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Want Enjoyable Online Quran Learning For Kids?

Are you seeking to read the Holy Quran properly? Shaykhi Academy provides you with the best classes to learn tajweed online for kids, get them now!

Shaykhi Academy is aware to what extent learning the rules of Tajweed is necessary, so it cares to provide Tajweed classes online so that you can learn it while you are at home!

Before we talk about these classes in detail, let’s talk about the importance of Tajweed so that you are completely sure that you are on the verge of the most correct decision to learn it!

How Important Is It to Learn The Rules of Intonation (Tajweed)?

Dear reader, can you imagine how terrible it is to change the meaning of a verse from the Quran? Or that you do not abide by the rules of reading it! It will be a miss!

There are two main errors related to this point. Learning intonation helps you get rid of them and thus correct the meaning and they are:

The obvious melody and the hidden melody, so what is the difference between them?

Clear melody: It is a mistake that causes you to make a linguistic error related to the expression of the word itself or its meaning.

As for the hidden melody, it is a mistake that occurs in the rules of intonation and disturbs the pronunciation without prejudice to the meaning or expression.

For example:

 To say:



With the pronunciation of “n”.

It is called hidden because it is hidden from the general public and only readers can understand it.

For example:

to pronounce the word ending with a movement (addition) while it ends with a movement (Fatah), here is a violation of the syntax.

As for the violation of the meaning, if you replace a letter in the place of a letter, for example, you used to say (mazed) instead of (masjid).

Here is the importance of Tajweed rules appears, as it helps us to:

Read The Holy Quran Correctly

The rules of intonation help you control the points of articulation of the letters and read the verses as they were revealed.

Understand The Verses of The Quran

Learning the correct reading thus helps you with proper understanding because Tajweed and letter movements make the meanings differ to the maximum extent.

Learn Arabic reading

Since many of the topics of intonation (Tajweed) are related to the language (such as the hamzat al-qata’ and al-wasl).

Therefore, learning Tajweed is a necessity that every Muslim seeks to learn Arabic reading.

Therefore, Shaykhi Academy is interested in providing Tajweed classes online. Here, you may be wondering, dear reader, if these classes have the same impact and usefulness as face-to-face classes, or if one of them is better than the other.

Is It Right to Get Classes to Learn Tajweed Online for Kids?

We must admit that everything related to the Noble Quran, including Tajweed, is the basis for learning face-to-face learning, but in light of the technological development and the speed of current life with some circumstances that hinder face-to-face learning such as the spread of epidemics or being a student with a disability that makes it difficult for you to go and return from Classes or you are busy and do not have much free time, so you use the little free time to get classes from home, so we can say that online learning is an ideal and sometimes necessary alternative to face-to-face learning.

Now you must have made your decision to learn Tajweed because of its importance, and here you are facing a more difficult mission, which is how to choose the best Tajweed classes online.

But this mission has become very easy, as Shaykhi Academy offers you the best Tajweed classes online so you don’t have to compare and choose!

And to know this, you should know what characteristics should be in the best Tajweed classes online.

What’re The Features of The Best Tajweed Classes Online (Shaykhi Academy for Example)?

The Tajweed classes online you choose must be characterized by a number of features that Shaykhi Academy provides you with in the classes it offers, such as:

The Combining of Explanation And Practical Application

Good Tajweed classes online must combine a theoretical explanation of the rules and then the application of each rule.

For example:

The teacher brings verses from the Noble Quran and asks you to extract the Tajweed rules that they contain, or ask you to read them with the right Tajweed rules they have.

Including Auxiliary Materials (Audio Clips for Example)

Auxiliary materials are one of the basics of Tajweed classes online, as they support understanding and make you more attentive to the rule you are learning. And it can be audio clips, graphics clips, or video clips.

These materials are used in the revision and application of the Tajweed rules.

For example:

When an audio clip is shown and the teacher asks you to know the Tajweed rules that it included.

The Connection Between The New Rule And The Previous One

This is a main point in the Tajweed classes online because the idea of linking the previous and current rules increases understanding because the Tajweed is cumulative, so the new must be added and linked to the old in order to achieve maximum understanding, and this is what Shaykhi academy follows in the Tajweed classes online through which it is presented.

The appropriate period of the class time

It is known that the length of the class is inversely proportional to the degree of attention of the student, so Shaykhi academy was keen to make the duration of the class appropriate to the student’s comprehension ability and his ability to achieve and it also divides the class between the explanation and the application equally, in order to achieve the highest level of comprehension and practice.

The Affordable Prices

This is an important feature, as there must be a consideration for everyone’s financial situation, which is what Shaykhi Academy does in determining the prices of its Tajweed classes online. These classes are offered for simple prices that suit all categories, and there are even different price plans that you can choose from among which suit you!

Provided by Qualified Teachers

It is a feature that must be available in the Tajweed classes online that you choose because the teacher is the main element and he must be specialized and familiar with what he teaches you.

