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Choose Your Online Female Quran Tutor Carefully!

Learn Quran with the best online female Quran tutor

When it comes to learning Quran online, some ladies hesitate whether they should take their classes with a male or female teacher?!

Learn Quran with the best online female Quran tutor

Is The Online Female Quran Tutor Better Than The Male?

Actually, this issue is a challenging one because some people alleged that men are more qualified than women because women are engaged in doing other stuff like bringing up children, and giving much care to their rule as wives and those duties never allow them to be knowledgeable enough as they do not have enough time to gain knowledge or to improve themselves or to be updated with the new methods; in contrast, men are more qualified because they do nothing but working, as a result, they are more experienced in this field. But in fact, this idea is totally untrue. Let’s say how or why??!

To be honest, we cannot deny this idea, but it is not applicable to all females, as we have a quiet number of the most successful and famous females not just in teaching but in all aspects of life in Islamic history; who spread Islam and taught Muslim women the basics of Islam. For example:

Khadija Bint Al-Khuwaylid

Khadija bint al-Khuwaylid was the first wife of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and remains one of the most powerful and inspiring figures in Islamic history. She was referred to as the “Mother of Believers”, and she is often praised for almost single-handedly funding and supporting the Prophet and Islam in its early days.

A wealthy woman in her own right, she was a business woman and trader who managed her own commercial dealings across the region. Originally hiring the Prophet (before he was revealed in the Quran), it was Khadija herself who reportedly proposed the idea of marriage to him. Taken aback by the adoration of such a powerful and inspiring woman, the Prophet accepted the proposal, loving her and never remarrying until after her death.

Aisha Bint Abu Bakr

One of the Prophet’s wives after the death of Khadija, Aisha has been accredited with narrating over 2,000 hadith, or the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Many Muslims continue to this day to follow many of the hadith that Aisha herself narrated – on both the private life of the Prophet and his sunnah, as well as about other religious matters such as inheritance, pilgrimage, and more. Aisha was also reported to have taught at multiple schools and was known by certain groups to have a wide breadth of knowledge.

Actually, From the earliest times to the more recent, women have played a key role in the shaping of Islam as a lived civilization. There is little doubt that this may have diminished in recent times as the world more generally veered towards masculine domination that was (ironically) at odds with earlier societies and the way they embraced feminine contribution. But it says nothing for Muslim women’s incredibly rich contribution to their people’s growth. From Egypt to Indonesia, from female scholars to even administrators, Muslim women have made their mark.

Those evidence let us surely know that we have great and qualified female teachers exactly like our mothers. But before choosing your female teacher, you have to know the answer to some questions to be able to determine which way is better to learn and how?

Why Online Learning Is Better Nowadays, Especially for Females?

Learning the Quran online has been a great option for many women around the world. It gave women who can’t go out of the house the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge of Islam and the Quran in the most convenient way possible.

Learning Quran online is the easiest and best way for females nowadays; as it solves many problems, such as:

Security Troubles

  1. you are probably residing at a place in which the regulation and order scenario is fragile for this reason teachers can’t come otherwise you may not move freely outdoor
  2. because of safety reasons your mother and father might not permit you to go out at a peculiar time
  3. Domestic tuition is expensive
  4. Getting a woman instructor to come home to teach can be twice or thrice times luxurious than online female Quran tutor
  5. in case you own an automobile and going to a close to by masjid would nevertheless price fuel. There’s no visiting in case of online Quran class
  6. Waste of time in locating a lady Quran instructor
  7. locating a terrific female Quran instructor may take you days and weeks as you won’t have an amazing Qariya to be had in your neighborhood network
  8. lady Qariyah will not be easy to be had or if to be had can’t come to your own home because of busy agenda of the teacher. The best possible choice could be to visit the instructor’s region

Traveling Hassles

  1. Most women don’t know how to power a car consequently reaching an institute becomes a problem
  2. If females have a car even later the masjid or the Quran institute may be too far away from residential for this reason going there will become hard
  3. You may stay in a place where transports don’t show up after a specific period
  4. Your brother, son, husband, or father isn’t to be had to go with you at that time to Islamic School. There aren’t any such requirements for internet Quran classes.

