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Learn Quran Online Reviews and Testimonials

On this page, you will see our Learn Quran Online Reviews and Testimonials of our Student and their experience with our Online Quran and Arabic Classes. Enjoy Reading!

Student Testimonials learn Quran online class - Shaykhi Academy
The teacher has been excellent to my daughters. He is excellent with children and has great interaction skills. May Allah protect him and reward him immensely for his effort Ameen. We are 100% satisfied with his classes.

Razia Begum – Australia


There weren’t any negative aspects only positive aspects. It is an honor to work with such a great sheikh like him. He is one of the few sheikhs that learn the reading of the Qur’an in the right way Alhamdulillah, and he is really good at explaining things and he always answers my questions that I have about the Qur’an.

Yousef SedagatNetherlands


Mariam & Fatima – Australia

Hamza Osama – UK

My son enjoys attending his classes. This is the most important thing to me even if he shows slow progress. He is enthusiastic and excited to attend. I never push him to study more. I just want him to build the habit of learning Quran and being attached to his Shaykh and classes. Thank you for your efforts.

Reham AliUSA


I learned more about Arabic. I like the way Ustaz Luqman teaches me and explains rules in fun ways. To me it is perfect.

Fatimah Ansari Australia


Junaid Raza – UK

Khaled Gazoly – Canada

Positives: teacher is very friendly, encouraging, attentive which you do not get to see with online teachers.

Zamreen Raza UK


Student Testimonials learn Quran online Shaykhi Academy
The class is very fun and makes me understand easily. I really learned a lot from his classes. I do not have any suggestions because I am very happy with the way he teaches me.

Mariam Ansari Australia


Positives: we get to learn Islam and Arabic while still having fun. Negatives: the length of the class and the time of the class.

Yahia Sarhan Canada


Mohamed Gazoly – Canada

Very nice classes. The teachers are really nice and very friendly. It’s perfectly fine I am happy with my teacher.

Amina Hermain UK


The delivery and communication with the kids are great and the content is good. One drawback is the consistency in weekly classes time with no change.

Ahmed Elghazouly – Canada


Positives: 1- gradual approach, 2- focusing on the correct pronunciation of letters, 3- deep knowledge of both the Arabic language & the rules of Qur’an, 4- patience with students, 5- continued motivation and encouragement Negative: None. I am highly satisfied with the classes in the current form.

Mohamed S. AbdelHakeem – USA


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