Memorize Quran for Kids (Hifz Course)

Why our Online Quran Classes For Kids are The Best?

As a parent, you want to choose the Best Course and classes to Memorize Quran for Kids to ensure that your children will learn Quran Online perfectly. We’re here to help you!

I can see your problem…I understand… It’s not your fault that you are not a native-Arabic speaker.. and I know that you’re doing your best to change your kids’ future, though you are suffering as a matter of fact, and you want your children to learn their exact religion even you do not know how to do so. It’s really a good idea to search for an Arabic teacher to accomplish this mission, but do you know which is perfect?! if this teacher knows how to deal with kids.

This is what we provide you, we provide you with qualified teachers who perfectly teach Online Quran Classes For Kids. Let’s discover how!

What makes Our Classes to Memorize Quran for Kids are The Best having the next qualities and techniques:

1. Considering Kids’ psychology.

Here is the first point to tackle which is the kid’s psychology. As it is apparent that children need special dealings whether you from you a parent or from us as online Quran Tutors, we need first to understand their needs. This is actually the first step on the way.

In this phase of the kid’s age, they develop and they go through progressive developmental stages on all levels. Environmental, cultural factors, and others all can affect their development and their progress. Although it is difficult for a kid to explain this, but you can watch his feelings to get a better understanding of your kid.

So, we conclude what we’re trying regarding this point in two elements we have to understand that inputs affect kids’ minds. We have to understand that:

A) Inputs affect kids’ minds.

Providing the kids with correct inputs and right according to Isalm is actually a common mission between you as a parent and us as online Quran tutors. Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids understand this well and they investigate every piece of information they teach kids.

It’s not confined to the pieces of information that Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids, but these inputs also include the way of dealing with them, such as respecting them, their ideas, dealing with them according to Islamic ethics and morals, etc.

B) Each child is dealt with differently.

This is also a common mission between us, and this, in reality, demands us to know and learn how to deal with kids, how they think, etc. Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids, esp, experienced teachers know this well, but do you know, as a parent, how to deal with your kids properly?! It’s time now to start!

You might ask why I should know and learn how to deal with kids?

During the period of childhood, you are building your kids, you are their eyes and mind, and you almost mirror everything, so take care. You’ve to teach them the correct ideas, behaviors, etc, and in the correct way, not by force, not by destructive criticism, not by negative feedback that harms, undermines, or offends!

Also, the mission of detecting any common behavioral issues like learning issues, hyperactivity, or anxiety is your role, not the role of someone else. Moreover, your understanding of your kid is going to help you in evaluating mental health and diagnosing development delays such as autism.

All the past is a common mission between you and our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids! Join Now and Let your kids learn with highly qualified online Quran Tutors!

The cognitive development of a child refers to intellectual learning as it includes the child’s observation of the world around him, language learning, memory, decision-making, problem-solving, imagination usage as well, and how a child uses basic reasoning. Make sure that you understand every single piece of info here as it will help you to raise your child.

2. Considering Individual Differences Between Students.

Considering Kids’ psychology is of great importance while teaching them and this is one of things that Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids considers.

Let’s know more about individual differences!

A. What’s The Definition of Individual Differences?

Determining the individual differences between students is one of the key elements for a qualified kids’ teacher. But what does it mean?

Individual differences point out the differences among learners in the teaching process that mark them from one another establishing a single peerless individual who conveys a crucial set of variables to every learning situation.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids consider this!

B. What’re The Individual Differences Between Students?

There are lots of individual differences that can affect the performance of students during the learning process including interest, age, motivation, learning styles, and self-efficacy. In addition, there are also personality, values, attitude, prior knowledge, intelligence, ability, as well as study habits.

Online Quran Classes For Kids are The Best Individual Differences

Let’s discover these Individual Differences one by one together!

1. Interest.

Interest can be explained as an endless tendency regarding an activity, situation, or task. If a kid has the interest to do something he would pay more attention, think and enjoy without any external stimuli. It’s clear now that interest begets pleasure and dedication. So, it’s better to adjust these interests to build up effective learning.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids in the first place are trying to instill the love of the Quran in the hearts of children so that it becomes one of their interests! It deserves to get that experience, right? Join Now!

2. Age.

As it’s a clear fact that it differs if you are dealing with kids rather than adults. Age determines what psychological needs are for a certain age group. The same goes for kids of different ages! Certainly, almost everything should meet the student’s desire and expectations whatever age he is just to enjoy their learning experience.

In our Best Classes To Learn Quran Online For Kids, you will find the teacher consider that!

3. Motivation.

It’s a magical power for any achievement whether this motivation is external or internal.

The internal motivation comes when the student decides to learn something for their own benefit where they find an essential value like getting the reward from Allah and being pleased by Him when the kids learn or memorize Quran for example, while the external one is when he expects motives from learning so we can consider the common tool for external reinforcement is rewards.

You as a parent and we as teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids must consider these two types with kids!

