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learn Quran online classes
learn Quran online classes

Are you seeking to learn the holy Quran online? Shaykhi Academy provides you with the best learn Quran online classes, Apply Now!

Before we talk about these classes, let’s talk about online Quran learning in the first place.

Learning the Quran online is no longer an obscure field, although the origin of learning the Quran is face-to-face learning, online learning has become widespread and practical to a large extent. Perhaps you are now wondering what distinguishes learning the Quran online and why you rely on online classes in your journey to learn the Holy Quran.

Why You Should Join Learn Quran Online Classes?

There are some reasons why you choose to learn Quran online classes, such as:

Easy to Apply And Get It

As you can apply with one click, and it is certainly easier than going to apply and get lessons from mosques or the Noble Qur’an circles, and this is useful if you are busy or have something that hinders you to go to these circles continuously.

Flexibility in All Aspects of Online Classes

Such as flexibility in choosing dates and teachers, and flexibility in choosing the type of content you wish to receive. If you have a weakness in an aspect such as the rules of Tajweed, you should choose to obtain classes that include this aspect.

Possibility of Learning in a Comfortable Environment

Especially if you tend to be more introverted or if you prefer to take lessons in a comfortable environment so that you can understand, there is nothing better than your home to receive lessons from, right?

Epidemic Outbreaks

This made online learning a necessity, not just an option, as online learning is used to avoid infection or transmission of infection to others.

How to Choose the Best Learn Quran Online Classes?

After making sure that you want to take lessons to learn the Quran online, you must know well how to choose the best lessons for learning the Quran for yourself.

There are hundreds of sites that offer lessons to learn the Quran well, but not all of them suit you, of course, and to choose the best for you, you must think about several things, like:

The Type of Subject You Want to Learn

For example, if you want to learn the rules of intonation (Tajweed), you should choose classes that focus on the rules of Tajweed only, not get classes to learn the Quran in general.

The Type of Learning Methods Used

When choosing the best online Quran classes, you must focus on which methods are used in these classes and the tools that are relied upon, such as theoretical explanation, practical practice, and modern methods such as gamification, for example, which is a distinctive method, especially for kids.

Prices Paid Per Class

It is one of the important things, so you must choose the place that offers you lessons to learn the Qur’an at a price commensurate with your financial capabilities, and at the same time, you can get the required benefit from it.

The Type of Teacher Who Gives You These Classes

The classes that are best for you must be chosen based on your desire for the type of teacher you‘ll study with. If you are looking for a teacher for your kid, it is good to choose classes presented by teachers who specialize in teaching kids, and if you are a woman, this may mean that it is better to look for learn Quran online classes offered by female teachers.

Shaykhi Academy is considered an integrated whole in this matter, as it takes into account all of the above, starting with providing all kinds of branches related to learning the Quran, such as Tajweed and Arabic reading, etc. And allocating separate classes for each branch, passing through that it is an academy that contains all kinds of teachers you are looking for until it offers all of this for very appropriate prices.

After you have become familiar with everything you should think well about and help you then to choose the best learn online Quran class, let’s now talk about the most important advantages that exist in these classes offered to you by Shaykhi Academy.

What Are The Advantages of The Best Learn Quran Online Classes from Shaykhi Academy?

Shaykhi academy learn Quran online classes distinguished by:

Provided by Qualified Teachers

As Shaykhi Academy provides you with teachers who have high qualifications in the field of teaching the Noble Quran from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and other Islamic institutes and colleges.

These qualified teachers are responsible for the explanation in the learn Quran online classes offered by Shaykhi Academy, so one of the most important features of these classes is their reliance on professional teachers, in order to achieve the highest benefit for you.

The Suitable Duration

Shaykhi Academy is concerned with the learning climate and focuses greatly on following all the methods recommended by psychologists to attract the student’s attention and maintain his focus, including that the duration of the learn Quran online classes is appropriate to the student’s absorptive abilities.

Therefore, the class time ranges between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on your choice to ensure your concentration throughout the entire class time.

Flexible Schedule

Shaykhi Academy gives you the possibility to choose the appropriate dates for you in agreement with your teacher, in order to facilitate access to learn Quran online classes without any obstacles related to the dates.

The Use of a Progressive Learning System

Learn Quran online classes provided by Shaykhi Academy are based on a progressive learning system, which means providing information in batches in an ascending manner to ensure good understanding and practicing of each individual part, then obtaining the most difficult part, and so on.

This system is considered one of the most effective systems for learning because it allows the information to be arranged and entered in an orderly manner, thus increasing its absorption.

Interspersed with Rest Periods

One of the most prominent advantages of the learn Quran online classes with Shaykhi Academy is that there are rest periods, which is a method recommended by psychologists.

Learning by taking breaks makes you more alert and focused.

Comprehensive (Combines Theoretical and Practical Aspects)

Good learn Quran online classes combine both theoretical explanation and practical application of the information, which is a very important method, especially when learning the Holy Quran, because it requires the teacher to listen to the student’s reading after giving him the information and follow up on his pronunciation and the extent of his commitment to applying the rules of intonation (Tajweed), for example.

Depending on Modern Teaching Methods (Such as Gamification)

This is an important feature, especially if you are looking for a teacher for your kid.

Using games for the purpose of learning and giving information will make them eager to learn the Quran and more attentive during the learn Quran online classes.

