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Qualified Online Quran Teacher UK – Start Now!

online Quran teacher UK
online Quran teacher UK

Are you looking for an online Quran teacher UK? Then, you just found your demand now!

Shaykhi academy is here to provide you with a professional online Quran teacher UK that will help you in your great journey to learn the holy Quran.

Before we talk about the online Quran teacher UK provided by Shaykhi Academy, let us know why Shaykhi Academy is interested in providing online Quran teachers in the UK.

Why Providing Online Quran Teacher UK?

According to statistics, there is a significant number of Muslims in the United Kingdom, something that Shaykhi Academy could not overlook.

We will discuss it now to help you understand what we mean and to know how important to provide an online Quran teacher UK.

How Many Muslims Are in The UK?

Islam is the second largest religion in the United Kingdom, and Muslims are increasing significantly, and more than 2.7 million Muslims live in England and Wales, where they constitute 5.0% of the general population and 9.1% of children under the age of five.

These indicators were sufficient reason to make Shaykhi Academy interested in providing an online Quran teacher in the United Kingdom who meets the needs of this huge percentage of science and knowledge of the Holy Quran.

We know dear reader that it’s preferred to learn the Noble Quran by face-to-face learning, but due to some reasons, online learning is an ideal alternative, but what are these reasons?

Why Are UK Students Learning Quran Online with Shaykhi Academy?

There are some reasons why UK students are looking for online Quran learning, including:

The Lack of  Face-to-Face Quran Teachers

In order for the student to be able to study the Quran, it is necessary to go to a mosque or Quran learning circle, which may be far from their location.

Easy Access to Lessons Due to The Use of Easy Applications

Shaykhi Academy relies on the most used and easy applications for online Quran classes including MS Team, Skype, Zoom, etc.

Custom Learning Schedule

Our academy allows you to learn the Noble Quran according to your preferred timings as well as taking into account your time zone. Our teachers are available 24/7 to teach you the Holy Quran according to the timings you specify in agreement with them.

Appointments may be set and synchronized with weekends or other holidays especially for your child or if you are busy at work and have difficulty taking lessons on weekdays.

Desire to Learn The Quran in Arabic

This is in the event that you are an Arab student living in the UK, for example, and seek to continue to speak Arabic and read the Holy Quran in its original language, or if you or your child is from the UK and would like to learn the Quran in the language in which it was revealed.

For that, online learning is very effective and Shaykhi academy provides you with teachers who are native speakers of the Arabic language, which helps you, learn the language professionally and learn Quranic reading.

The main element, as we know, in teaching the Noble Quran is the teacher, so your search for a Quran teacher is one of the most difficult tasks, but it has become easy, dear reader, because Shaykhi Academy took this role from you and sought to provide a base of professional teachers in teaching the Noble Quran online so that you could learn it from your home’s sofa.

Online Quran Teacher UK (Shaykhi Teachers)

If you are from the United Kingdom and are looking for a specialized online Quran teacher UK, then your place is here!

Shaykhi Academy is the most prominent platform for teaching the Noble Quran and provides you with teachers specialized in teaching the Quran online, so it saves the time and effort that you will make to search for a teacher worthy of receiving lessons through it.

These teachers are chosen from all over the world, (but the majority are Egyptian Native Arabic speakers, know more about it now!), this choice is based on conditions that guarantee you a sound learning of the Quran and everything related to it, such as Quranic reading, Tajweed, memorizing, and so on…

These teachers are distinguished by a number of characteristics that make them more suitable for this task.

The Characteristics of Our Online Quran Teachers UK

They are distinguished by:

Have High Qualifications

As all the teachers of Shaykhi Academy have higher qualifications in the field of memorizing the Quran and teaching it through accredited institutes and universities, Azhar certificates, for example.

Fluent English Speakers

This is a key point dear, as it is the most widely spoken language in the UK, so it is a necessary feature in online Quran teacher UK.

Native Arabic Speakers

This feature is the most important characteristic, especially if your goal is to learn the Quran in Arabic.

We give you an opportunity to learn from his home country, what are you waiting for to apply now?!

The Ability to Use Technology

And it is a necessity because we are talking about online teachers here, meaning that all their dealings are done through technology and applications, so one of the most important features of our teachers is that they have the ability to optimally use technology in order to use it to teach you the Holy Qur’an in the easiest possible way.

Flexibility And Friendliness

Shaykhi Academy teachers are flexible and friendly, which are essential qualities in a teacher of the Holy Quran. These two characteristics were recommended by God to the master of creation, Muhammad, peace, and blessings are upon him, to show the importance of their presence in any teacher or person who seeks to transmit the Quran to another.

As God Almighty said

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

“فبما رحمة من الله لنت لهم، ولو كنت فظا غليظ القلب لانفضوا من حولك”

“By God’s mercy, you are gentle with them, and if you were rude and hard-hearted, they would have dispersed from around you.”

— Surah Al Imran Verse {159}

Kindness and softness are two qualities that open your horizons and increase your passion as a student to learn comfortably and listen to your teacher, so Shaykhi Academy was keen to provide you with a good and friendly online Quran teacher UK.

