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12 Reasons Why Choose Our Online Female Quran Teachers!

12 Reasons Why Choose Our Online Female Quran Teachers! - Shaykhi Academy

If you are a girl or lady and wants an Online Female Quran Teacher but you can’t choose one, we are here to solve your problem!

First of all. Let me share with you a very odd situation that happened to me.

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One day one of my students stopped me in the class telling me about personal trouble facing her. She told me that she wants to marry a married guy and she has a feeling toward him and tells me her problem in detail. She thinks that she is a bad woman due to her feelings. She always makes Dua’a and hopes one day she can marry him. Honestly, I was very surprised that she decided to share this matter with me first. Second, it was very difficult for me to give her firstly the Islamic opinion and secondly my advice. When I started writing this article, this situation comes into my mind imagining that if this student wants to share this with her teacher asking for advice but she can’t because her teacher is a man! Yes, she will not be able to share it.

Follow up with me until the end of this article to know why you as a girl or lady has to have a female teacher! Or one of Our Online Female Quran Teachers! By the way, you can get a Free trial class from here!

When it comes to learning Quran Online, some ladies and girls hesitate and take a time to decide whether they should start with Online Female Quran Teacher or Shaykh (male teacher).

They face this problem mainly because they fear that after choosing an Online Female Quran Teacher, they discover that she is not qualified! At this point, you are going to tell yourself that ”A male teacher will be better!”

I want to say loudly to each girl or lady who faces this problem “Don’t give up sweetie“, as we’re working all day and night to provide our Quran female students with highly qualified and outstanding Online Female Quran Teachers so that they can learn and enjoy at the same time!

In this article, you will get main two points, the first point is Why you as a lady or girl has to choose an Online Female Quran Teacher, and why ours might be the best suggestion for you. So, Are you ready?! Let’s get started!

First of all, let us start with what is the best way to choose your Online Female Quran Teacher (or even a male teacher). Actually, it depends on many factors some of them related to the scholastic aspects or their qualifications while others related to the personal ones. Here we are going to speak particularly about Online Female Quran Teachers.

Dear friend, You are going now to choose your Online Female Quran Teacher depending on their scholastic aspects, which are the following:

1. Azhary Teachers.

Azhary Teachers - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

Any female online teacher should have a scholar. Usually we choose Online Female Quran Teachers who graduated from Al- Azhar University and have almost all types of knowledge that we need. These teachers are aware of all knowledge branches like Tajweed, Seerah of prophets (Prophetic biography), Tafsir, and Aqidah.

Also, our Online Female Quran Teachers are experienced in the branches of knowledge they teach. For instance, if we have an Arabic teacher, she knows how to explain Arabic lessons, what aids she needs, and how to make it easy for you to remember it through games or exercises.

On the other hand, if we have a tajweed tutor, she must be acquainted with all the tajweed rules and how to apply them. Further, she should have good makharij to be able to read and pronounce every word in Quran correctly.

2. Having Ijaza.

Having Ijaza - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

Also, having Ijazah is something important, as it tells us that the Online Female Quran Teachers (or even males) are qualified and capable of teaching. To know more about Ijaza, you can check this article, [Proven] 8 Steps to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed!

3. Fluent in English.

Fluent in English - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

This knowledge coupled with other skills like being English fluent as all our students are Non-Native speakers.

You might wonder How our Online Female Quran Teachers (and also males) combined between Islamic branches of knowledge and being fluent in English!

Actually, this is due to Al-Azhar university, as one of its faculties is the Faculty of Languages and Translation, which is located in Cairo, Egypt.

One of the departments of this Faculty of Languages and Translation is Islamic studies in foreign languages, and one of its sections is the English Section.

Guess what?! Almost all of our Online Female Quran Teachers (and also males) are graduated from this faculty! It was a surprise?! I promised you at the beginning of this article that this article will solve your problem. The big surprise is that we still have more you have to know about our Online Female Quran Teachers!