On the occasion we talked about children’s learning, let me tell you that Shaykhi Academy put in its account your interest as a father or a mother seeking to teach their kid the Quran.

Teaching children, as we know, requires special methods, so Shaykhi Academy has provided you with the perfect solution for that, as it has allocated learn Quran online classes for kids.

Learn Quran Online Classes for Kids!

Shaykhi Academy appreciates the importance of teaching the Quran, especially for kids, based on the principle of learning in childhood, such as engraving on a stone. Kids’ learning from a young age allows them to live in the spirit of the Quran, and their remembrance is higher, so it is a very important thing. Therefore, Shaykhi Academy provides learn Quran online classes for kids, which are provided by teachers who specialize in teaching children and have high skills in dealing with them.

Also, in these classes, methods and tools are relied on to attract the children’s attention like the form of competitions through which those who are distinguished for a prize or follow the method of gamification, as we mentioned, where learning is done by integrating information and presenting it in the form of a game.

For example, in Quranic Arabic classes for kids, a game such as matching was used. There was a row of covered letters in which the teacher asked the kid to choose one of them then he appears it and asked him to read the letter and if he read it correctly, he would receive a prize and so on.

Now let’s move our conversation to an important question that may be circulating in your mind right now, which is what can I learn from these learn Quran online classes? Is it only memorizing Quran or it is more branches I can study?

What Are The Subjects You Can Study with Our Learn Quran Online Classes?

When thinking about joining learn Quran online classes, you must think carefully about what you have and what you miss from the various branches of learning the Quran, for example, you may be good at memorizing Quran but you can’t read it with Tajweed rules.

Shaykhi Academy provides you with learn Quran online classes, through which you can study:

Quran Recitation

These classes mainly teach you to read and memorize the Holy Quran.

If you are primarily seeking to memorize, you can apply now and get this course from here!

Learning And Practicing Tajweed Rules

It is the second level in learning the Noble Quran. Either you start learning it after completing memorization or in conjunction with it, and they are very important classes because of the role of Tajweed in understanding the meanings of the Noble Quran, apply for it now!

Learn Quranic Arabic

It is the highest level in learning the Noble Quran. If your goal is to learn the Quran in the primary language in which it is revealed, then Shaykhi Academy provides you with learning Quranic Arabic classes at the hands of sheikhs who are native speakers of Arabic, these teachers are often from one of the Arab countries such as Egypt. Quranic Arabic is very important because it is the mother tongue in which the Quran is revealed. To learn more about it, you can view this article.

As for applying and getting Quranic Arabic lessons, you can click here!

As we know, everything has a price, and to obtain these special classes, you need to pay a fee, but Shaykhi Academy takes into account that this fee is low to suit everyone, but what is the range of these prices, and to what extent they are appropriate?

To What Extent Are The Prices of Shaykhi Academy Learn Quran Online Classes Affordable?

In order to take into account all the financial levels of our students, Shaykhi Academy offers different price plans that you can choose what suits you, check them out now!

The Academy also provides you with the opportunity to get free lessons through our YouTube channel.

If you want to know the price of the share individually, it is 8.5 dollars per hour, and the Academy offers you the possibility to get a 10% discount for families, using the “Family10” coupon.

Haven’t you made up your mind yet? How about a trial class that helps you curb your hesitation completely?!

Shaykhi Academy Free Trial Class

Shaykhi Academy provides you with the possibility of obtaining a free class through which you can evaluate the teacher, the level of teaching, and the methods used, and accordingly choose to start your learning journey with us or not and choose the teacher who will accompany you on this journey.

What are you waiting for, it only costs you a click of a button, subscribe to your suitable course, and get a free trial class now, then write your opinion in the comments!

Through all of the above, you may notice, my dear, to what extent Shaykhi academy is keen to fulfill everything you may need and think about, that’s why you should choose Shaykhi academy to get the learn Quran online classes and more…

What Types of Teachers Does Shaykhi Academy Provide?

Shaykhi Academy provides you with an additional advantage that makes it the ideal choice for you, which is the diversity of types of teachers that you can choose the right type for you, such as:

Female Learn Quran Online Classes Teacher

This is one of the most prominent advantages that Shaykhi Academy provides to you, if you are looking for a teacher for your wife or if you are looking for a female teacher to teach you the Noble Quran, then Shaykhi Academy will provide you with a female teacher who can help you learn the Quran and therefore you will be more comfortable asking questions and receiving information during the class.

Learn Quran Online Classes Teacher for Kids

As we said before, teaching the Noble Quran to children is more difficult than teaching it to adults, so it is necessary to choose a teacher who is able to deal with children and deliver information to them easily and use tools through which they can reach a deep understanding. This is what Shaykhi Academy provides, as it provides teachers who specialize in dealing with children, and they have certificates that qualify them for that.

How Can You Join Shaykhi Academy And Get Learn Quran Online Classes?

After becoming familiar with all this information, you are probably wondering now how to apply and get learn Quran online classes with us, let me tell you that in 3 basic steps:

Get to Shaykhi Academy

The first step is to access the Shaykhi Academy website, you can get from here!

Choose The Suitable Course And Plan for You

After entering the Shaykhi academy website, you will find all courses and plans, and here you have to choose the right course and plan for you.

Fill Out The Form And Get Your Free Trial Class Now!

This is the last step, as once you fill out the application form, you will get a confirmation message through which you can get the trial class and thus decide your decision to complete the course or not.

We wish you an enjoyable learning journey with our academy!


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