Hijab Constraints

The most easily available options are to choose from male Quran teachers. However, learning from males doesn’t matter if you are a younger age. But females might not feel comfortable in their later ages. Some girls do hijab and they would find it hard to learn from males. On the other hand, females feel comfortable with females but would charge a lot for home-based tutoring services due to higher demand. Hijab-related issues are prevented as non-mahram is seeing you.

Wasting More Time And Money

In a web Quran class, no frame wishes to return to your own home nor you need an escort, in an online class, you examine from the peaceful and comfortable environment of your own home. Also, you will pay a low charge as it is not costing high for the teacher as nicely, you may easily discover an appropriate qariyah and have a free 3 days trial earlier than purchasing the price. In addition, you can get one which gives a 30 days cash back assure.


Admittedly, time is one of the most important concerns regarding learning anything. You can follow a particular period in your busy schedule when you learn Holy Quran from physical institutions. Besides, online education allows you to choose class schedules of your own choice. Surely, it helps you manage your studies in a busy schedule. Learn how you can manage Holy Quran education in a busy schedule.

One on One Classes

Obviously, a dedicated teacher can guide you in the best way. First, you must understand the advantages of education from a dedicated teacher. You can one-to-one sessions for special education. In dedicated tutor services, you can learn with more focus. Your tutor will give its 100% attention and focus on your learning. Tajweed, translation, memorization, and Tafsir required dedicated teaching services. The Holy Quran is originally in Arabic and it certainly required a lot of hard work and dedication to learn the Holy Quran.

Never Miss Classes

Teachers commuting to your place might not be able to maintain a hundred percent attendance. This is not intentional but due to a variety of unavoidable reasons. These can include bike or car malfunction, tire issues, or strikes in the town. A mild sickness can lead to absence because the teacher has to travel miles to reach your destination.

Less Effort Compared to More Benefits

To paraphrase this point; we have to admit that there are lots of Blessings of a Quran Classes Online for girls and women. Also, a Live Quran Classes for women & girls is an efficient, honest, price powerful and bendy alternative which offers first-class schooling while saving money and time. After tackling the advantages of learning online Quran with female teachers, we have to consider the second point, especially female teachers? Why not to choose a male teacher for female learner?

Is It Haram for Ladies to Take Classes with Men?!

Actually it is not haram but under certain conditions which are;

  • The male teacher should teach them from behind a screen.
  • The women should not speak in a soft voice. Allah Almighty said in the Quran: “…then be not soft in speech…” (Surah Ahzaab v.32)
  • The women should speak what is necessary. Ibn Nujaym in his Al-Ashbah has written, “What is permitted due to its necessity must be restricted to the level of necessity”.

Is It Allowed for a Muslim Sister to Learn Quran from Hafiz (male) Via Internet-Online?

Firstly: It is better and safer for you to look for a woman who can teach Qur’an memorization, whether at home or the mosque because that is further removed from fitnah (temptation) and its causes. If that is not possible, but these women can memorize Qur’an using tapes or a computer and then check on one another, that is good, and it is better than sitting with a man to memorize. 

If there is a need for a man to teach you, either because there is no female teacher or because he is good, and can teach the rules of Tajweed (correct recitation), then there is nothing wrong with that so long as attention is paid to the following guidelines:

  • He should teach you from behind a screen.
  • None of them should speak in a soft voice.
  • They should speak with the teacher only as much as is necessary.
  • The teacher should give up this job if he feels that his heart is inclined towards one of them or he enjoys the sound of the voice of one of them.
  • The teacher should be elderly, married, and known for righteousness and piety.

It should be noted that the voice of a woman is not ‘awrah according to the more correct of the two scholarly opinions, as long as there is no softness of speech.

It says in Kashshaaf al-Qinaa’ (5/15), which is a Hanbali book: Her voice (i.e., the voice of a non-mahram woman) is not ‘awrah. It says in al-Furoo’ and elsewhere: according to the more correct opinion, but it is haram to enjoy listening to it even if she is reciting Qur’aan, for fear of fitnah.

It says in Mughni al-Muhtaaj (4/210), which is a Shaafa’i book: The woman’s voice is not ‘awrah, and it is permissible to listen to it so long as there is no fear of fitnah.