4. Having Delivering Information Skills.

Having Delivering Information Skills - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

One of the very important skills our Online Female Quran Teachers have is how to manage and deliver the information in an easy and attractive way.

For example, if one of our Online Female Quran Teachers is going to explain any Tajweed rule, immediately she is going to apply with you this rule, whether giving you examples and exercises or reading some surahs from Qur’an with applying this rule.

If one of our Online Female Quran Teachers will teach you Quran, she will practice with you to the extent you need and all you have to do is to repeat after her to catch the right pronunciation! Sounds good for you?! Start Now with one of our Online Female Quran Teachers!

Then, we come to the personal aspects that our teachers should have. We main here personal qualities and traits! It includes but not limited to:

5. Being Committed Personally and Religiously.

Being Committed Personally and Religiously - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

Firstly, commitment is one of the super characteristics of any Online Female Quran Teacher and it tells you if you will continue, or you have to run away.

What commitment means is that the teacher not only respects her time and attends at the exact time of the class, but at the same time she has to be religiously committed.

Let me make it clear for you, to be religiously committed is that you have a very good background in specific Islamic Shar’i Rules while applying them.

Imagine with me that you want to ask about the Islamic opinion on something related to your life and you have decided to ask your Online Female Quran Teacher. Then, you find out that your Online Female Quran Teacher doesn’t know anything about this matter even it is something should all Muslims know it.

Here is the shock! You will not trust her any longer. But on the contrary, if you decide to ask her about this matter and she gives you a sufficient answer! yeah, I can see your happiness and your smile now :).

Honestly, it is not a shame if Online Female Quran Teacher does not have knowledge about something or her knowledge is not enough to answer, but at the same time, she has to check it or discuss it by asking scholars to make sure from your information regarding this.

But what we meant here is What all Muslims cannot be ignorant of or the answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Islam. So, our Online Female Quran Teachers have the appropriate and sufficient background to answer all your questions and know how to deal with them perfectly.

This leads us to the next point which is one of the qualities of all our Online Female Quran Teachers is:

6. Having Islamic Ethics and Morality.

Having Islamic Ethics and Morality - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

Secondly, teachers should be like the book’s cover as they are representatives of Islam. Manners is the 2nd fundamental characteristic. A human without manners is like a beast, you can anticipate anything from him.

Likewise, the Online Female Quran Teacher teacher who does not have manners, we can not call her as a teacher.

In fact, when it comes to learning Quran online, you will find that this is one of the most important qualities that all Online Female Quran Teachers must have. Why?!

The good news for you is that even though all Our Online Female Quran Teachers are honest, we have also our supervision team, which always follow up the progress of each student.

This completely assures your right as a student. Explicitly, it is not necessary for the student to have manners even though it is important, as the teacher’s mission is to put this aspect within the student also. For that reason, this is a joint operation its parties are the parents, the teacher, and the student.

As all we know that we have to put Allah in front of our eyes and always remember Allah’s reward if we do our best, or his punishment if we neglected the Islamic Shar’i Rules.

This makes our Online Female Quran Teachers always think if Allah will be pleased with what they are doing or the opposite and this will make them move to a higher position as they are keen on doing their job in a way Allah likes.

7. Updated with New Technologies.

Updated with New Technologies - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

As computers, laptops, and phones need to be updated. Indeed, we are as humans need this too. Our Academy (Shaykhi Academy) is lucky because Our Online Female Quran Teachers update themselves regularly.

Also, Our Online Female Quran Teachers are notified with the latest online techniques used within online classes.

They always have to keep searching for the best way in explaining any lesson, what is the best way to deal with this kind of students, as well as how to be updated with the newest version of their techniques to be able to improve themselves.

Additionally, why you should start with one of Our Online Female Quran Teachers! Take a minute and think with me!

8. Understanding Female Psychology.

Understanding Female Psychology - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

Exactly, due to the nature of females that Allah created them with, We find that women are always able to comprehend their families and their students. They always do their best to meet the student’s needs.

