them turned to be Muslims. They became certain that it is Miraculous. The adherence to the Quranic Arabic content, the sequence of its verses, the chronological order of its events, and the rhythm harmony of its verses. All that proves just one fact, it proves that it is not written by a human being but is sent from Allah

What’s The Difference between The Quranic Arabic And The Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha)?

When comparing Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Quranic Arabic, It is mostly the eloquent language style of Quranic Arabic which is obviously clear. Also, the Quranic Arabic is much more ‘musical’ than contemporary Fus’ha Arabic.

Quranic Arabic is the language of Arabic in which the Quran (The holy book of Islam) is sent as a formation from Allah and then was written in Othman script (print). The Quranic Arabic is also called classical Arabic. The language will be slightly different from the modern standard Arabic (Fus’ha).

The classical Arabic language is based on the medieval dialects of Arab tribes. The sentence structure is the same as it is formed in modern standard Arabic. There are some minor differences such as the text grammar, syntax, semantics, punctuations of sentences…etc.

In Classical (or Quranic Arabic), special written symbols are used to signify proper pronunciations or specific articulations in order to show emphasized effects on the words’ pronunciations such as pauses between clauses. These written Arabic symbols are almost exclusively used in oral reciting of the Holy Quran.

Qur’anic Arabic is not a variety of Arabic by itself, it is just a more eloquent form of Fus’ha (modern standard Arabic). The equivalent in English is the Shakespearean English language or some of the greatest Latin language texts. However, when comparing normally everyday spoken Arabic language (slang Arabic) to either MSA or ‘Quranic Arabic’, the difference is enormous in both syntax and semantics.

Modern Standard Arabic language (MSA) is much more accepted in writing than in spoken discourse. It tends to be formal nowadays. As For speaking, it is not common. Except the government forces using it in several situations like journalism, educational process, documentaries, or in a formal political meeting. It is also used in a rare hypothetical situation when two native Arabic speakers have difficulty understanding each other due to the difference in ‘dialect’ so they would resort to it for communication; this is a very uncommon instance.

A typical Arab knows their dialect, knows MSA as a second language/dialect and if they are religious, they would know classical Arabic as well. They may have little comprehension of the other dialects as they learnt them from the media or their friends.  

Which Arabic You Should Learn If You Want to Communicate with Arabs?

If you are learning for communicating, then for the maximum output you will need to get used to hearing different dialects, and to learn one dialect to talk with normally, I would recommend the Egyptian dialect as it is the clearest dialect. It has so much clarity and the most understandable and most comprehensible dialect all over the Arab Nation.

As the Egyptian dialect is one of the most commonly liked dialects. It is the one famously known from the Media as it has much more resources to learn than other dialects. Overall, all dialects will sound ‘foreign’ outside their normal country except the Egyptian dialect.

Which Arabic You Should Learn First? 

Well, It depends on why you want to learn Arabic. But in general, I recommend starting learning the Quranic Arabic first, because if you do, you will learn modern standard Arabic spontaneously and incidentally. That is because the Qur’anic Arabic was used 1400 years ago. In this era, each tribe was proud of how rich their way of speaking is. Particularly in terms of vocabulary and the literal images they use when they are composing poetry.

One of the most appreciated Arabic tongues was the Qureshi tongue as also it was the Arabic dialect of Makkah where the most famous poets came to organize verbal battles. This tradition used to be thousands of years ago. Therefore, the Qureshi became one of the most understandable and appreciated dialects. When The Quran was written down,  this made it understandable and more over-considered as a reference for all tongues as it is rich in vocabulary and full of literal images.

How to become Good Enough In Arabic to Read The Quran?

Join a trusted academy to Learn Quranic Arabic Online. And I recommend you to learn Quranic Arabic online as Classical Arabic is the language of the Quran, so it has the sense of the identity of Islam. It is also the language of the Islamic civilization and Islamic culture as well as it’s the language of the Arabic literature from pre-Islamic days up to the nineteenth century. You can also check our Quran reading classes on Youtube!

How Long Would It Individually Take to Learn Quranic Arabic Online (read, recite, and understand The Quran)?

It depends on how persistent you are and how hard you work to Learn Quranic Arabic Online. But generally with a trusted academy and a well-qualified teacher you can start reading short verses (Ayyat) and start reciting them just after the first month of learning.

Can I Learn The Quran, And The Quranic Arabic by Self-studying?

That is a very important question. And the direct answer to it is,” You can’t.” Yes, you can’t learn the Holy Quran or the Quranic Arabic by self-studying. That is because learning both of them needs a native Arabic teacher. And both of them are periodically recurring knowledge. Frequency is the most important aspect of learning them and a must. It means that this knowledge has been passed down through generations, from one generation to the next. That is why it involves audio learning and specific articulations.

How to Master The Qur’anic Arabic Language?

Those who need to master the Arabic language, in general, and the modern standard Arabic (MSA) in particular should learn the Quranic Arabic as it contains many grammatical rules and verbal expressions. It is famous for its richness of word synonyms varieties.

There are messages in the Quranic Arabic language containing Qur’anic verses and with them, there is an atmosphere of harmony sending vibes of relief. Many schools and online Academies provide courses on related subjects, like Islamic religious courses related to language like Quranic recitation, teaching Quranic Arabic, and Arabic calligraphy.

