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Advantages of Having Female Quran Teacher!

Many people believe that only men may serve as Quran tutors. However, this is untrue. In this article, I’ll explain how and why female Quran teachers are better for your daughters!

female quran teacher

Females In Islam

Islam has given much care to women’s rights, In Islam, there is no difference at all between men and women as far as their relationship to Allah is concerned, as both of them are promised the same reward for good deeds and the same punishment for bad deeds. The Qur’an says: And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women. (2:226). Allah also said in His noble book: “And women have rights similar to their obligations, according to what is fair.” Surah al- baqarah, verse 228.

Moreover when The Qur’an addressing the believers, It often uses the expression, ‘believing men and women’ for emphasizing the idea of equality between men and women in regard to their respective duties, rights, virtues and merits.

It says: For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for true men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in charity, for men and women who fast, and for men and women who engage much in Allah’s praise. And when He, the most wise talked about entering Paradise, He Almighty said: “Enter into Paradise, you and your wives, with delight.” Surah Az- zukhruf, verse, no70.

Also, it’s clear that The Qur’an admonishes those men who oppress or ill-treat women: “O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should you treat them with harshness, that you may take away part of the dowry you have given them – except when they have become guilty of open lewdness. On the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If you take a dislike to them, it may be that you dislike something and Allah will bring about through it a great deal of good”. (An- Nisa verse No:19)

Considering the fact that before the advent of Islam the pagan Arabs used to bury their female children alive, make women dance naked in the vicinity of the Ka’ba during their annual fairs, Islam invalidated these horrible habits and overrode these shameful norms. And it granted women the right of equality with men.

Is There A Big Difference between Male And Female Teachers?

There are no obvious differences, except for some natural traits and skills of the personality nature related to the gender type. The similar sides of both male and female teachers are common and have a wide range of variety; both of them are having the same education and graduated from the same university, both of them are qualified and having the same qualifications and the same educational experience, both of them having Ijazah (a certificate of permission for teaching the Holy Quran), both of them were graduates from al- Azhar El Shareef university…and so on.

But the aspects of differences may lie in some educational circumstances of the learners and some educational details of the work, plus the nature of the learners they are teaching. For instance, some restricted families aspire to teach their girls the Holy Quran but they prefer female Quran Teachers because of their conceptions. Also, there are other reasons related to some details related to the learners’ personalities, for instance, there are some girls who are a bit little shy, so they feel more comfortable with a female Quran tutor especially if they need to ask about some  Quranic verses related to the women’s privacy,

Advantages of Having A female Quran Teacher

Perfect For Young Kids

Kids in general and especially kids under six years old are sticking to their moms, so female teachers are preferable for them, that’s why kindergarteners teachers (KG) are all females.

Early Childhood starts from year two and lasts to year six. Scholars and educators call this age period (Preschool age). The early childhood time, either in kids’ home or in preschool institutes, are considered the preparation time for the coming long-term learning process. Educators and Psychologists call this period (Pregang age) It is one of the most popular names. They refer to early childhood as the Exploration Age, Creativity age, Questioning Age, and Initiative Age. Precisely it lasts from the age of one year to the age of six years old.

Psychologists discovered that this period is the time for downloading programs and files to the brain’s memory. Children will use these files unconsciously when they find themselves in need of these files throughout their coming life in the future. So, regarding this, it depends on what kind of files and how many files each couple of parents had downloaded to their child’s memory. These files may be lessons about some life skills or some lessons about developing kids’ personality traits such as patience, strength, struggle, confidence, persistence, ambition, or any other learning lessons.

Psychologists even said that the richness or poverty position will be related to the files downloaded to the kid’s memory at this period of age. A poor family may be having an intelligent brainy child but this child may become poor and fail in the future. And maybe a rich family has a stupid child but this child will become rich and successful when they grow up. It depends mainly on what kind of files and programs and how many educational approaches and learning procedures were included in these files and programs these kids had saved in their memories or had been downloaded by the teachers and the parents during this stage of age.

Also, it is important to show that children from the age of two years to the age of six years have a good command of high memorization skills. So it is a good opportunity for female teachers and parents to start uploading programs on the kids’ short and long memory such as programs or lessons about loving knowledge, Islamic sciences, And Quran memorizing. Carving in kids’ unconscious brains a good attitude of grasping high appreciation and passion towards the Holy Quran. The Female Quran teacher is very good at teaching little kids values such as Enthusiasm, Persistence, discipline, seeking success, and facing challenges.

Perfect For Female Learners

Some women and girls feel more comfortable when they learn with a female Quran teacher, they prefer this option because they have the advantage of asking about anything they need to know, regarding all questions and inquiries related to women issues

A female Quran teacher Is Considered As A Surrogate Mom

A female tutor’s personality tends to be more sensitive, affectionate, compassionate, and soulful. So she takes the role of the mother during class session time, therefore students consider her as if she is their surrogate mom. This makes the learning process more effective and it enhances the learning process, especially with emotional and sentimental learners, consequently it pushes them to do their best during the learning process for increasing their learning acquisition.

Having Special And Unique Educational Traits

Women in general, have natural educational instincts, innate teaching skills, and inherent instructional personality traits they were born with. Someone may wonder and ask for the wisdom beyond this matter, The answer is that Allah Almighty has granted women these innate natural skills and traits for preparing them for the most important role in their life which is motherhood. Being a Mom is completely different from being a mother. Mother is defined as a woman who becomes a mother physically and biologically. 

But mom is defined as the woman who gets to be a mother for her kids spiritually and educationally. A Mom’s role is to protect and raise her kids to become well-grown psychologically and morally, So, each mom is a mother but not each mother is a mom. If you ponder this matter, you will find out that mom is the best teacher instinctively. They raise their kids in a healthy atmosphere and practice the role of teaching for the whole of their life, that’s why Allah put these teaching skills and instructional traits instinctively within women, so no wonder that we have a familiar proverb in Egypt saying: Mom is a school. 

