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Al-Menhaj: The Best Learn Quran Reading book for beginners!

Al-Menhaj Book is categorized as a Learn to Read Quran book for beginners and is considered as the first stage in your journey to learn to read Quran. You can buy this book and learn it self-study or you can learn it with one of our qualified online Quran teachers.

Tour with the Al-Menhaj book (Learn to read Quran book)

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Why Al-Menhaj is the best Learn to Read Quran Book Book?


Well-designed learn Quran book

Producing the content has equal importance of the content itself. For this reason, we gave greater attention to our learn to read Quran book with respect to the design and graphics.


Gradual Approach to Learn Quran Reading

If you want learn to read Quran book, you can find a lot of books but unfortunately, they're not organized for the learner to learn gradually. This problem is solved with Al-Menhaj book.


Completion Certificate

After studying this book, the students would receive a certificate of completion if they study it with one of Shaykhi's teachers and passed all tests and exercises.


Including Ayat, Hadith, and Arab quotes

As this book's goal is to learn to read Quran for beginners, it includes simple Quran Ayat after almost each lesson so that you can learn Arabic through Quran.


Considering the Obstacles that non-Arabs faces

As this learning Quran book is directed mainly for non-native Arabic speakers, we directed much attention to the difficulties they face regarding learning Arabic Quran.


Al-Menhaj - level 1 is the best Quran book for beginners

It's an easy quran reading book and the best for beginners because it starts from the Arabic Alphabet letters and includes simple lessons without going further into details.


A pre-step of studying Arabic Quran tajweed book

This Quranic Arabic book teaches you how to read Arabic and you can't move to Tajweed rules without mastering Arabic reading.

Discover Al-Menhaj Book to Learn to recite quran for beginners

Al-Menhaj Quran Book Completion Certificates

It’s your chance to study this book and get your completion certificate as other students. These are the certificates of Al-Menhaj learning Quran reading book – Level 1.

What will the students study in this Learn to Read Quran Book?

(Al-Menhaj's Book content)

Introduction 1: Why Learn Arabic Reading?

Why Learn Arabic Reading learn to read quran book

As a Muslim, one of the most important reasons behind learning Arabic reading is to be able to read Qur’an as it is impermissible to recite it in any other language. Besides showing this importance and the relationship between Quran and Arabic, it shows whether Arabic Reading is sufficient to be able to Read Quran or not.

Introduction 2: How to Read Arabic? (briefly)

learn to read quran book

This is a quick glimpse into the technique of reading Arabic in a very simple way. As mentioned, it has two components, Letters and Symbols. This idea is clarified to the student with examples to understand the map of the next lessons and the whole book. The book focuses on this point because it’s reading Quran book.

Chapter 1: Arabic Alphabet Letters (29 letters)

Chapter 1 Arabic Letters learn to read quran book

Arabic letters are twenty nine (29). The student can learn how to pronounce these letters (with teachers), their points of articulation, the difference between Heavy Letter and Light Letter, Lithawiyyah Letters. Besides that, the students will learn the Similarities and differences between English and Arabic letters and sounds. They’ll also study similar Arabic letters and how to differentiate between them. Arabic letters are considered the first rule of rules of reading Quran. Actually, Quran alphabet learning doesn’t differ a lot from Arabic Alphabet learning.

Arabic Connecting Letters (Joined letters)

Arabic Connecting Letters learn to read quran book

If you learned how to pronounce the Arabic letters, it’s the time now to learn Arabic joining letters as the letters you studied are the isolated forms but when we write words, we use joined forms (connecting letters to each other). Each Arabic letter has four forms depending on letter positions, Isolated form, Initial form, Medial form, and Final form. Arabic has letters that can be Connected to Both sides and some Letters that can be Connected to only the letter before them. Also, some ‎Arabic are non-connecting letters in some cases.

Chapter 2: Al-Harakat (Al-Fath, Al-Kasr, and Al-Dam)

Chapter 2 Al Harakat learn to read quran book

Al-Harakat means adding short vowel sounds to the letter and it has three types which are Al-Fath, Al-Kasr, and Al-Dam. These three are collectively known as Al-Harakat. As for Al-Fath, it means adding a short vowel sound to the letter by opening the mouth. Al-Kasr, however, means adding a short vowel sound to the letter by dropping the jaw, while Al-Dam means Adding a short vowel sound to the letter by rounding the lips.