Practically, all learners including children and adults join these Quranic Schools for two or three years, usually they learn there the rudiments of Islam and Arabic linguistics.

So if you want to master the Quranic Arabic Language, you have to find and join one of these schools or online Academies to learn the Quranic Arabic Language and the Holy Quran.

You have to find a native Arabic teacher to learn from. As Allah The Almighty Said in his Holy book: “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.”

How Can Quranic Arabic Be Advantageous For Non-native Arabic Speakers?

Firstly, let’s talk about nowadays modern standard Arabic. There’s no unique modern standard Arabic in the concept of the old ages. As the Arabian world has expanded and was influenced by other civilizations, consequently the Arabic language was influenced by these civilizations and has been in touch with other cultures absorbing ethnical minorities with a lot of words from their language.

So modern standard Arabic was, to some extent, westernized and has been influenced in its vocabulary and grammar structure by western civilizations and western languages, mainly English and French languages. For instance, the North African Arabic language was influenced by Barbarian, Spanish, French and Turkish languages.  

Egyptian Arabic language was influenced by some Coptic, Nubian, Turkish, Greek, and Italian words. And the Arabian peninsula Arabic was influenced by Indian, Iranian, Urdu, Javanese, and Swahili words.
Those influences are clear in the everyday spoken language as well as in the regional classical written ones. 

So, the point is that learning the Quranic Arabic will be greatly advantageous to non-native Arabic speakers because they don’t have to learn these many dialects of the Arabic language as the Quranic Arabic is understandable in all Arab countries. In addition, by learning the Quranic Arabic you can have access to Arabic poetry, especially the old ones. And you will be able to have a big dive into the old Arabic books and have a good command and perfect understanding of the Holy Quran.

What Distinguishes The Teachers of Shaykhi Academy In Teaching The Arabic Language of The Qur’an?

Language is the bowl of meaning. So, language tutors should have a good command of methodological knowledge. They should be aware of the methods and approaches of teaching a language. This is what Shaykhi Academy’s tutors are distinct from.

They are well educated methodologically. They are mastering the modern approaches of teaching a language such as the Audio lingual method, the grammar-translation method, the natural method, and the communicative approach. They don’t teach the Arabic language in old fashion methods or ways. They know the sequence of the four skills of a language, listening speaking, reading, and writing. They are aware of how and when they teach the grammatical rules

Tutors of Shaykhi Academy are doing their best to facilitate the learning process as well as encourage the learners to engage in the learning process efficiently. They make the learner feel that the learning process is enjoyable and easy. They will help you InshaaAllah to Learn Quranic Arabic Online!

Knowledge of Arabic grammar is a core prerequisite and an individual asset for serious students of knowledge. For the majority of Muslims living in the west today obtaining a good knowledge of Arabic grammar seems verily impossible. So Shaykhi Academy’s tutors’ mission is to present Arabic grammar, which may seem difficult and complex to some learners, in a simple and deductive way.

Join us to Learn Quranic Arabic Online!

A Message To Non-Native Quranic Arabic Language learners

Be Patient

If you want to Learn Quranic Arabic Online, be patient and remember, “Heavy rain begins with little drops”. Good things come to those who wait so you have to be patient as the knowledge path requires patience.

Be Persistent

Never give up hope to learn Quranic arabic online. Never give up the way of Islamic knowledge.

Be Sincere

Muhammad the prophet peace and prayers are upon him) said: ” Who ever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to paradise.” Saheeh Muslim. 2699.

So you will find the path of knowledge is easy if you are faithful towards Allah as well as your intentions of gaining knowledge is just for the sake of Allah.

Don’t Commit Sins

Imam Al Shafie had a nice story. One day he made a slight sin as he was fascinated by a beauty of a woman  then he came to  fulfill his daily Quran Memorization but he couldn’t. He immediately knew the reason. Then he said this famous line of poetry :

I complained to Wage ( his friend) My poor memorization at night.  
He told me, from sins,  to stay away and fight.
And he added that knowledge is a light.
And the sinner will never be given God’s light.
Instead, he will be far away from God’s sight.

The knowledge of the Holy Quran and Islamic studies is different from all other knowledge. It is sacred knowledge, It is from Allah the wisest.

Find  A Trusted Academy

Many online Academies teach the Quranic Arabic Language and the Holy Quran online but they’re not the same. So you have to seek some conditions which should be available in the academy you want to join to learn Quranic arabic online.

Some Tips for These Conditions.

 How long this academy has been working in this field?

As The field experience period is very important if you want to learn Quranic arabic online. Also, you have to put in mind that the academy should be reliable and has a good reputation.

The Academy staff

You should know if they’re professional, persistent, well-educated, and dedicated? You have to care about these tutors’ traits and skills before you start your course.

Choose A Well-Qualified Tutor

The academy will provide you with many various tutors, so it is your turn to choose the tutor that you think is going to fulfill your goals and help you to learn Quranic arabic online. You have to choose whether the tutor is male or female, young or old…etc.  But the most important thing you have to focus on when you are choosing a tutor is to consider their efficacy of the Quranic Arabic Language and their command of the Holy Quran knowledge.

The Editor: Raghad Qasim


(Q&A of Learn Quranic Arabic Online!)

I would like to learn Arabic to study Islam or poetry, what language should I learn?

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If you are learning for religious matters or even studying Arabic poetry, we recommend Classical Arabic — sometimes called Quranic.

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