4. Learning Styles.

Even though learning style is an inherited element and can’t be selected, it should be considered by parents, schools, and teachers! This is why we, as teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids, consider this!

5. Self-efficacy.

It’s a term that describes the student’s ability for achieving a task for instance or being successful. These perceptions in terms of the different students’ chances for success from one domain to another. Sometimes we find a student likes Arabic language rather than Tajweed, for example, so he starts doing his best to fulfill his target in Arabic and gives up Tajweed.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids consider that not all students are the same in self-efficacy, and with them, every learner would be assisted to improve his self-efficacy without other subjects being affected.

6. Personality.

Types of personality present two behavioral models, which are Introverted and extroverted. Introverted learners tend to read books and spend much time alone. On the other hand, extroverted learners are sociable and prefer to cooperate with others. Each type of these needs an unparalleled manner to deal with.

As a parent, it’s recommended if you can tell our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids the behavioral model of your kids! We should give Quran learning for kids the required amount of importance!

7. Values.

Values are of importance for individuals. Some learners show value towards materialistic, spiritual, or even a religious lifestyles. It depends on the environment and how the kids react to it. Only education can mold this generation’s mind to have balance in both spiritualism and materialism.

This is a common mission between us as teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids and you as a parent.

8. Attitude.

It refers to how students respond to topics, events, or activities. Attitudes include meaningful emotions suck as likes and dislikes or satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Rarely you find a learner who has a supportive attitude relating to a certain object. Our role as teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids is to spread this positive attitude and develop it.

9. Prior knowledge.

It means what students know before starting classes even just knowing the name of the subject accompanied by one additional info. Learning starts when the students establish links between this former knowledge and the new materials. Though prior knowledge can be mistaken, it should be taken into consideration and should be assessed according to its type or amount. Furthermore, it would be easy to be corrected or updated.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids consider this point as they taught a lot of students those learned Quran or the same subject with mistakes before by another teacher!

10. Intelligence.

It’s a mental force that is responsible for understanding and reasoning. In the past, it was ordinary just to have general intelligence. Nowadays, the concept of multiple intelligences is popular. The difference between these assumptions is the first one assumes that learners have different intelligence levels that affect learning in certain domains, while the multiple intelligences, on the other hand, point out that learners might be intelligent in several fields.

The role of our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids here is to help the students to be perfect in different branches of knowledge such as Quran memorization, Tajweed, Arabic Reading, etc. Would you like to enroll your kids Now or Later? Choose and then click here to join.

11. Ability.

It’s always mixed up with intelligence. Ability is the veritable part of intelligence developed by education. Students’ abilities are different. We have two theories offered as counterviews. A general ability that allows or prevents learning all domains. Contrarily, the specific ability that says each learner is able to learn fastly.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids provide the kids with proper opportunities that promote and grow their abilities!

12. Study Habits.

Study Habits are the regular tendencies that depict gaining info in this process and it differs from one student to another. A person with poor study habits can’t learn properly, while studious students are not as they have the same interest concerning every subject. Also, some learners like studying in groups while others do not.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids correct poor study habits while helping the kids to grow up the good ones!

3. Considering Gender Differences.

Allah created us differently. He even puts for everyone his needs that suit his conditions. We react alternatively according to these conditions. Being a boy or a girl requires various responses regarding surroundings and it’s undeniable that both genders have their incomparable ways of dealing.

These differences manifested in the next main points:

1. Physical Differences.

Physically, boys are more active than girls. They’re even more agitated when they have to sit for a long time. They also tend to depend on physical aggression whenever they’re resentful. At the start of the first years of elementary school, we find that the motor skills development for both boys and girls. Both can run, jump and throw balls. By the end of this phase, we find that boys start to be taller and stronger than girls as they are eventually prone to improve their motor growth.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids understand this well!

2. Social Differences.

Socially, boys are more attracted to large groups than girls. However, girls seek to have one or 2 close friends sharing very intimate information with them. In the classroom we face this difference in social interaction, boys probably like to speak loudly during class discussions even though they know a few pieces of information about the topic.

By the way, we as, teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids, from an Islamic perspective, see that boys and girls should be separated in the classes.

3. Cognitive Differences.

At the cognitive level, we find that girls are boosted to do well in school than boys. Some studies prove that almost there aren’t any differences in this context among boys and girls. The slight difference is that boys like maths and science but girls prefer reading and art. Additionally, girls perform higher in verbal exercises while boys in visual exercises. Similarly, girls constantly prefer obtaining high marks in their quizzes.

Accordingly, our ladies teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids practice more verbal exercises with girls, while our men teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids focus on visual exercises with boys.

4. Considering Different Learning Patterns And Styles.

As teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids, we have to consider the different learning styles for kids, as not all kids in particular or people, in general, have the same style of learning! Let’s figure out learning styles.

