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How to Become an Online Quran Teacher? & Job Opportunity

how to become an online Quran teacher
how to become an online quran teacher

Do you want to know how to become an online Quran teacher? This article describes the requirements to become a Shaykhi Academy teacher and the main methods of teaching the Quran to children.
And finally, some tips that will inshallah help you improve your level as a teacher.

Conditions for Applying to Our Academy.

If you want to join our academy as a teacher, you must meet several conditions in order to guarantee the best possible quality of education for your students, Which are as follow:

Master The Rules of Tajweed.

To explain it for your students and make sure that they read the verses correctly during memorization.

Have an Ijazah in The Noble Quran.

Because the Ijazah is a testament to your mastery of reciting the Holy Quran with the correct Tajweed rules.

Familiar With The Rules of The Arabic Language.

So that you can explain after the simple rules that students may meet such as the difference between subject and object and so on.

Speaking English.

so that you can communicate with your students appropriately without facing any difficult.

Apply for Online Quran Teacher Job With Us in 5 Simple Steps!

To apply to Shaykhi Academy as a teacher, you will take a set of easy steps, which are as follows:

1. Filling Out The Basic Info About Yourself.

And they are as follows: your name, gender, date of birth, address, WhatsApp or phone number,and finally your Email, Then choose the subjects you can teach among the three subjects: Arabic reading, Tajweed, and the Holy Quran.

2. Uploading Your CV or Cover Letter.

For example, your personal information, academic study, languages ​​you speak, professional or scientific experience, your computer skills, other skills, etc.

3. Uploading Your Quran Recitation (Telawaah).

Record your recitation (specifically for the first page of Surat Maryam) and then upload it to the box designated to upload your Quranic recitation.

4. Upload your explanation of a Tajweed rule of your choice.

Record your explanation of a Tajweed rule – you can choose any rule you want – and then upload it also in the box designated to upload your explanation of a Tajweed rule of your choice.

5. Upload your explanation of an Arabic rule of your choice.

Finally, record your explanation of an Arabic rule – of your choice as well – and upload it. After you’re done, you can tell us how did you know about us and if you have any comment .

If you think that you have the required qualifications, then what’re you waiting for? Apply to become a teacher at Shaykhi Academy through this link: Teacher Employment Application!

Let me congratulate you! You have just applied as a teacher to Shaykhi Academy, rest assured that if you are qualified you will get this job inshallah.

Now let’s talk about the importance of reciting the Holy Quran and the best ways to teach it, in addition to some of the qualities that must be present in a successful Quran teacher. In the end, I will share with you some top tips that will definitely benefit you inshallah, so that you can deal with your students properly.

The Methods And Ways That Quran Teachers Use To Help Student Memorizing The Holy Quran.

Life with the Noble Quran brings peace to the soul, and revives the withered soul through the overflowing springs of the Quran with all the meanings of warmth, intimacy, and comfort. Reciting the Quran is a purely devotional act of Allah – the Most High – that builds solid bridges to the hereafter. Allah Almighty said:

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Those (who embraced Islam from Bani Israel) to whom We gave the Book [the Taurat (Torah)] [or those (Muhammad’s Peace be upon him companions) to whom We have given the Book (the Quran)] recite it (i.e. obey its orders and follow its teachings) as it should be recited (i.e. followed), they are the ones that believe therein“.

— {Al-Baqarah 121}

It was mentioned in Tafsir al-Jalalayn for this verse: Those to whom We have given the Scripture (this is the subject of the sentence), and who recite it with true recitation, that is, who recite it as it was revealed (haqqa tilāwatihi, ‘its true recitation’, is a circumstantial qualifier.

Haqqa is in the accusative because it is the object of the verbal noun), they believe in it (this is the predicate): this was revealed concerning a group of Ethiopians that presented themselves [to the Prophet] and accepted Islam; and whoever disbelieves in it, that is, in the revealed Book, by distorting it, they shall be the losers, because they will be destined for the Fire, made everlasting for them.

As for memorizing the Holy Quran, its teaching methods revolve around four theories, and I will explain them to you in the following:

Memorize The Quran in a Group.

