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Enroll Now in Online Quran Classes for Kids UK & London!

During our journey to learn, we try to take every possible way to get to our goal. Regardless of whether the experience is educational or not, we must set goals for it to be successful. The same here applies when picking an Online Quran Classes for Kids UK based on standards that both you and your child have agreed upon. Some of these standards are related to the teachers themselves, and others are related to students and the learning process.

Everything You Need to Know Before Picking an Online Quran Teacher for kids!

Characteristics of Our Online Quran Classes for Kids UK & London

The online Quran teacher for kids is the leader of the online class. They manage everything as they are qualified enough to do so. And since we make every decision with your satisfaction in mind, choosing an online Quran teacher for kids was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do as there are lots of qualities that should be included in the teacher’s character.

We have agreed before that it’s better to have an Egyptian Azhary online Quran teacher for kids who has an Ijaza or are at least working on it. In addition to joining their trial classes to know whether this is the teacher you’ve been looking for or not.

Here are other features that will help you as a parent while choosing an online Quran teacher for kids.

A Good listener

One of the most important qualities of any online Quran teacher for kids is to be a good listener. You may think it’s not that important but let me assure you that it has a magical influence on students. Your child deserves a teacher to trust as if they’re speaking to themselves, a teacher that advises them and corrects their wrongs. Your kid always needs to speak about every small thing that happens to them, so it’s very important to choose a teacher that will listen to them and their stories. They need a good listener, a friend!

Every online Quran teacher for kids in Shaykhi academy is attentive for the voice tone, body language and even students’ facial expressions, they never neglect students’ stories! As a parent or a student you should know that having an effective communication comes when both sides care about what is conveyed by the other.

When we are hiring an online Quran teacher for kids in Shaykhi academy we consider this point for several reasons; firstly, one of our priorities is to help students to trust their teachers by building a strong rapport with them which gives them the confidence to share their problems and thoughts in a safe zone. Secondly, as we mentioned above, listening to others is so significant as it makes the one you are talking to feel that they’re valuable.

Kids always have lots of stories to relate to, we shall give them the chance to express themselves to enable them in the future to be confident good speakers.

One day I noticed my student Ibrahim starting the class with a fabulous smile. regardless of the reason behind it, I’ve found him speaking with me about his family. He told me how many members are in the family, their names, and what they like and dislike, then I found out that his mom is sitting beside him enjoying our conversation.

Don’t think dear parents that such teachers waste the class time listening to the kids! of course not! They just want to make sure the kids say everything in their minds before starting the class so that they can focus on the class.

To be Active

One of the desirable characteristics of any online Quran teacher for kids is to be energetic and active. An enthusiastic teacher helps students to engage in the class which is the top need for both parents and students. Thus, a teacher’s enthusiasm pushes student’s curiosity to learn more as well as leading them to give better performance, you don’t want your child to be like ” Ugh my teacher is boring, I hate my class!” that’s why we’re offering you a free trial class to see how active our teachers are in Shaykhi academy! Join now

Teachers are humans that can go thru mood swings that affect their performance. However, in Shaykhi Academy, we train our teachers to separate their personal life and work, and even the students sometimes make their teacher’s day with simple sweet words. How adorable is that!

Able to Understand The Kids

What comes into your mind when I say ”teaching kids”? Exactly, challenge, obstacles, problems…etc. Teaching kids is not that simple. Indeed, we comprehend that every age or stage in our life has its own needs, that’s why our teachers prepare very well once they know they are going to start a class with a kid since it differs if the student is a kid or an adult. They prepare themselves to grab the kid’s attention and heart using effective techniques.

Numerous criteria should be considered to understand kids, especially the cognitive and physical aspects. We are eager to introduce you to excellent service because ignoring these factors and others may make this process fail.

Our teachers in Shaykhi academy understand kids’ different personalities. Some kids are shy and introverts and some are talkative and social. So every online Quran teacher for kids needs to understand students to know how to manage with each of them.

