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Quran Memorization Chart: In what order should I memorize the Quran?

Quran Memorization Chart In what order should I memorize the Quran

The Quran Memorization Chart is your personalized roadmap to Quranic mastery, guiding you step by step through the verses and surahs. Start with shorter surahs, gradually working your way up, and let the structured plans, whether in 30 days or 2 years, keep you on track. It’s your ticket to a captivating journey of Quranic discovery.

What is the Quran Memorization Chart?

A Quran Memorization Chart is a visual tool designed to help individuals systematically track and manage their progress in memorizing the Quran. It typically includes sections to record the verses or surahs memorized, dates of completion, and review schedules. 

The chart serves as an organizational aid, motivating memorization through clear goals and milestones, ensuring consistent progress and retention of the learned passages.

In what order should I memorize the Quran?

You should start with the shorter surahs such as the surahs in Juz’ Amma and Juz’ Tabarak and then go to longer surahs. This would alow you to achieve milestones and memorize short surahs for prayer. This would also encourage you to continue.

30-Day Quran Memorization Chart:

This 30-day Quran memorization chart outlines daily sections of the Quran to memorize and review, ensuring steady progress. The plan combines initial memorization with consistent revision to reinforce retention, aiming for the memorization of approximately 20 pages daily.

11Al-Fatiha (1) – Al-Baqara (1-141)Previous day’s memorization
21-2Al-Baqara (142-286)Previous day’s memorization
32-3Al-Baqara (286) – Al-Imran (1-200)Previous day’s memorization
43-4Al-Imran (200) – An-Nisa (1-100)Previous day’s memorization
54-5An-Nisa (100-176)Previous day’s memorization
65-6An-Nisa (176) – Al-Ma’idah (1-120)Previous day’s memorization
76-7Al-Ma’idah (120) – Al-An’am (1-110)Previous day’s memorization
87-8Al-An’am (110-165) – Al-A’raf (1-100)Previous day’s memorization
98-9Al-A’raf (100-206)Previous day’s memorization
109-10Al-Anfal (1-75) – At-Tawbah (1-100)Previous day’s memorization
1110-11At-Tawbah (100-129) – Yunus (1-109)Previous day’s memorization
1211-12Hud (1-123)Previous day’s memorization
1312-13Yusuf (1-111)Previous day’s memorization
1413-14Ar-Ra’d (1-43) – Ibrahim (1-52)Previous day’s memorization
1514-15Al-Hijr (1-99) – An-Nahl (1-128)Previous day’s memorization
1615-16Al-Isra (1-111) – Al-Kahf (1-74)Previous day’s memorization
1716-17Al-Kahf (74-110) – Maryam (1-98)Previous day’s memorization
1817-18Ta-Ha (1-135)Previous day’s memorization
1918-19Al-Anbiya (1-112) – Al-Hajj (1-78)Previous day’s memorization
2019-20Al-Mu’minun (1-118) – An-Nur (1-64)Previous day’s memorization
2120-21Al-Furqan (1-77) – Ash-Shu’ara (1-227)Previous day’s memorization
2221-22An-Naml (1-93) – Al-Qasas (1-88)Previous day’s memorization
2322-23Al-Ankabut (1-69) – Ar-Rum (1-60)Previous day’s memorization
2423-24Luqman (1-34) – As-Sajda (1-30) – Al-Ahzab (1-73)Previous day’s memorization
2524-25Saba (1-54) – Fatir (1-45)Previous day’s memorization
2625-26Ya-Sin (1-83) – As-Saffat (1-182)Previous day’s memorization
2726-27Sad (1-88) – Az-Zumar (1-75)Previous day’s memorization
2827-28Ghafir (1-85) – Fussilat (1-54)Previous day’s memorization
2928-29Ash-Shura (1-53) – Al-Jathiya (1-37)Previous day’s memorization
3029-30Al-Ahqaf (1-35) – Al-Mulk (1-30) – An-Nas (1-6)Full review

6-Month Quran Memorization Chart

This chart outlines a structured plan to memorize the Quran over six months. Each month, focus on memorizing approximately five Juz, ensuring daily reviews to retain previously memorized portions. This disciplined approach balances intensive memorization with consistent revision, guiding you through the entire Quran within half a year.

1Juz 1-5Al-Fatiha to Al-Ma’idah
2Juz 6-10Al-An’am to At-Tawbah
3Juz 11-15Yunus to Al-Hijr
4Juz 16-20An-Nahl to Al-Kahf
5Juz 21-25Maryam to Ash-Shu’ara
6Juz 26-30An-Naml to An-Nas

1-Year Quran Memorization Chart

This year-long plan divides the Quran into manageable portions for gradual memorization over 12 months. Each quarter focuses on memorizing 10 Juz, followed by a month dedicated to reviewing and consolidating the memorized material. Consistent practice and regular revision ensure steady progress towards memorizing the entire Quran within a year.