This method requires that the students be on one level; So the teacher begins reciting the page, for example, in an elaborate and grainy recitation – and this amount is determined by the teacher for the students according to their level – and then selects the students who excel in reading; They return the same amount, then the turn of the other students comes one by one; In order for them to re-read the same amount individually, and finally to recite the prescribed amount for the teacher by heart.

This method can be applied in several places, including: regular schools, institutes, and Quranic centers, in addition to applying it to students who are novices in reciting the Quran.

Among the advantages of this method: the high levels of performance in the Tajweed rules, because students listen to their teacher’s recitation, then listen to the students who are higher than them in the level of Tajweed, in addition to encouraging weak students in recitation and memorization to keep pace with their colleagues, and push them to excel .

As for it’s negatives: The need for material and human capabilities; To bear regiments after regiments of students in institutes and Quranic centers. And not taking into account individual differences; This is through the delay in the excellence of the diligent students, and the obstruction of their continuity and progress in memorization; To keep up with their weak colleagues.

Multi Level Group.

It is a method based on opening the horizons for students in memorization and performance. Each according to his ability, and his distinction, and this is a matter of competition, and starting in the memorization and recitation, under the supervision of the teacher. This method is in multi-level groups in centers and institutes, and it is also available to students who are proficient in reading from the Quran.

Among its positives: taking into account the individual differences of students, opening the way for distinguished competition and progress, and not limiting them to the focus of the group, which may be suffocating for the distinguished students, and it also provides the opportunity for the distinguished students to participate in helping and teaching their weak colleagues, after fulfilling what they have to do.

As for its negatives: the frustration that may afflict some students who were not able to catch up with their distinguished colleagues, which may lead to their withdrawal and regression, and the persistence of some students by repeating the same surahs, or limiting them to reviewing the past for a long period.

Repeating The Same Verse in a Group.

It is a method that is performed by repeating the verses behind a sheikh who reads them in a clear voice, and applying the rulings in an elaborate manner.

Among its advantages: ridding students of their pronunciation problems, correcting their letters by repetition, and alerting them to mistakes they might fall into. This method also enables students to become familiar with the Tajweed rules in the Quran; From the signs of Waqf , Ibtidaa, Rub’, Juz’ , Sajda etc.

As for its negatives: the lack of consideration for weak students by the disappearance of their voices under the voices of their colleagues; Not repeating verses correctly with them, and raising voices sometimes may affect the rest of the groups in the institute, or the center, in addition to the possibility of not taking into account the differences between students.

Repetitive Collective Method.

This is a combined method between the first and third methods. It is for students of all levels; Beginners, or advanced, and in steps, including the following:

The teacher is keen to attract the attention of the students ; By opening the class with a beautiful introduction, introducing them to the meaning of the Surah in general, or its story, or mentioning overall meanings, which encourage them to recite and memorize. The teacher recites the verses in an elaborate, effective, and honest manner; until it reaches the students to the love of learning and the desire for it.

So they repeat after them; Taking into account the rules, and other signs of stopping and starting, and achieving the desired meanings, it is preferable that the teacher shorten the syllables to the students; so that they can recite with a good performance like them, and then give the superior students the opportunity to repeat the recitation, then another section of the intermediate students; To show their understanding and comprehension.

The teacher gives scope to the students; To memorize what they have to do, then recite it for the remainder of the lesson, and complete the rest at the time of the next lesson.

8 Qualities You Should Have to be a Successful Quran Teacher!

There are several characteristics of a successful Quran teacher, including the following:

Master The Place of Articulation of Letters.

Which is a very important in order to be able to teach the Quran correctly, especially to children, because the way you memorize the verse for the first time remains firmly in your mind, which makes it difficult to correct it in case you learned it wrongly.

Connect The Meanings of The Verses.

Linking the meanings of the verses together is one of the easiest and most successful ways to memorize the verses in an elaborate manner, and this depends on the students to remember a specific word or sign to help them remember the verses that follow smoothly, and of course it is easier in the verses that talk about a story or discuss a specific topic, this will make the verses meaning clear to your students and easier to memorize.