We can classify the learners according to the next types:

1. Visual (spatial) Learners.

They’re the students who prefer to get their info depending on visual aids like graphs, diagrams, and charts. They learn by looking and watching. The best way to help them is to show them the relation between ideas. Also, they are observant, drawers, and enjoy planning.

To engage spatial learners within the class teacher needs to use mind maps, drawings, and colors, and this is what Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids do their best to do it!

2. Auditory Learners.

This method works more with kids as they enjoy listening to stories. Children use their sense of hearing to obtain the info and they often prefer to be told how to do things than summarizing them. This type of learners tends to sort the info after speaking. Also, they learn better within group activities involving listening and talk as they benefit from repeating lessons. For them, saying things out loud helps them to understand.

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids understand this style, and you have also to understand this, for sure, as a parent.

You might wonder how our online Quran tutors apply this?

Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids use their tone of voice to grasp your kid’s attention, for example, and this can be improved by raising questions and asking one of these auditory learners to explain their views to others verbally. You, as a parent, may follow certain strategies like seating them away from distractions as they’re easily disturbed.

3. Reading and Writing Learners.

This kind of students develops the info through words whether by writing it down or reading. To them, texts have the power over visual or auditory representations. Many ways are used to involve this type within the class like asking them to express what they’ve learned through written assignments, assigning a reading task related to the lesson, or providing them with quizzes. For this sort, it’s useless to have a discussion without taking notes due to their fear of missing any data.

When it comes to online Quran learning for kids, however, one of the strategies that Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids might use is teaching the kids Quran by teaching them first how to read and also make them right down some Ayat!

4. Physical or kinaesthetic Learner.

These learners are characterized by gravitating toward a community with hands. This emphasizes learning by doing rather than sitting and listening to the teacher’s explanation. They enjoy hands-on experiences due to their connection to reality. Energy is the key element of this type and taking breaks to move around or playing games depending on movement can have a better influence.

Lots of methods can be applied to develop this learning style. For instance, using exercises that get pupils out of their seats like the sun and moon game. Another thing, allow them to perform a role-play and take turns explaining the lesson on a real whiteboard if they have one.

When it comes to online Quran learning for kids, Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids don’t mind if the kids are repeating and memorizing Ayat with their teacher while they’re moving around!

Do Quran Online Classes For kids Effective?

Our Quran Online Classes For kids are very Effective as Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids consider the last points when they’re teaching the kids!

What Are The Best Classes to Memorize Quran for Kids?

In general, the Best Online Quran Classes For Kids are the classes that consider all these points stated above besides making the classes fun for kids, and this is what we promise you in Shaykhi Academy. So, you can enroll your kids now in our academy and get two free trial classes before subscribing!

What Are The Best Classes to Memorize Quran for Kids In UK?

Don’t worry if you’re one of the non-native Arabic speakers who are located in UK and looking for The Best Online Quran Classes For Kids In UK as this is our mission. Your kids will learn Quran online and enjoy at the same time. Are you looking forward to get Free trial classes??

What Are The Best Classes to Memorize Quran for Kids In London?

If you’re in London and want the Best Online Quran Classes For Kids In London, we promise you that you’ll get a very interesting experience with our classes and with our experienced tutors who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids. You’ve no excuse now because you’ll get two free trial classes first 🙂

What You Should Consider before Choosing Quran Classes For Kids Online?

Besides considering all that’s stated in this article, also consider getting experienced online Quran tutors for kids and also choosing the suitable time for your kids to focus and bear attention completely in this class. The surprise is that we provide you with these two points of experienced online tutors for kids besides time flexibility.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose The Free Classes to Memorize Quran for Kids?

Choosing The Free Online Quran Classes For Kids means that you almost will not get the best online Quran Tutors for kids besides that not using the best techniques of teaching that Our teachers who teach Online Quran Classes For Kids use, for example.

Do We Provide Online Quran Classes For Shia Kids?

Actually, we provide Online Quran Classes for Shia kids to correct their Shia beliefs and make them understand the beliefs of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

How To Join The Best Classes to Memorize Quran for Kids?

Steps to How To Join The Best Online Quran Classes For Kids

Don’t worry as a parent who wants The Best Online Quran Classes For Kids as we’re here to help you! Here are the steps to join our Academy, which provides one of The Best Online Quran Classes For Kids!

1. Enroll For Your Kids.

It’s so simple! Just fill out this form!

2. Getting A Confirmation.

You will receive a confirmation that your kids are accepted to join our Online Quran Classes For Kids!

3. Attending The Trial Class.

You kids will attend our Online Quran Classes For Kids with a qualified teacher at the time that’s suitable for them!

4. Subscribing To One Of The Plans.

If your children love the class, and we’re sure that they’ll do, you can choose one of these plans and subscribe!


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Can I Get Online Quran Classes Free?

If you mean asynchronous learning, we offer you a free Quranic Arabic course for free, but if you mean synchronous learning or one-to-one classes, the only option is the paid classes. Join us Now!

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