Chapter 3: Al-Modod (Mad Alif, Mad Yā’, and Mad Wāw)

Chapter 3 Al Modod learn to read quran book

Al-Modod means adding a long vowel sound to the letter which is the opposite of Al-Harakat (adding short vowel sounds). It has three types which are Mad Alif,  Mad Yā’, and Mad Wāw. Mad Alif means adding a long vowel sound to the letter by opening the mouth. Mad Yā’, on the other hand, means adding a long vowel sound to the letter by dropping the jaw, while Mad Wāw means Adding a long vowel sound to the letter by rounding the lips.

Chapter 4: Al-Sukon

Chapter 4 Al Sukon learn to read quran book

While Al-Harakat means adding short vowel sounds to the letter and Al-Modod means adding a long vowel sound to the letter, with Al-Sukon, there is no vowel sound. So, Al-Sukon means pronouncing the letter without adding any vowel sound or Harakah, which means the sound is stopped after pronouncing the letter. For this reason, No word or speech starts with a Sakin letter, but it should have a Mutaharrik letter (Maftouh, Maksor, or Madmom) before it. When you get a Quran book reading that focuses on these issues from the first level, it’ll help a lot while reading Quran.

Chapter 5: Al-Tanween

Chapter 5 Al Tanween learn to read quran book

Understanding what Al-Tanween means depends on the understanding of Al-Harakat, because it’s adding short vowel sounds and more. Al-Tanween means pronouncing a short vowel sound followed by Nūn Sakina (N sound) and, always, it has three types, Tanween Al-Fath, Tanween Al-Kasr, and Tanween Al-Dam. Tanween Al-Fath means pronouncing a short vowel sound by opening the mouth followed by Nūn Sakina (N sound). We can guess that Tanween Al-Kasr means pronouncing a short vowel sound by dropping the jaw followed by Nūn Sakina (N sound). And lastly Tanween Al-Dam means pronouncing a short vowel sound by rounding the lips followed by Nūn Sakina (N sound).

Chapter 6: Al-Tashdeed

Chapter 6 Al Tashdeed learn to read quran book

If you listen to the Arabic word Al-Tashdeed, you have to know that we’ll merge the letters. So, Al-Tashdeed means merging the same two letters into one letter, the first one is Sakin, and the second one has a harakah (it has 3 types). The three types of Al-Tashdeed are Tashdeed Al-Fath, Tashdeed Al-Kasr, and Tashdeed Al-Dam. The first type Tashdeed Al-Fath means merging the same two letters into one letter, the first one is Sakin and the second one is Maftoh. But Tashdeed Al-Kasr means merging the same two letters into one letter, the first one is Sakin and the second one is Maksor. And Finally, Tashdeed Al-Dam means merging the same two letters into one letter, the first one is Sakin and the second one is Madmom.

Final Revision and Final Exercises

Final Revision Exercises learn to read quran book

With the final revision, the student studies the same lessons he studied before but briefly and with some comparison and classifications so that they receive the info in different ways until they master this level. After that, he moves to general exercises which are considered as practical revision starting with simple sentences ending with paragraphs. The good point here is that the sentences are not just for Arabic Reading’s purpose, but they give the students great values when it comes to its meanings. So, you’ll find prophetic traditions (Ahadith), part of Quranic verses, and Islamic information related to the creed of Muslim. This is because the book is designed to benefit the students in different criteria.

Quotes About Islamic Creed

Quotes About Islamic Creed learn to read quran book

Because we focus on both values of Arabic Reading and getting new information, we inserted Islamic Quotes About Faith that you can read after finishing this level (without making the sentences exceed the next levels). The point of variety and gradual approach is also considered here.

Literary Poetry

Literary Poetry learn to read quran book

One of the important topics of Arabic literature is Poetry. We give some poetry for students that suit this level, and thus  this literary poetry has been copied and pasted with light changes so that it covers this level’s lessons without exceeding it to the next level. This point makes Al-Menhaj the best book to learn Quranic Arabic.

Literature Quotes

Literature Quotes learn to read quran book

It’s supposed to insert Literature Quotes in Al-Menhaj book if you know that one of our goals is to make the students familiar with Arab culture. and because also this book helps the students to learn how to read the Quran in Arabic.

Short Article

Short Article learn to read quran book

It’s important for Arabic reading learners to read a whole article by the end of this course without mistakes to test their reading abilities without pausing. We don’t include long articles because this is a learning Quran for beginners.

Poetry to Memorize (easy to read)

Poetry to Memorize learn to read quran book

Some students are interested in memorizing Arabic Poetry. We can let them practice their hoppy and help them memorize some poetry after mastering reading them! By memorizing this poetry, the students improve their Arabic reading, get the benefit of this poetry’s meaning, and practice their hobby.