Consequently, female Quran tutors are having these traits and these inherent skills by instinct, for example, females are more patient than men, They are more bearable than men, they are more persistent than men, they are more sentimental than men, and they are calmer than men, and so on.

A Piece of Advice for Parents

For parents searching for a male Quran Teacher, thinking that all Quran teachers are only males. Let me tell you that there are also Female Quran tutors who are available for teaching online. Learning Islamic studies or Quranic sciences became lately familiar and spreading. Also it was noticed that the number of women joining courses of learning Quran is in increase and it is getting popular as well.

Difficulties Facing Parents Finding Offline Female Quran Teachers

Scarcity of Mosques And Islamic Educational Institutions

Most of the sisters prefer online classes rather than offline classes. The main reason beyond this may be the scarcity of mosques and Islamic centers for spreading Islamic knowledge in the location they live in. They may be living far away from these Islamic centers or the nearest mosques are very far from their homes. Some learners expressed the difficulty they encountered finding a female Quran teacher in the area they lived in as well. So they searched for an online Female Quran tutor to study at home while they are feeling comfortable and satisfied.

Parents Are Always Busy

In case the learner is a little girl, and she requires a female Quran tutor, the reason parents would go for a female Quran teacher online is the fact that they, the parents, are fully busy working outside doors to the extent that they have no time driving their girls to the tutor’s location and waiting for them to get them back homes.

The Weather Condition

Also, the weather conditions such as heavy rains, storms, coldness, and overheating make parents think about online classes. They find them more preferable and advantageous than offline classes

Traffic Troubles  

This kind of trouble can cause the learners to be late for their class time, so no doubt that online classes save money, effort, and time as well.

Unsuitable Schedules

The advantages of online learning in general in regard to the facilities of sessions appointments made many learners prefer online learning  classes, as they can have their courses at any time suitable for them, 

Difficulty of Changing The Tutor

Online academies have another advantage which is that in case a learner wanted to change the teacher for any reason. The academy can provide them with another tutor without changing the times and dates they had chosen before.

Contact Us

We will be glad to give you a hand!

Our Female Quran Tutors

Our online Female Quran teachers are the best. They are dedicated and well qualified. They do their best to facilitate the learning process. Our staff of female Quran tutors encourages foreign sisters and non-native Arabic speakers to learn Quran online with Tajweed. They were trained well to deal with their learners in a friendly manner and enthusiastic way to make them do their best during the learning sessions. Our female Quran tutors are passionate about presenting an interesting course for all learners, especially kids.

Muslim sisters and daughters of different nationalities can learn Quran with us in English, our staff are having a good command of the English language and they speak English fluently. Our Female Quran teachers have a great sense of responsibility toward Allah and towards their learners. Our staff is qualified and experienced teachers who understand well the psychology and the common nature of each learner. Our female Quran teachers are experts in the field of teaching the Holy Quran and its various sciences. They are aware of learning difficulties and the individual differences among learners. They realize that not all students can be taught in the same way.

Our Quran tutors are professional and competent to deal with every and each difficulty or challenge they may encounter.

Our Online Female Tutors’ Educational Qualifications And Skills

All our female Quran teachers have the following skills:-

  • Hafizah (A memorizer of the Holy Quran).
  • Excellent Qariah (Aware of Rules of Tajweed).
  • Graduated From al- Azhar El Shareef university
  • Professionally trained for teaching Quran online.
  • Having a good command of English, and other languages.
  • Highly motivated and dedicated.

Shaykhi Academy

Shaykhi Academy for teaching Online Quran and its sciences provides the best female Quran teachers online at home for either any Muslim or Muslimah. The Academy provides Female Quran teachers for all nationalities and all ages. The Academy welcomes learners from all over the world. We are proud that a wide range of students all over the world got many benefits thanks to the hard work done by our stunning Female Quran Teachers. Join our family!

What Will Students Learn From Our Female Quran Teachers?

Teaching The Holy Quran is a hard task. It requires much care and much concentration from the female Quran teacher while they are teaching it. They should do their best to transmit the message of the Holy Quran truly. Also, they should read it perfectly according to the correct intonation rules (Tajweed) And Alhamdulillah, our female Quran teachers are professional regarding these points.

There are many various classes our staff of female Quran tutors is introducing to learners. Here they are:-

  • Basic Noorani Qaida Class.
  • Quran Recitation Class.
  • Quran Memorization Class. Quran Interpretation class.
  • Quarnic  Arabic language class for novice.
  • Islamic Studies for kids Class.
  • Online Quran Classes for Girls and Sisters.

Advantages of Online Quran Classes in General And Especially for Girls

Enjoy Your privacy

With online Quran classes, you are enjoying your own privacy as nobody has to come to your home and you don’t have to visit someone at their homes.

Overcoming Feeling Laziness

If you one day feel lazy, you won’t have to go out to have your session but with online classes, you can even have your session in bed.

Cheap Costs

Hiring an offline female Quran tutor costs much money whereas online tutoring costs little money.

Enjoying Distance Learning with The Modern Technological And Visual Aids

Online learning provides the learners with many means of explanation which facilities the learning process and makes the lesson easier and more useful, such as smart boards, flashcards, diagrams, and cartoons, moreover, learners can record the session and watch it many times again.  

The Editor: Raghad Qasim


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How can we improve female education?

How I can get a qualified Egyptian Quran Teacher Online? -Egyptian Quran Teacher Online

By building stronger educational systems with clear learning standards, excellent teachers, and sufficient resources.

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