What Is Fitnah And What Are The Causes of It?

Firstly: mixing between men and women in schools and elsewhere is a great evil which causes a great deal of damage to religious and worldly interests. So, it is not permissible for a woman to study or work in a place where men and women mix, and it is not permissible for her guardian to allow her to do that.

Secondly: It is not permissible for a man to teach a woman who is not wearing hijab, and it is not permissible for him to teach her when he is alone with her even if she is wearing proper shar’i hijab. In the presence of a non-mahram man, the entire woman is ‘awrah, and covering the head but showing the face is not full hijab.

Thirdly: There is nothing wrong with a man teaching a woman from behind a screen in a school that is just for women, with no mixing between male and female students, or between the male teacher and the female teachers.

If you need to ask him questions, then it can be done via closed circuit TV, which is well known and widely available, or over the phone, but the students must beware of speaking softly or making their speech attractive.

And Allah knows best.

To cut it short; I know that it is not easy to find a qualified Quran female teacher in western society, so from my point of view online female Quran tutors are the best solution. Here we are dragged to go deeper to know why an online female Quran tutor is the best!

Why Having An Online Female Quran Tutor Is A Good Alternative?

Having male online Quran instructors is a wonderful choice, but having a female one is a better alternative for women because of the convenience benefits it provides. Let’s take a look at why having a private online female Quran tutor can help you:

Fewer Restrictions

As we stated before, learning with a male tutor is acceptable in Islam. However, for this to be totally Halal, we must pay attention to some guidelines, such as:

  • They should only talk with the teacher when absolutely required.
  • They should not talk in hushed tones.
  • Casual interactions are forbidden.
  • Women should wear Hijab.
  • The instructor should be elderly, married, and well-known for his piety and morality.

On the other hand, having a female tutor liberates both sides from these restrictions. This allows for more ease for both the student and tutor. This results in a more effective learning environment.


You may enjoy the privacy of e-learning with one-on-one sessions with online female Quran tutors. Because of your privacy, you may attend the class whenever and wherever you choose, without feeling confined to a specific time, dress code, or location.

Faster Bond Creation

Women have a tendency to bond quickly with each other. Keep in mind that bonding with your teacher is critical for your learning process and makes learning more comfortable, efficient, and pleasant. When you form a relationship with your female Quran instructor, you feel more at ease expressing your learning needs, preferred learning style, and learning pace.

Better Understanding

Female professional tutors work hard to build positive relationships with their students based on mutual understanding. Whether the student is a mom, daughter, or grandma, the female tutor is well-trained to comprehend the requirements and desires of all students, regardless of age.


Of the amazing special benefits of having a private online Quran tutor is that they will be there for you anytime, you need to ask questions or revise something. Aside from the scheduled sessions of Quran learning, you can mail them at any time to ask follow-up questions or request comments.

Helpful Mother Attitude with The Kids

According to many parents’ comments, female Quran teachers reach out to children more quickly because of their motherly attitude.

They perceive her as a mother who wants to offer children something wonderful to learn, not simply as a teacher who has to educate, guide, and test them. This is why it is critical to find a female Quran tutor who is capable of doing so.

Avoiding Interacting with Men

In Islam, there is a rule backed by numerous fatwas that men and women should not be alone together. Islam bans men and women from freely interacting while they are alone (known as Ikhtilat). This limitation is designed to keep such involvement to a bare minimum.

Avoiding Temptation

What about the Islamic perspective regarding this context! That is right, dear reader; let us imagine the situation if there is a male teacher for a lady or a girl, this female student will not know how to deal, or how to enjoy her class with him.

As we all know that Allah created us and put inside us a feeling toward the other gender, so if you are a guy you tend toward girls and vice versa. By doing so (Having Online Female Quran Tutors), you prevent any affection towards this male teacher. Our religion Islam warns from any dealing between a man and a woman unless there is a limit. To make this point clearer, your choice for a female teacher prevents any admiration may happen between you and your male teacher

You as a girl should have Haya’a or modesty and this is one of the manners that any girl should have. To keep your modesty does not mean never to ask about those principles related to women but the matter is that whom you ask?