Months 1-3Juz 1-10Al-Fatiha to Al-Anfal
Months 4-6Juz 11-20At-Tawbah to An-Naml
Months 7-9Juz 21-30Al-Mu’minun to An-Nas
Months 10-12Review & RevisionReview previously memorized Juz

2-Years Quran memorization Chart

Each month, you will memorize about 25 pages, considering some days will be reserved for review and catching up if needed.

MonthDaily MemorizationPages to MemorizeSurahs Covered
11 page25 pagesAl-Fatiha, Al-Baqara (part)
21 page25 pagesAl-Baqara (continued)
31 page25 pagesAal-E-Imran (part)
41 page25 pagesAal-E-Imran (continued), An-Nisa (part)
51 page25 pagesAn-Nisa (continued), Al-Maeda (part)
61 page25 pagesAl-Maeda (part), Al-Anaam (part)
71 page25 pagesAl-Araf (part)
Go like this until you reach the last two weeks when you will have to memorize 54 pages, not only 50.
23-241 page54 pagesAl-Waqia (continued), Al-Hadid, Al-Mujadila, Al-Hashr, Al-Mumtahina, As-Saff, Al-Jumua, Al-Munafiqoon, At-Taghabun, At-Talaq, At-Tahrim, Al-Mulk, Al-Qalam, Al-Haaqqa, Al-Maarij, Nooh, Al-Jinn, Al-Muzzammil, Al-Muddaththir, Al-Qiyama, Al-Insan, Al-Mursalat, An-Naba, An-Naziat, Abasa, At-Takwir, Al-Infitar, Al-Mutaffifin, Al-Inshiqaq, Al-Burooj, At-Tariq, Al-Ala, Al-Ghashiya, Al-Fajr, Al-Balad, Ash-Shams, Al-Lail, Ad-Dhuha, Al-Inshirah, At-Tin, Al-Alaq, Al-Qadr, Al-Bayyina, Az-Zalzala, Al-Adiyat, Al-Qaria, At-Takathur, Al-Asr, Al-Humaza, Al-Fil, Quraish, Al-Maun, Al-Kauther, Al-Kafiroon, An-Nasr, Al-Masadd, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, An-Nas

Example of Weekly Plan

MondayMemorize new pages1 page
TuesdayMemorize new pages1 page
WednesdayMemorize new pages1 page
ThursdayMemorize new pages1 page
FridayMemorize new pages1 page
SaturdayMemorize new pages1 page
SundayReview all memorized pages of the week6 pages

How to Start with Memorising the Quran?

  1. Begin with Sincerity and Seeking Allah’s Help: Start by making a sincere intention for the sake of Allah and seek His assistance in your endeavor.
  2. Join Memorization Circles: Joining group memorization sessions can boost motivation and determination.
  3. Start with Amma (Juz’ ‘Amma): Begin memorization with Juz’ ‘Amma, followed by Tabarak and the preceding sections according to the order in the Quran.
  4. Consistent Daily Recitation and Revision: Commit to daily recitation, review, and memorization based on your time, energy, and ability.
  5. Utilize Ramadan and Noble Times for Memorization: Make the most of Ramadan and other virtuous times for memorization and revision.
  6. Manage Your Time Wisely: Organize your schedule to allocate appropriate time for memorization, as it varies from person to person.

Best methods of Quran memorization:

  • First Method: Divide each surah into manageable sections based on your memorization capacity. Repeat each section multiple times until it is firmly memorized, then proceed to the next section. Connect the memorized sections to ensure fluency.
  • Second Method: Seek sincerity in Allah, utilize a knowledgeable mentor for guidance, and engage in constant review and recitation. Patience and perseverance are essential.
  • Third Method (Five Plates Method): This method simplifies memorization by dividing it into five manageable sections.
  • Fourth Method (Repetition): Repeat each verse twenty times before moving to the next. Connect previously memorized verses with new ones for consolidation.
  • Based on Personal Styles: Utilize auditory, visual, or sensory methods according to personal preference and ability.

For children’s memorization, the focus should be on encouragement, appropriate timing, correction of recitation, understanding meanings, groupings based on memorization level rather than age, and fostering a love for Paradise through Quranic verses.

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The Quran Memorization Chart is a visual aid that helps individuals track and manage their progress in memorizing the Quran systematically. It includes sections to record memorized verses or surahs, completion dates, and review schedules. This chart serves as an organizational tool, motivating memorization through clear goals and milestones, ensuring consistent progress and retention of learned passages. 

As for the order of memorization, it’s recommended to start with shorter surahs like those in Juz’ Amma and Juz’ Tabarak before moving on to longer ones. This approach allows for achieving milestones, memorizing short surahs for prayer, and maintaining motivation. 

Additionally, there are various memorization plans outlined, such as the 30-Day, 6-Month, 1-Year, and 2-Year Quran Memorization Charts, each providing structured schedules for steady progress towards memorizing the entire Quran within a specified timeframe. These plans include daily, weekly, and monthly targets for memorization and revision, ensuring a balanced approach for effective learning.

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