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Top 20 Memorization Rewards – Why Do People Memorize The Quran?

The Virtues of Memorizing Quran

Memorization Rewards: Both memorizing and teaching the Noble Quran are obligatory acts of sufficiency for the nation. However, the most important question is: What are the virtues of memorizing the Quran? What makes me motivated to commit the Book of God Almighty to memory?

Memorization Rewards

What Are The Rewards for Memorizing the Quran?

In the sacred realm of Islam, the memorization of the Quran is a profound and revered endeavor, carrying with it a multitude of divine rewards and blessings. 

The spiritual journey of memorizing the Quran is not merely an academic pursuit but a sacred covenant between the believer and Allah. Each verse committed to memory becomes a beacon of light, guiding the memorizer towards righteousness and virtue. 

1- The Afterlife Ranking Is Based on Quranic Memorization:

‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin Al-‘As (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The one who was devoted to the Qur’an will be told on the Day of Resurrection: ‘Recite and ascend (in ranks) as you used to recite when you were in the world. Your rank will be at the last Ayah you recite.”‘ And reciting here means memorizing.

2- The Hafiz Will Be A Companion to The Angels in Their Homes:

‘Ā’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) reported that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The one who recites the Qur’an skillfully will be in the company of the noble and righteous messenger-angels.” A skillful reciter is one who reads the Qur’an with perfection.

3- The Hafiz Gets to Wear The Crown of Honour:

Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him said: ⁣”The Quran will come on the Day of Resurrection and will say, ‘O Lord, adorn him’. So he will put a crown of honour on his head. Then it will say, ‘O Lord, give him more’. So he will be wearing a garment of honour. Then it will say, ‘O Lord, bless him’. So Allah blesses him. Then it will be said to him, ‘Read the Quran and advance in status, and for each verse you will gain one more hasanah (reward for good deed)”⁣ [at-Tirmidhi, classed as hasan by al-Albani in Sahih at-Tirmidhi]⁣.

4- The Hafiz Can Seek Allah’s Forgiveness Through The Qur’an:

Abu Umāmah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) say: “Read the Qur’an, as it will come as an intercessor for its companions on the Day of Resurrection.”

5- Divine Crowns for Parents of the Quranic Devotee:

Regarding the hafiz’s relatives and offspring, it has been reported that their parents wear two crowns that are not like anything that can be found in our world. This is simply for caring and educating their child, and even if they were ignorant, God honors them with their child.

Mu’aaz Al-Juhani Radiyallahu Anhu narrates that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said : He who Recites the Qur’an and acts upon it,  his parents will be made to wear a crown on the day of Resurrection, whose light will be better than the light of the sun; if it rises amongst you in your worldly houses, what do you think about the person who himself acts upon it

6- Allah Elevates The Memorizer in Life And Afterlife:

God has chosen a group of His obedient servants with a great blessing and a priceless favor, requiring them to learn this priceless book by heart. He has also greatly elevated their rank, greatly magnified their reward, and commanded all believers to respect their affairs and give them preference over others.

7- The Hafiz Is One of The Closest People to Allah:

It was narrated that Anas bin Malik said: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Allah has His own people among mankind.’ They said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, who are they?’ He said: ‘The people of the Qur’an, the people of Allah and those who are closest to Him.’”

8- It Is Better Than The World And What Is in It:

‘Uqba b. ‘Amir reported: When we were in Suffa, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) came out and said: Which of you would like to go out every morning to Buthan or al-‘Aqiq and bring two large she-camels without being guilty of sin or without severing the ties of kinship? We said: Messenger of Allah, we would like to do it.

Upon this he said: Does not one of you go out in the morning to the mosque and teach or recite two verses from the Book of Allah. the Majestic and Glorious? That is better for him than two she-camels, and three verses are better (than three she-camels). and four verses are better for him than four (she-camels), and to on their number in camels.

9- The Multiplied Rewards of Quranic Recitation:

Ibn Mas’ūd (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah ( peace be upon him) said: “Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah will be credited with a good deed, and the good deed receives a ten-fold reward.

10- Shifa (Healing) and Spiritual Protection:

Quranic memorization is associated with healing properties, both spiritual and physical. Memorizers are believed to carry a shield of protection, and their recitation can serve as a source of healing for ailments and afflictions.

11- Ease in the Journey of the Hereafter:

Memorizing the Quran is considered a means to facilitate a smoother and more comfortable journey through the stages of the afterlife. The memorizer is thought to be granted ease during the trials of the Day of Resurrection.

12- Increased Light on the Day of Judgment:

Quranic memorization is believed to bring a unique radiance to the memorizer on the Day of Judgment. This light is said to be a source of guidance and comfort during the uncertainties and challenges of that momentous day.