In addition to these advantages, Shaykhi Academy has not neglected your additional needs, so it provides you with the option of choosing your teacher among different types of teachers. So what are these types?

What Kind of Online Quran Teachers Do We Provide UK Students?

There are many online Quran teacher UK types, what are they?

Female Online Quran Teacher UK

If you are a woman living in the UK who would like to learn the Noble Quran at the hands of a professional teacher, but you do not prefer to do so with a male teacher in order to be more comfortable and able to interact, we would like to tell you that this desire has also been given priority by Shaykhi Academy as it provides you with female online Quran teacher Specialists in teaching the Noble Quran so You can learn the Quran online through her and be more comfortable.

Online Quran Teacher UK for Kids

It is known that educating children is not easy at all. It bears the need to pay attention to two aspects, the first of which is the interest in attracting the children’s attention and making them more interested in what they listen to, read or see, and the other is to be friendly with them and not let them feel bored, and to give them constant reward and encouragement.

Therefore, this type of teacher is very important because they differ from ordinary teachers in that they are sufficiently aware of the psychology of the child and how to deal with them and take into account the individual differences between children.

Therefore, Shaykhi Academy gives you the possibility to choose an online Quran teacher UK for your kid while you are assured.

This type of teacher relies on different teaching methods that are appropriate for kids, which we will talk about shortly…

Online Quran Arabic Teacher UK

As we mentioned in this article, you may be one of those seeking to learn the Noble Quran in the language in which it was revealed, so this type is your need, as it is the main indication of the importance of learning the Quran online.

And if you want to learn this language and be able to read the Quran in it, Shaykhi Academy has teachers who are native speakers of the language, so they are the best to teach it.

These teachers provide courses in Quranic Arabic, for inquiries or to obtain it, click here!

These teachers of all types are the main guide for you, your child, and your wife in your journey to learn the Noble Quran, though they provide you with a distinctive explanation of all the branches of the Quran and the courses offered, and these courses include Tajweed, memorization, and Quranic Arabic.

Let’s get acquainted with these courses offered to all the UK students from Shaykhi Academy by some of the best teachers in the field of the Holy Quran around the world.

Shaykhi Online Quran Teaching Courses for UK Students

Dear reader, you must be aware of what you want to learn accurately. Do you need to memorize the Quran or have you memorized it, but you want to adjust Tajweed or read it in Arabic, and whatever you want to learn, Shaykhi Academy offered to you by the best teachers, so what are these courses?

Quran Classes

If you want to learn to read or memorize the Quran, Shaykhi Academy offers you courses for memorizing the Holy Quran through qualified Azhar teachers.

Tajweed Classes

This course is intended to help you master the rules of intonation and to read the Qur’an in a proper manner. Therefore, your study of the rules of intonation is the most important thing that the online Quran teacher UK offers you, in a systematic and simplified manner.

Arabic Reading Classes

This course is the most prominent in learning the Quran online in the UK because learning to read the Holy Quran in Arabic requires a teacher who is familiar with it at the very least.

Shaykhi Academy provides you with native Arabic native speaking teachers from Egypt and various Arab countries, in order to help you receive Quranic lessons from its original country.

To learn more about Quranic Arabic courses, how to learn it, and facing the difficulties of that, check this!

All these courses are offered for children and adults by dedicated teachers for children, women, etc.

To achieve this, teachers use a set of tools and methods that help you as a student to understand the information and avoid feeling bored.

Quran Teaching Tools And Methods Used by Online Quran Teachers UK

A set of methods are relied upon to teach the Noble Quran by Shaykhi Academy teachers, such as:


It is a method of using games in the field of teaching the Noble Quran, and this method is effective in maintaining your attention throughout the lesson period.

This method is mostly used if the learner is your kid, because kids, as we mentioned, require a special method in teaching them.


The teachers of Shaykhi Academy depend on the method of rest, which is recommended by psychologists due to its importance in stabilizing information and maintaining activity, which is required to learn the Quran.

Entertainment relies on games that help in understanding the information on the one hand and separate the learner from the lesson for a short period on the other.

Reward And Punishment Policy

It is an effective method used by online Quran teacher UK with the aim of attracting students’ attention and increasing their focus, because this will lead to their superiority and a better understanding of the lesson, and thus the correct answer to the teacher’s questions that guarantees them, in the end, getting a reward.

These three methods are very effective in case you are looking for a teacher for your kids because they develop their skills and help them deal with the class with love and increase their interest in learning the Holy Quran as something they love and is not forced or disliked to focus and memorize, but it is something they want to learn and finds themselves happy during that.

After knowing the above, you may be wondering now how to communicate with these teachers and how to actually start taking lessons from them, so let us help you!

How to Communicate with Online Quran Teacher UK?

There are some steps to communicate with the right online Quran teacher UK for you.

Visit The Shaykhi Academy Website

In which you will find detailed information about all the courses and through which you can get a trial class. You can visit it Shaykhi Academy Website now!

Choose Your Favorite Teacher

He is the one who teaches you this trial session so that you can make your decision whether to continue with him or not. And to know about our best Quran online teachers, you can find a detailed article about them, click here!

From the moment you choose the teacher and receive the lessons, you can communicate with the teacher with ease and return to the Academy in the event of any problem.

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