Also, it’s clear that women understand each other! 🙂 Thus, Our Online Female Quran Teachers understand their Quran female students!

My dear girls and ladies, If you remember your teacher in your school you find out that she is a woman not a man. You will remember also the stamp she has put inside you!

Take me back to your past and let us see why you loved this teacher! Yup, you have found her like your mother. How can a teacher be a mother this is important! Because the teacher is a woman, she is tolerant and understandable!

At the same time, she is so patient; she can repeat the same lesson in different ways just to understand! If you are sad or you have any trouble, she will ease your tension and try to cheer you up. Thus, we can say that she is funny as she loves to make you happy and interactive.

Let me repeat the question again with a slight difference: ”why you as a girl should start with a Online Female Quran Teacher?!”

Here we go, it is something innately for you as a girl or female desire to start with the same gender due to the quality of female modesty. You may ask me is joining classes with a female teacher going to add something to me?

Absolutely yes! Please bring a paper and write with me:

9. Building A Stronger Bond and Relationship with Sisters.

Building A Stronger Bond and Relationship - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

The Online Female Quran Teacher is going to be one of your family members as you will be keen on sharing every single detail with her. Also, you can consider her one of your friends playing with her your favorite games.

Honestly, there will be a serious bond between both of you that you like to imitate her in her way of speaking and so on. In addition, you will learn from her way how to be compassionate and affectionate as if she is training you on how to be a mother when you grow up.

In addition, she will be your teacher who speaks with you about Allah and how to have a strong bond or relation with Him Subhanahu Wata’alaa.

Your strong tie with your teacher is going to help you in your classes. OOOh, What is the relation between the Student-teacher relationship and the learning process?!

Or in other words” How does your teacher’s interaction and love can have an influence your learning level?’

When you have a good relationship with your teacher, love her, and interact with her, this is going to affect your progress in the class. This will prevent you from canceling classes, being bored with them, on the contrary, you will be excited to attend and enjoy the class time even if you are not well or you are out of the mood, you will feel that this class is going help you to relax and regain your energy.

I have a student, she is called ” Sumera” I can’t describe how much I love and enjoy her class even if I am tired. When she is forced to cancel any class, she tells me that she is very sad. She sent me a message telling me that she missed my classes and I asked her to join Zoom together in her weekend just to speak.

I think you now started to be convinced with the idea of Online Female Quran Teachers ^^ Get your Online Female Quran Teachers Now!

Did we finish the benefits? No, not yet 🙂 Keep reading, as its a big story ^^

10. Keeping your Modesty.

Keeping your Modesty - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

You as a girl should have Haya’a or modesty and this is one of the manners that any girl should have. Your dealing with your teacher will give you this chance to gain this quality.

Trying to summarize the benefits of having a female teacher is not an easy task! It needs more and more papers to just summarize.

We can ask ourselves another question:

Why do girls and ladies tend to learn with female teachers not males?

Due to the girl’s nature, she prefers to take classes or to deal generally with females. If you as a lady or a girl is suffering from shyness while dealing with others, now you can forget your suffering and feel easy to get along with her. This definitely will enhance her self-confidence and self-esteem.

11. Avoiding the Temptation (Fetna).

Avoiding the Temptation (Fetna) - Online Female Quran Teachers - Shaykhi Academy

What about the Islamic perspective regarding this context! That is right, dear reader; let us imagine the situation if there is a male teacher for a lady or a girl, this female student will not know how to deal, or how enjoys her class with him.

As we all know that Allah created us and put inside us a feeling to the other gender, so if you are a guy you tend to girls and vice versa. By doing so (Having Online Female Quran Teachers), you prevent any affection towards this male teacher.

Our religion Islam warns from any dealing between a man and a woman unless there is a limit. To make this point clearer, your choice for a female teacher prevents any admiration may happen between you and your male teacher.

Furthermore, there are lots of religious principles you as a lady can not discuss them with a man teacher (Shaykh), these principles are related to the woman’s world, you will be comfortable while discussing them even if you haven’t enough courage to do this!