And to make sure you’re in the right place let’s know more about our Tajweed classes online teachers!

Shaykhi Academy Tajweed Classes Online Teachers characteristics!

As we said, the teacher is the main element in any educational process, so Shaykhi academy provides you with professional teachers who are distinguished by a number of characteristics that give you a different learning experience.

Shaykhi academy provides you with Tajweed classes teachers distinguish by:

Having High Qualifications

As all the teachers of Shaykhi academy have higher qualifications in the field of teaching the Quran and all its branches, including (Tajweed).

Having High Communication Skills

This is an essential feature as the ability to interact with the teacher makes the learning environment more comfortable and makes you more able to communicate with and understand him.

Having the Ability to Use Modern Technology

It is an essential characteristic of an online teacher because all his work revolves around dealing with these techniques, which he uses best to make it easier for you as a student and to achieve the highest possible benefit.

Having the Ability to Deal with Kids

It is an important feature if you are looking for a teacher for your kid, Shaykhi Academy provides you with teachers dedicated to teaching Tajweed classes online for kids, and this is what we will discuss shortly…

Shaykhi Academy Tajweed Classes Online Teachers Types

Shaykhi Academy offers you an important advantage, which is the presence of several types of teachers who give you Tajweed classes online, you can receive these classes from:

Female Tajweed Classes Online Teachers

This is in case you are a woman and you want to take Tajweed classes online at the hands of a female teacher so that learning will be more comfortable for you and you can discuss and interact with her more easily.

Tajweed Classes Online for Kids!

It is a very important type, as teaching kids need special strategies taught by teachers who specialize in dealing with kids because they have knowledge of the approaches and methods that attract kids’ attention and help them learn.

In the same vein, Shaykhi Academy provides you with specialized teachers for Tajweed classes online for kids. It also provides you with Tajweed classes online for adults, so what is the difference between them and Tajweed classes online for adults?

Tajweed Online Classes for Kids!

These classes are used in ways and methods that can attract the kids’ attention and push back boredom so that they are more passionate about what they studying and become more focused.

These methods are as:

Using The Gamification

It means the use of games for the purpose of education, and it is one of the most prominent methods that attract the attention of the kids, as games are the only focus of their interest. You can teach them by integrating the information in the form of a competition or a fun game.

Profit And Loss Method

It means making the classes like a competitive environment for them, for example, by dividing them into teams and reviewing the rules through a simple competition between them that results in a reward for the most focused and effort, which represents sufficient motivation for a commitment from the rest.

To learn more about these classes, you can check out this article!

Now that you are familiar with everything related to the Tajweed classes online from Shaykhi Academy, you may be wondering about what you can study or what exactly you will learn from these classes, so let us answer you about what is bothering you!

What Can I Learn from Shaykhi Academy Tajweed Classes Online?

The Tajweed classes online offered by Shaykhi Academy give you an opportunity to:

Learn How to Read The Holy Quran

Tajweed is an essential element for reading the Quran correctly, and if you want to read the Quran with its correct pronunciation, you must learn Tajweed first of all.

Learn How to Memorize and Understand The Rules of Tajweed

This is the main purpose of Tajweed classes online, as it’s intended to make you familiar with the rules of Tajweed and its uses.

For example, you will learn:

The base of the consonant nun: it is a consonantal noun that proves verbal and written, plural and endowment, nouns, verbs, and letters.

As for “tanween”: a superfluous consonantal noun that affixes to the last of the nouns in a word, and separates from it by a line other than sections, and the rulings of “nunin” and “tanween” are divided.

Learn The Correct Points of articulation for Letters

The letter’s points of articulation in the Arabic language differ greatly from those in English, and in the Tajweed classes online, you will learn how to extract these letters from their correct points of articulation.

Learn The Noble Quran As It Was Revealed

This is because proper reading leads to a sound understanding, so we can say that Tajweed is part of understanding the meaning along with interpretation (Tafseer), which is the main factor for understanding.

You will learn all this and more through our Tajweed classes online, is there anything better than that?!

You must have made your decision now, if so, it is time to apply and get online Tajweed classes now!

If you are wondering how to do that, let me tell you…

How to Apply for Tajweed Classes Online with Shaykhi Academy?

You can apply for our Tajweed classes online in 3- simple steps:

Enter the Shaykhi Academy website

You can do that now by clicking here!

Get to Our courses

You will find courses in all branches of the Noble Quran; choose from among them the Tajweed course.

Submit to The Tajweed Course And Fill Out The Form

Click on the subscribe button, which will take you to fill out your data form, and once it is filled out, you will get a confirmation message that will take you to your free trial class!

You can fill out the form for Tajweed classes online directly from here!


(Q&A of Tajweed Classes Online)

Can I Learn Tajweed from Tajweed Classes Online?

How I can get a qualified Egyptian Quran Teacher Online? -Egyptian Quran Teacher Online

Yes, you can learn Tajweed through online Tajweed lessons, even if the original learning is face-to-face classes.

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