Recite The Verses in a Lovely Manner.

I think you would agree with me that reciting the Quran in a loving manner touches the hearts and penetrates deeply into the being of the one who hears it. This is a very sufficient reason for you as a teacher to try as much as you can to make your style of reciting the Quran beautiful and impressive. In order to influence your students and make them more interested in memorizing the Quran.

Help The Students Reach Conclusions They Learned from The Verses.

Because reaching the conclusions and lessons of the verses confirms the student’s understanding of the verses, which is exactly what every teacher hope, and it is also the goal of learning the Holy Quran. This builds within the students the feeling of being close to the Quran and making them love it and love its learning.

Realize The Importance of Clarifying The Rules of The Quran.

The Quran is the first source of legislation. Therefore, whoever memorizes the Qur’an must be familiar with its rulings, and your task as a teacher is to explain to your students these rulings so that they can understand them and follow their approach in their lives.

Explain The Goals And Objectives to The Students in an Easy Manner.

As a teacher, you need to explain to your students what verses they will be studying and what will result from their study, of stories, lessons or rules, you also have to explain to them the meaning of the name of the surah and tell its story to them or the story of naming it, so that it is firmly established in their minds and helps them to memorize it and remember its verses well.

Make The Teaching of The Holy Quran More Comprehensive.

You can do this by linking the verses to our daily life events, or to simple stories set in an environment similar to the ones the students live in. This deepens their understanding of the verses and prompts them to remember it whenever they go through a similar situation. And this also ensures that they will never forget the verses.

Explain to The Students That The Quran is The Constitution of This Nation.

The reason for its elevation, and the basis for its support, and it is not just a readable document, or pages for blessing, or verses to be sung about, but rather a method of daily and practical life, which establishes the individual and society.

8 Unmissable Tips for Quran Teachers!

These are some tips for Quran teachers that they can benefit from while teaching their students.

Use The Gradual Method of Teaching.

It begins by teaching students to pronounce letters and words in a correct manner, then rid the students of the problems of pronunciation defects, rid them of being affected by dialects in their local and foreign forms, and train them to pronounce words without (Lahn) , then gradually correct the hidden errors on their recitation.

Don’t Move to The New Memorization Without Reviewing The Old.

Do not allow students to move from page to page until they are sure they have mastered the first one well; In terms of pronunciation of words, and Tajweed. And use the balancing method between new memorization and revision; So one does not dominate the other, and students do not move to a new memorization without confirming the old memorization.

Train The Students to Discover Their Own Mistakes.

In the recitation lesson; slow down when they make a mistake without correcting it; So they know what went wrong without help. And listen to their recitations; avoiding listening to more than one student at the same time, but follow each one separately.

Try to Develop The Spirit of Cooperation Between Them.

It is nice to reinforce the students’ support for each other; So that the distinguished students help their weak mates so that the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation grows within them.

Adhere to The Etiquette of Recitation.

The etiquette of bearers of the Quran, and educating students on it, such as listening during recitation, sitting with calmness, and dignity, purity in clothing, Basmalah, and seeking refuge in Allah at the beginning of recitation , and other good behaviors .

Clarify The Lesson.

During recitation or while teaching a lesson in Tajweed , such as listening to the readings of mastered Sheikhs or the readings by distinguished students, or wall paintings if it’s available, or using specialized Tajweed books. The teacher should make sure to use the whiteboard in the explanation.

Prepare The Psychological Environment for The Students.

Make sure the environment psychological and emotional for the students ; And that is by beginning with encouragement, endearment, urging the students to memorize, work, and be gentle in discussing dialogues with the students, reading the verses in an accurate and correct manner, and good listening.

Teach Them The Islamic Values.

Make sure to establish the correct Islamic principles in the hearts of your students, and feel the importance of various acts of worship, and try to advance the souls of your students to the rank of righteous, and to rise above the shortcomings and worldly pleasures. And the importance of Duaa and that everything they pray for in their preservation is a gift from Allah to them, and that Allah did not create His servants in vain.

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