Loving to Their Work

I believe that love is the secret ingredient of anything. It goes without saying that if a teacher genuinely enjoys what they do, they will not only complete their work but master it. The more they enjoy what they are doing, the better they perform. The same thing applies to the students

When my student Zayd first started classes he used to be always late trying to escape. He even did his best to waste the time of the class. But everything changed all of a sudden when I made him enjoy it! He even started to remind me of it 5 minutes before the class telling me ” Hey! Don’t forget our meeting!” What a delightful change! This stimulates me more to make the class on fire.

The Importance of Learning The Quran for Kids

Several Ayahs and hadiths mention how notable it is for kids to memorize or learn the Quran. Further, Allah and his prophet peace be upon him stress the virtues of those who teach the Quran.

Spiritual Life

You want everything in your life to change! Start by yourself. In particular, your relation with Quran! We have to choose an online Quran teacher for kids to teach them to put the Quran above everything in life, this will lead them to prioritize their priorities.

Quran is the first step towards living a purely spiritual life. However, be careful not to abandon Qur’an because doing so will cause you to lose contact with Allah. The Quran teaches us to hold firm in our belief in Allah’s existence, the certainty of death, and the coming of the Day of Judgment.

To ensure that our kids have something to do instead of aimlessly passing the time, we must put a lot of effort into teaching them the Quran. As our bodies need food, our souls need Quran. We have to feed our souls with it. Your duty as a parent is to clarify this strong relation between spirit and Quran and how it has the authority above other things in life.

Tell your child that once they neglect Quran their souls will starve as their bodies do if they need food. Show them how Quran is very important in their life. Encourage them to recite and learn it. Ask them to try to count Hasanaat of all the letters they recite from the Quran and assure them that they will be surprised in the Hereafter Inshaalah.

It Prepares Them to Face Life’s Hardships

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease“.

— Surah Al-sharh (5)

If you teach your children the Quran, and it becomes an integral part of their daily life, this will build them spiritually to deal with life hardships. Islam is the code to deal with these difficulties through Quran and Hadith. They contain the nature of these tough times and how we can battle them. At the start of exposing hardships, your child will be on a dare and need to stand on solid ground (Quran) to achieve stability in their life.

Returning to Allah and his book would be your child’s weapon in life struggles. Many people lose hope while facing tough times but reconnecting to Quran can help them to stay hopeful, Allah says: ”(168) And We divided them throughout the earth into nations. Of them some were righteous, and of them, some were otherwise. And We tested them with good [times] and bad that perhaps they would return [to obedience]”. – Al-a’raaf

You will learn through your journey with the Quran that you are not, in fact, in real life; you are in a test. Keeping your faith by frequently learning the Quran will help you pass your paper, so try to stay focused on it.

A Way to Jannah

Any act that is pure and performed for Allah’s sake, Subhanu wa ta’ala, is accepted by him. Your final destination must be Jannah; if you are determined to carry out good deeds, you will win Allah’s blessing. The purpose of this life can often be forgotten when we are too busy living in the world.

”(56) And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me”. -Adh-Dhāriyāt

Quran is going to be your way to Jannah Inshaallah, not only if you memorize it but also if you help your family to learn it. ‘Uthmān reported God’s messenger as saying, “The best among you is he who learns and teaches the Qur’ān.” Bukhārī transmitted it.

Always urge your kid to learn Quran, tell them more about Jannah, and describe it to them to make them wish to just have a glance from Jannah by doing their best to enter it.

Allah’s Reward

Generally, lots of Hadiths speak about Allah’s reward for those who memorize Quran.

‘Ā’isha reported God’s messenger as saying, “One who is skilled in the Qur’ān is associated with the noble, upright recording angels; and he who falters when reciting the Qur’ān and finds it difficult for him will have a double reward.” (Bukhārī and Muslim.)

Encourage Your Child to Count Hasanat

Ibn Mas’ūd reported God’s messenger as saying:

“If anyone recites a letter of God’s Book he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a tenfold reward (Al-Qur’ān, 6:160). I do not say that A.L.M are one letter*, but alif is a letter, lām is a letter and mīm is a letter.” *These letters occur at the beginning of sūras 2, 3, 29, 30, 31 and 32. No satisfactory explanation of their meaning has been given. A brief discussion of them is given by Abdullāh Yūsuf Ali in The Holy Qur’ān, Text, Translation & Commentary (Lahore, 1934 and later editions), note 25. Sea also pp. 118-120. Tirmidhī and Dārimī transmitted it, Tirmidhī saying this is a hasan sahīh tradition whose isnad is gharīb.


