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Your Chance to Learn Quran Online Free with Qualified Tutors! (Quran Scholarship)

learn quran online free

This is your chance to learn Quran online free with qualified teachers who will train you to read Quran and learn its different studies for free!

learn quran online free

Learning Quran is a very noble act that every true Muslim should be performing daily. It is a gift from Allah Almighty. It gives you knowledge about all aspects of life and brings you closer to Allah.

Every Muslim tries to find a way to master Quran. Nowadays, it became popular to Learn Quran and Islamic studies through online academics and schools. But some people can’t afford to take paid classes online. For that reason, we will shed light on how to learn Quran online free. In this article, you will find answers to your questions about the free online Quran classes. But what do we mean by free online Quran classes? I’ll let you know!

What Are The Free Online Quran Classes?

Free Quran online classes are the kind of classes offered by some Quran online institutes and academies for free to help those who are in need and cannot pay the fee of learning. Based on the idea that these free courses are given to the needy and the people who can’t learn Quran for many financial reasons, the acceptance of the students has some conditions that you will be told about later.

The institute that offers the free Quran classes takes it upon itself to provide the trainee with the best circumstances to help them in the process of learning. It offers the students qualified teachers, a suitable timetable, and decent treatment. Not only Institutes but also some teachers give free online Quran courses as a donation to needy students. Now, you may wonder why do these institutes allocate a great part of their time to teach Quran free? Alright let’s know..

Why do We Offer Free Online Quran Courses?

The online institutes have many reasons to offer free Quran online courses, here are some of them:-

Spreading The Message of Islam Everywhere

Dawah or calling others to Islam is the best of deeds because it involves guiding people to the right path and to that which will bring them happiness in both the world and the Hereafter.

The main reason for providing Quran and Islamic Studies lessons free is to spread Dawah to Allah and to make it easy to know more about Islam for the Muslims who don’t have enough knowledge about Islam, and the non-Muslims, who want to know about Islam and its rules.

No doubt that it is a great deed that Allah likes from people. Allah Almighty said in Surat Fussilat: And who is better in speech than he who [says: my lord is Allah (believes in his oneness) and ] invites (men) to Allah’s (Islamic monotheism), and dies righteous deeds, and says I am one of the Muslims”.

So, by providing People with free courses in Quran, we gain great rewards. Thus, comes the next point.

Getting Rewards from Allah The Almighty

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Convey from me even (only) one ayah“.

— Our Prophet peace be upon him

Calling people to Allah is a virtuous deed that brings great rewards. Free Quran classes are a means to spread Dawah to Allah. So, the one who does so will have the same reward as those who call others to Allah.

“Whoever calls others to guidance will have a reward like the reward of those who follow him, without detracting from their reward in any way. And whoever calls others to misguidance will have a burden of sins like the burden of those who follow him, without that detracting from their burden in any way.” (Narrated by Muslim, 2674).

Help Increasing The Number of Educated Muslims Who Have Knowledge about Islam

We have spoken already about the idea that introducing Islam to non-Muslims and helping to spread the message of Islam amongst them is one of our aims, but it is not the only aim, more importantly, spreading Quran learning and Islamic studies amongst the Muslims. There are many Muslims who are just Muslims by name. They don’t know much about Quran or Islamic Studies. In the online institutes, we target this category of people who dream of learning the Quran. Now, our mission is to bring them closer to their lord by learning Quran and Islamic Studies.

Helping The Needy Students

Many people can’t pay for the Quran classes and at the same time dream of finding a way to learn Allah’s true words. If we provide them with the chance to learn Quran free, they will be happy and work hard and who knows, they may become Islamic schoolers and teach Quran to people one day. By giving this donation, we try to help people to learn Quran online free and teach others the creed of giving.

Spreading The Spirt of Giving Amongst People

The online academies that offer free Quran classes allocate part of their time and efforts to provide a service to the needy and to call people to learn the Quran. They don’t want any benefits except Allah’s reward, and what a great benefit is it! The needy students would feel that there is goodness in the world and will have hope to learn more and more. Thus, we are spreading the spirit of donation and giving through our sincere work.

Spreading The Idea That Gaining Money Is not The Main Purpose of Online Quran Institutes

With the increase of online schools, some people thought that the aim of these institutes is gaining money. But offering free Quran online classes would prove that the class’s goal is to give needy students the chance to learn Quran. Although we can’t ignore the fact that some institutes have an interest in money gaining, of course, it is not true for those who offer free courses.