Let me give you a shower of examples; firstly, Are you as a girl able to speak with a man even if he is shaykh about ” menstruation?!” Secondly, if you do not know the Islamic principles related to women and you want to ask your teacher about how to deal if you menstruate; whether it is possible to read Quran in the case of Haidh or is not…etc.

Also, If you give birth to a baby and you do not have enough background on how to perform your religious practices concerning Salah, or breaking fast in Ramadan after childbirth, so is it easy to you to ask a male teacher or the opposite!

There are several religious principles especially for women, sometimes you are not able to share them with your friends, so how can you share them with a male teacher!

Are not you convinced yet! So would you please answer me how can you present these points to any male to discuss them together: first of all, touching Qur’an if in the case of Haidh. Also, the permissibility of not fasting for a religious excuse. Moreover, exempting a woman who suckles her baby from fasting Ramadan and other related principles.

Do you want an Online Female Quran teacher?! Don’t hesitate to join us!

12. Egyptian Native Arabic Speakers.

Is there is a difference to choose an Egyptian teacher, Saudi, or a Syrian teacher? Yes, there is a huge difference.

Have you ever asked yourself why many people prefer to take classes with Egyptian teachers rather than any other nationalities!

Egypt is famous for having the best Quran reciters all around the world like Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary and Mohamed Siddiq El-Minshawi. Though it is known that Quran is revealed in Mecca but a lot of Egyption reciters recite it properly according to Tajweed Rules.

That’s why students usually desire to join online classes with Egyptian Quran teachers.

What will happened if you know that we can provide you with an Egyptian online female teacher to make it easier to you! Do Not Hesitate! Join a class now.

Egyption female Quran teachers have all the main components to launch your class. They actually are able to read Quran in an accurate and precise way. Also, they also are distinguished by their tone of voice while recitation in a way captivates your heart.

One of the features of Listening to some Egyptian voice while reciting Quran is making you feel as if it is spoken to you.

You can feel each ayah as this recitation contains the meaning behind the ayahs. Significantly, these Egyptian recitations maintain the meaning of the verses, that’s why you can feel the meaning of each aya even though you don’t understand Arabic which is essential for any Muslim.

We can not deny the fact that if you listen to a heart-touching voice, you can not prevent yourself from admiring it. Thus, this admiration will compel you to book a free trial class with an online Female Quran Teacher just to listen to her outstanding recitation trying to learn from her.

We cannot ignore that only Egyptian teachers whether female or male have the best Makhareg as they learned it from authentic shaykhs known for their precision. Further, they study or graduated from Al- Azhar, so we can guarantee that they are able to recite Quran properly.

Who Is the Online Female Quran Teacher you should avoid?

Is there any female teacher we have to avoid taking classes with her?! Certainly! As we have highly teachers with awesome Quranic recitation there are the opposite. There are several signs that tell you that you have not to continue learning with this teacher.

In the beginning, if this female teacher does not apply the tajweed rules while recitation. Hence, she may not be aware of all tajweed rules; consequently, she is not qualified to teach Quran.

Further, if she does not pronounce the Arabic Alphabet properly, hence; she is going to commit mistakes and it is impermissible to be a teacher and you are suffering from such mistakes.

Moreover, If this online female teacher does not have an overwhelming religious background, she will not be able to answer all your questions and as a result, you feel that it is useless as your teacher is not good enough to help you.

To sum up, an Allah- fearing, knowledgeable, hardworking teacher, is how you choose your teachers who spare all efforts to make sure you have all satisfaction after Allah’s for sure. Our teachers are of high knowledge, language proficiency, and dedication.

Such qualities are available along with other features like being friendly and patient while dealing with students. Last but not least, they are sure that they present the materials with clear explanations, and diverse teaching techniques in an attractive way that grabs your attention. For these characteristics and more you should try once, then you can judge. Try Now!

The writer: Mrs. Ashraqat Ashraf.


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