To make it clear, there are lots of religious principles you as a lady cannot discuss them with a man teacher (Shaykh), these principles are related to the woman’s world, you will be comfortable while discussing them even if you haven’t enough courage to do this!

Let me give you a shower of examples;

Firstly, are you as a girl able to speak with a man even if he is shaykh about ”menstruation?!”
Secondly, if you do not know the Islamic principles related to women and you want to ask your teacher about how to deal if you menstruate; whether it is possible to read Quran in the case of Haidh or not…etc.

Also, if you give birth to a baby and you do not have enough background on how to perform your religious practices concerning Salah, or breaking fast in Ramadan after childbirth, so is it easy to you to ask a male teacher or the opposite!

There are several religious principles especially for women, sometimes you are not able to share them with your friends, so how can you share them with a male teacher!

Aren’t you convinced yet! So would you please answer me how can you present these points to any male to discuss them together: first of all, touching Qur’an if in the case of Haidh. Also, the permissibility of not fasting for a religious excuse. Moreover, exempting a woman who suckles her baby from fasting Ramadan and other related principles.

Here we already covered all the aspects of this question (why online female Quran tutor is the best choice for girls and women to learn their religion?), but we forgot to tell you how to choose the best online female Quran tutor. So, it is time to know exactly how to choose the best female teacher among this huge number found in the online academies.

How to Choose The Best Online Female Quran Tutor?!

As you Know there are lots of Academies and online female Quran tutors working in this field, but who is the best teacher and how to find her?

Actually, it is not an easy mission to find the best online female Quran tutor as you will spend weeks and weeks searching for the best online female Quran tutor that suits you. And you may try some but this will cost you a lot of money and time in return for nothing, as you may not be able to determine whether she is the best online female Quran tutor for you or not!

Shaikhy Academy solved this problem for all female Muslims who want to learn Quran; as It hired many female teachers that enjoy specific qualities that suit all female learners whether they are kids or adults. And here are some characteristics of a great online female Quran tutor:

Arab Teacher with Arab Tongue

Egyptian if possible, One of the most important qualifications that give the Quran tutor an inborn privilege over other teachers is being a native Arab. The Quran was revealed and preserved in Arabic, so it was easy for Arabs to understand.

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Indeed, We have made it an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand“.

— Surah Zukhruf 3

Accordingly, if you want to fully understand all of the teachings within the Quran, you should learn Quran in its original language with a teacher whose mother-tongue is Arabic.

Moreover, Arabic is a very precise language. An example like كلب – Kalb (dog) versus قلب – Qalb (Heart) if pronounced wrong would change the entire meaning and context. In Quran, the speech of Allah (SWT), doing such mistakes is committing a sin.

Azhari Is Preferred

To be graduated from Al_Azhar university means that she is fully aware of all the aspects of Islam as she studied all the branches of religion.

Fluent In English

She has to be fluent to be able to communicate with her students because if she is not able to speak English she will not be able to benefit her students even if she has enough knowledge.

Having Islamic Ethics And Morality

In addition to being committed personally and religiously. Besides the knowledge, there is another perspective must be taken into consideration upon choosing the Quran tutor. It’s the manners (Adab) of the teacher. So choose a Quran teacher who adopts Adab of Islam and follows the attitude & sunnah of the beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

As a student of Quran, you want to learn with a teacher who is well-mannered, because this also shows that he/she is practicing what he/she will preach to you.

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

I was sent only to perfect the noble (good) morals“.

— Our Prophet PBUH

Updated with The New Technologies

The teaching methodology that the Quran teacher implements will have a lifetime impact on your learning, so it should be an essential element when picking a teacher. The better the teacher, the better the student

Being Patient Is A Must

Patience is a must to enable here to teach kids. The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, also said to Ashaj Abd al-Qays: “You have two qualities that God loves: perseverance and patience.” Narrated by Muslim.

Finally, After covering all these points, we have to tell you that do not tire yourselves and do not waste your time and money in searching for the best female teacher because Shaikhy Academy provides the best online female Quran tutors with the best qualities compared with any other Academy. Don’t hesitate and contact us to enjoy the current offers that Shaikhy provides.

The Editor: Raghad Qasim


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