According to kids’ psychology, the educational process shall contain entertainment. Our teachers have experimented with several interesting teaching techniques created just for children over their experience in teaching. Additionally, they constantly stay up to date with what’s ongoing. Even they ask about the preferred game that the student would like to play.

Here are some examples of the games we use within our classes:

Find The Word

This game depends on reading the word and searching about it. The teacher is going to ask the student to read haphazardly any word and the teacher is going to guess which words are being read and vice versa. kids enjoy this game as it makes them focused to succeed in their guessing.

Tik Tak Toe

This game is a lovely one, almost all kids like it. Teachers may try it either while reading Arabic words or during the break. In addition, they can play it with (X/ O) or with stars and hearts.

Tik tak toe game during the class

The Colors Game

This game is about hiding the words with different colors and asking the student to choose a color and read the word behind it. It gives a sense of suspense to both the student and teacher.

Class games

Teachers can even exploit any talent students might have to make the class amusing. My student Nihal likes drawing, she always asks me to let her draw. To avoid wasting the class time, I promised her to have a competition with me at the end of the class to see whose drawing is the best!

drawing with the students

We didn’t find a judge but I told Nihal that I will post it on my Facebook account and ask my friends to vote without any reference about which is my drawing. You too can tell us in the comment which one you like the most! And by the way, my talented student one the competition and I’m so proud of her!

the final votes of the drawing competition

Difficulties That Your Kid May Face

Giving up

Every new experience begins with a foggy view.  While some kids may be thrilled to be taking this step to learn more, we find that others desire to run away!

These two differ in that the first one is deceived by their glowing beginning, whereas the second is pessimistic. The trick, it seems, is in how you handle the ups and downs that come with life in general. Please accept the fact that giving up is OK. Whether in studying, work, or psychologically, it is a typical stage that we always go through in life.

As a parent, you have to follow up with your kids educationally and psychologically. Make them trust you. Discover their weak points and convert them to strength points. ”I trust you”, ” You can do it”, ” You deserve this fabulous evaluation” and other wonderful words can have an adorable effect!


Failure is a guaranteed and inevitable part of learning. In any attempt, we will experience failure, as definitely as a young child falls while learning to walk.

Nowadays, we find some students feel ashamed of failure. You as a parent have to teach your kid that we learn from failure more than learning from success.

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Failure is instructive“.

— John Dewey

Students shall understand that failure is a new opportunity to learn by receiving feedback on their strengths and areas of improvement. They will consider failure as a master teacher when it is presented as a constructive and essential part of learning. To understand the deep meaning of a failure befriend it, accept it, and face it! Receive constructive feedback and strengthen your points of improvement. Don’t escape!

Develop Your Kids’ Character through Quran

Share with Them Moral Lessons from Quran

One strategy for encouraging children to learn is through stories. Once you tell a story to a child, their imagination takes over, and they leave our world to meet the heroes in their own.

You can pick any story from the Quran and relate it to your child. Also, you can buy them a chain of ”Quran stories” and read them together. Further, you may comment on his actions whether it’s good or not by referring to certain Ayahs and explaining their meaning. All of these will support your kid to be attached to Quran caring to understand it.

Clarify Quran’s Role In Our Life

Actually, you can’t summarize the virtue of the role of Quran in our life. This book was sent by Allah to establish His laws throughout creation. Quran is one of the sources of guidance a Muslim should seek. The eventual end of this life has been mentioned by Allah, along with the rewards for good deeds and the punishment for bad deeds. Inform your child of his preferred position in the Hereafter!

Quran brings happiness to our life. Additionally, it plants the seeds of faith in our breasts so whenever you feel lonely, make Quran your companion! Your child is like a plant. The more you love, support, and care about them, the more your reward will come back to you for their good deeds and Insha’Allah the closer they bring you to Jannah,

Allah Almighty granted us these peerless blessings called children, it’s our duty to preserve them so make sure that you help them to be the next generation of our prophet’s companions.

The Editor: Raghad Qasim


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Memorizing in general is very important for kids as it increases the size and improves the function of memory-related brain structures.

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