Quran Hifz And Memorization For Kids

Quran Hifz For Kids - Memorize Quran For Kids

Quran Hifz For Kids is certainly a difficult task, but through our Quran Hifz for kids program, we will help you make it easy, God willing, so let’s go on!

There is an important saying that says, “Learning at a young age is like engraving on a stone,” which means that the more you learn when you are young, the higher the quality of learning. This is why you are here, dear reader, because you realize that memorizing the Quran for your kids while they are still young is more effective, so it is an excellent step, I congratulate you on it!

What Quran Hifz For Kids course?

The Quran Hifz for Kids course is a specialized program aimed at teaching children the memorization of the entire Quran. Through structured lessons, repetition, and guidance from experienced certified instructors, children learn to commit the Quran to memory, verse by verse, surah by surah. This intensive Hifz course for kids emphasizes the importance of dedication, discipline, and reverence in memorizing and preserving the sacred text of Islam, enabling children to become Hafiz or Hafiza, individuals who have memorized the entire Quran, a significant accomplishment in Islamic education and practice.

What is the importance of obtaining Kids Hifz Quran Online course?

What is the appropriate age to teach my child the Quran?

According to educational research, the best age for Quran memorization for kids is 4 years. The reason for this is that children’s abilities to learn and memorize the alphabet are ready for this process.

But should every child start this education at the age of four? of course not. Every child’s development process is different. Some toddlers want to learn faster and be given this opportunity, while some other are focused on games and are not ready for a detailed learning process. Respect your children, you must give them the time they need so that they can progress efficiently as they begin their education process.

Why should Kids memorize the Quran?

There are three reasons for the importance of Quran recitation for kids:

Helping them live a life according to the teachings of the Quran

Children retain information better than adults when learning new skills. So childhood is the time to introduce your child to the Quran so that they can carry this knowledge with them throughout their lives. Keeping this important information now will help them in their lifelong journey of being a better person and living a life according to the teachings of the Quran.

Instilling Islamic values and morals at an early age

The ultimate foundation for our lives as Muslims is the Quran. Hifz Quran for Kids helps them learn the truth that we must live life as God wills. The Quran gives children values and morals that help them in their adult lives, and make them better individuals and citizens.

Developing critical thinking and reading skills

The best book your child can read is the Quran. Even with easy sura memorazition for kids, the style and language of writing helps improve your child’s ability to read. the Quran can help develop your child’s critical thinking skills in ways that other books cannot.

What are the Steps That help Kids Memorize Quran?

You may be wondering now how to memorize Quran for kids?

In short, there are some techniques for memorizing the Quran for children:

Give your child a strong background in Arabic

Your child will need strong Arabic skills to be able to read the Quran.

Shaykhi Online Quran Academy provides you with an online Arabic learning course for kids, you can review, which will benefit them in this step.


Register your child in Hifz Quran for Kids Classes

Hifz courses for kids helps your child learn quran for memorazition for kids easy sura through specialized teachers and a well-articulated plan developed according to your child’s abilities, so these classes Start by memorizing one short surah and making sure that he masters it before starting a new one. 

Reward your child for memorizing each surah

The reward encourages the child to continue and love memorizing the Quran, keeps him away from boredom, and helps him overcome difficulties they may face.

What Students will learn in this Memorize Quran for Kids course?

Shaykhi Academy gives you an Hifz Quran for Kids Classes which helps your child to memorize Quran effectively Through this course, the child can learn:

Lesson 1

Memorizing the short Surahs

It is the first step to complete the memorization of the Quran, as starting with the short surahs makes kids feel that they are achieving, and thus gets excited and continue.

Lesson 2

Identifying the right Makhareg

As a foreign child the points of articulation of Arabic letters will be a real problem in memorizing the Quran, so this course focuses on teaching “Makhareg” of letters and training kids on them.

Lesson 3

The proper way of reciting the Quran

Through the course, the child learns how to pronounce the verses in a proper manner.

And that is by receiving the verses through professional sheikhs in Quran reading.

Lesson 4

How to apply the rules of Tajweed

The child learns to memorize the Quran with applying the rules of Tajweed in reading. Shaykhi Academy also provides a Quran Ijazah course for kids to, the kid can join it after completing the memorization course.

Lesson 5

Understand the meanings of the verses

By enabling the child to contemplate the meaning of what he reads and memorizes, and stop standing at mere blind memorization without understanding.

Lesson 6

How to memorize the whole Quran

This is done by starting with the last Juz (no 30) and gradually memorizing the surahs in ascending order from shorter to longer.

Skills Your kids will acquire by the end of this course

After your children finish the course of Quran memorization for kids, they will have learned the following:

Skill 1

Memorizing the entire Quran surahs

This is the main result, as the course is basically intended to memorize the entire Quran for your child.

Skill 2

Reading the Quran properly

Because memorizing through this course is accompanied by learning the correct pronunciation of the exits of letters and the correct formation of all words.

Skill 3

Applying the rules of intonation

Through the course, kids will learn the rules of Tajweed and practiced on each rule So the child acquires the skill of reading with the application of these rules.

Skill 4

Knowing the meanings of the verses

Because memorizing the Quran in Shaykhi academy classes is not only vague words, but the meaning is conveyed in the simplest possible way for the child

Skill 5

Learning Quranic Arabic

Memorizing the Holy Quran gives the child a wide knowledge of the Arabic language, especially the Quranic Arabic.

Skill 6

Being eligible for obtaining Quran Ijazah

The child will be eligible to obtain Ijazah in Quran, which provides him with many opportunities and make him ready for joining Quran Ijazah course for kids.

Why Join Shaykhi Quran Online Classes For Kids?

 The Memorize Quran for Kids course from Shaykhi Academy is characterized by a number of features such as:

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Let Your Kid Start the Journey with Quran Hifz and Learn with Highly Qualified and Friendly Teachers.

How to Enroll Your Kid In Shaykhi Online Quran Course?

Simply follow these four steps:

Step One: Fill Out The Next Form (New Student Form)

Filling out the info accurately and precisely helps us to suggest the best Tutor to learn Quran!


Step Two: Recieving a Confirmation Message or E-mail

You'll get a Confirmation Message or E-mail within 24 hours after filling our the form.

Step Three: Attend Your Free Trial Classes

In order to help you to take your time before making your subscribing decision, we provide you with up to two Free Trial Classes.

Step Four: Subscribe to The Plan That Suits You!

When you decide to join us, you can choose whatever plan from our affordable plans that suits your kids!

How Much Does it Cost to Enroll My Kids In Quran Hifz Course?

With Shayhki Academy, you can enroll your kids in online Quran Hifz course at an affordable price when compared to the quality provided which is manifested in Qualified teachers and an effective environment of learning (cost-effective). The Hourly rate is just 8.5 USD with a 10% discount for families, and there are plans for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.

Meet Our Teachers

All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced so you can teach your kids Quran online with them effectively!

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Let Your Kid Start the Journey with Quran and Learn with Highly Qualified and Friendly Teachers.

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