The academy that doesn’t provide free courses is not mean or miserly. The idea is that the institutes have tutors and to increase the qualifications and aspirations of the teachers we have to encourage their wages as long as it is Halal inshaallah

How to Learn Quran Online Free? (Conditions)

As we cleared before, there are some conditions that must be true to be accepted to learn Quran online free.

Inability to Pay Tuition Fees

This is the main reason why we offer free Quran classes. The inability to have enough money for tuition stands as a block to Quran learning online. This is your chance to be trained in the hands of qualified teachers to learn the Quran the same as those who pay for the class. Therefore, if you afford to pay, this offer is not for you. You have to be honest enough and leave the chance to whose who worth it.

Remember that spending your money on learning Quran will increase the good of your money and bless it instead of decreasing.

Seriousness (Aiming seriously to learn about Quran and Islam)

After enrolling in the free classes, you should show interest in the course and its tasks. By showing interest, you are encouraging your tutor to exert efforts and assure your continuity in the course.

Adhering to The Rules And Policies of The Academy

Any academy in the world has some instructions which arrange the way of dealing with the students and its members. As one of the students, you have to show respect to these instructions.

To Whom Enrolling Priority Goes?

Those who don’t have family and can’t afford to pay tuition fees for learning Quran like (the widow, the orphans, homeless people, and the disabled). The non-Muslim who wants to know about Islam and Quran is also given enrolling priority. Also, those who apply (before the completion of the number permitted).

How Will The Course Be Like?

The free online Quran courses will last for some weeks for a group of students. There will be a quota allocated to a group of students. If there are slots available, we will schedule your free online course. You will be trained in the hands of attentive, well-trained, and patient tutors. The tutor will not be informed that your course is free as we will pay your teacher’s wages from our donation. You will be treated the same as regular students. This course will be available for students from every country. And we have female teachers who will teach the needy sisters and daughters.

What Will I Learn?

During free Quran online classes, you will be trained on how to read Quran correctly as well as reciting and memorizing with Tajweed rules. And to know how to memorize Quran fast, click here and have a glance at our prior article.

To read Quran properly, you will be given an Arabic course to master reading. You will join the group which studies the same surah that you want to learn. Suppose that you want to learn some surahs from Juz’u Amma, you will join the Juzu Amma group. We offer this facility for all Quran courses except the Ijazah and the ten Qirat.

How to Register in The Online Free Quran Classes?

You will be provided with a registration form that has some personal information about you. Like your name, age, nationality, mobile number, gender, and job status. Also, there will be a place in the form to tell us why you think you deserve to learn Quran online free, and if you have financial difficulties you should mention that too.

We will contact you if we found that you really deserve the course. We will be providing you will course details and schedule your free course after that.

What May Lead to Cancellation of The Free Classes after Enrolling?

Regular Absence

We’re happily paying for your courses to give you the chance to learn Quran online free. So, not attending your classes regularly shows us that you don’t respect our efforts and more important your teacher’s hard work. Therefore, we expect you to attend most if not all of your classes.

Canceling The Class without Any Excuse

It is better to inform the institute a day before if you have to Cancel. Because if you don’t attend the class while your teacher is waiting, without giving any clear reasons and without informing the institute before, your course will be automatically canceled.

Showing Disinterest in The Class

Some students apply to the free courses just because they are free, not for the reason that they want to actually learn. Showing disinterest in the course means that you don’t deserve the class.

What to Search for in The Academy that Offers Online Quran Classes Free?

There are a lot of institutes that may be offering free online Quran courses. To decide which academy to join, you have to search for the following:

Seriousness in Dealing with The Course

Make sure that the institution aims seriously to help needy students in this learning Quran. The negligence of the administration, the regular cancellation of your courses, the absence of your tutor, and disinterest are all evidence of the dereliction of the academy. Therefore, you have to be attentive.

Check The Presented Materials

You have to be provided with the materials that contain true Aqidah according to Quran and Sunnah. To know about the best online academics have a look at this article!

Check If They Offer Decent Teaching Ways

You have to be dealt with as one of the institute’s regular students, no less. At last, the free online Quran classes offered by the online institutes are a true gift to those who have financial issues and at some time exert efforts to learn Quran and are eager to know their religion. The Free classes have some conditions that must be true to those who want to apply. If you are interested, seize the opportunity, and ask Allah to accept that noble work from you and us.

Finally, If you are interested to learn Quran online free, seize the opportunity, and ask Allah to accept that noble work from you and us.

The Editor: Raghad Qasim


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