13- Inner Peace and Tranquility:

Memorizing the Quran brings about a profound sense of inner peace and tranquility. The memorizer’s heart becomes a sanctuary, resonating with the divine melodies of the Quran, and experiencing a heightened serenity that permeates all aspects of their spiritual journey.

14- Fulfillment of a Religious Duty and Covenant:

Beyond the personal rewards, memorizing the Quran fulfills a sacred religious duty and covenant with Allah. The commitment to memorization is an expression of devout obedience, reinforcing the memorizer’s dedication to living in accordance with the teachings of Islam and fulfilling their religious obligations.

15- Accumulating Eternal Rewards in the Hereafter:

Quranic memorization becomes a conduit for accumulating immense thawab (spiritual rewards) in the afterlife. Each memorized verse represents a stored treasure of good deeds, earning the memorizer elevated status and divine favor on the Day of Resurrection.

16- Divine Shelter and Comfort in the Grave:

Memorizing the Quran offers the memorizer divine shelter and comfort in the grave. The verses, embedded in the heart, act as a source of solace, providing reassurance and earning continuous thawab as the memorizer rests in anticipation of the afterlife.

17- Intercession Through Quranic Dedication:

The Quran, memorized with devotion, serves as a powerful intercessor on the Day of Judgment. The memorizer’s commitment to the divine text becomes a means of seeking Allah’s mercy and intercession for themselves and their loved ones.

18- Continuous Thawab Through Generations:

The thawab of Quranic memorization extends across generations. As the memorizer imparts their knowledge to offspring and others, the accumulated rewards persist, creating a perpetual stream of blessings that endure in the afterlife.

19- Participation in the Gathering of the Righteous:

Memorizers are invited to participate in the gatherings of the righteous in the afterlife. The circles of those dedicated to the Quran become a source of continuous thawab and spiritual elevation, ensuring a cherished place among the virtuous.

20- Enduring Radiance on the Day of Resurrection:

The memorizer experiences enduring radiance on the Day of Resurrection. The divine light from their Quranic memorization shines brightly, distinguishing them in the sight of Allah, leading to perpetual thawab and an elevated station in the afterlife.

As we delved into the divine rewards bestowed upon those who undertake this honorable task, we unveiled a tapestry woven with spiritual elevation, intercession, and a profound connection with the divine wisdom encapsulated in the Quranic verses.

Why Do People Memorize the Quran?

Before knowing the rewards for memorizing the Quran, let us first know why people memorize the Quran.

1- Preservation of the Quranic Text:

Memorization plays a crucial role in preserving the exact words of the Quran. By committing it to memory, individuals contribute to the oral transmission of the text, ensuring its accuracy and authenticity are maintained across generations.

In Surah Al-Hijr, verse 9, Allah Almighty says: “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian“.

2- The Spiritual Significance of Memorizing the Quran:

Knowing the Quran by heart is a type of worship that aims to please Allah and earn his rewards in the hereafter. Without this motive, one won’t receive any reward; instead, they will suffer the consequences of giving this worship to someone other than Allah.

3- Pure Intentions in Memorizing the Quran:

The Quran is not a thing that can be traded in this world; so, the Quran memorizer must not memorize it with the intention of gaining worldly advantages. Rather, memorizing the Quran is an act of worship that the memorizer does for their Lord.

4- Divine Selection and Virtues of a Quran Hafiz:

The Quran Hafiz has been chosen by God Almighty because of his virtues in this life and the next. Now let’s know the virtues of memorizing the Quran.

5- Cultural and Educational Significance:

Memorizing the Quran is deeply ingrained in Islamic culture and tradition. It serves as a symbol of knowledge and education, fostering a sense of cultural identity among Muslims. Many view Quranic memorization as an important educational achievement.

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6- Personal Development and Discipline:

Memorizing the Quran requires discipline, dedication, and consistent effort. Engaging in this challenging task not only enhances one’s memory skills, but also promotes personal development, patience, and a strong work ethic. The process of memorization is often seen as a transformative journey.

7- Community and Social Integration:

Quran memorization is a communal activity in many Islamic societies. Individuals who memorize the Quran often become integral members of their communities, participating in religious events, leading prayers, and contributing to the overall spiritual atmosphere.

8- Enhancement of Recitation Skills:

Memorizing the Quran involves repeated recitation, leading to an improvement in the individual’s Tajweed (proper pronunciation and intonation) skills. This not only deepens the understanding of the text but also enables the memorizer to recite the Quran with greater accuracy and beauty.

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9- Personal Connection and Love for the Quran:

Memorizing the Quran fosters a profound personal connection and love for the holy book. The memorizer often develops a strong affinity for the verses, cultivating a deep appreciation for the wisdom, guidance, and beauty contained within the Quranic text.

10- Eternal Rewards in the Hereafter:

Muslims believe that memorizing the Quran brings about divine rewards in the afterlife. The act is seen as a means to earn blessings and a higher status in paradise, motivating individuals to commit the entire Quran to memory.

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