Prophetic Sayings and Qur’anic Verses

Ahadith Verses learn to read quran book

At the end of this level, we pave the way for the next level by letting the students read some Prophetic Sayings and Qur’anic Verses that demand knowing other rules which are not discussed in this level, but it will be discussed in the next levels Insha’Allah (such as Iltiqa’ as Sakinain). This is done by the help of their teacher.

About the Author of Al-Menhaj Quran Learning Book PDF

How to read the Quran book?

Reading Qur’an correctly requires the knowledge of certain rules, We can divide these rules into two classifications that if you follow, you’ll be able to learn the Quran word for word:

What are the skills the students will get by ending this Learn to Read Quran Book?

(Fruits of Al-Menhaj's Book)

Knowing the Importance of learning Arabic Reading

Knowing the Importance of something will push you to do it and understanding why you learn is more important than learning itself! The same here with Arabic reading, when you know its importance, it’ll motivate you to learn it while you’re convinced. Thus, you’ll fully understand the importance of Arabic reading and its relationship with Quran so that you’ve the complete motivation to learn it.

Being able to pronounce all Arabic Alphabet letters correctly

Non-native Arabic speakers face challenges when they learn Arabic letters and their points of articulation as some Arabic points of articulation are unique and not found in other languages such as the letters Ḍād (ض). Because we have a long experience teaching non-native Arabic speakers, we know the most common obstacles they face and help them pronounce all letters correctly and accurately by the end of this course.

The skill of recognizing the Arabic letters in their different forms

This is the fruit of studying Arabic connecting letters. We make the students practice a lot until they comprehend the different forms of the letters. Our goal is not just to make the students recognize the different forms but also to recognize them quickly so that they don’t pause while they’re reading. This is why it’s your book if you’re searching for learn to read quran word by word pdf.

The ability to pronounce the letters with Al-Harakat

We’ve two skills here, the first is to make the student able to read the words of the same Harakah (such as Maftouh words), and the second is to make them able to read the words that combine different Harakat (one word that has letters with Fatha, Kasra, and Damma for example). Also, it doesn’t confine to single words, but also a couple of simple words and complex sentences.

The ability to pronounce the letters with Al-Modod

The skill here is being able to differentiate between Al-Harakat and Al-Modod and giving the accurate time for each. At the early stage of this course, the students will be able to adjust the time of Al-Harakat and Al-Modod esp. If both come at the same word. This is an important book when it comes to learn to recite Quran for beginners.

The ability to pronounce Al-Sukon correctly

We find among a lot of students that they think that Al-Sukon means to make the letter silent which is not related by any means to the correct meaning. By reaching the half of this course, the students will know the accurate meaning of Al-Sukon with the correct practical application. This helps in the Quran reading book script.

The ability to differentiate between different types of Al-Tanween easily

The skill meant here is that the student does not confuse the different types of Al-Tanween, while the highest level of this skill is when the students does not confuse between Al-Tanween and their similar types of Al-Harakat (such as Tanween al-Fath and al-Fath).

Overcoming the obstacles related to pronouncing Al-Tashdeed

This book helps students to overcome the obstacles related to pronouncing Al-Tashdeed easily because at the first place they understand the main idea of Al-Tashdeed and also because the great number of exercises that’s really sufficient after finishing them to read with no mistakes.

Being familiar with Arab culture and Arabic literature

The fruits of this course are not confined to Arabic reading, but it goes beyond that. By letting the students read literary poetry, literature quotes, and more, they become, by the end of this book, familiar with a part of Arab culture.

Being qualified to study the next level of Al-Menhaj (Level 2)

This is because of two reasons, the first is good studying of this book and passing its exam, and the second is giving, at the end of this book, some exercises that include rules they haven’t studied yet to motivate their minds to start next level.

The ability to read a good number of Quranic verses

After finishing this book, you’ll be able to read some Quranic verses by yourself (if you study this book with a teacher) for two reasons, the first is this book gives you the means that help you to read by yourself, i.e. it teaches you how to read any word (whether Quran word or any other Arabic word as long as this word with Tashkeel) not just specific words, while the second is this book includes Quranic verses. The question now is, why this book will not allow you to read all Quranic verses? This’s simply because this is Level 1 and there are still Arabic & Tajweed lessons you need to learn to be able to read the whole Quran by yourself (and in the end, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a teacher who corrects you if you made any mistake). This is because the original state when it comes to learning Quran reading is “Mushafaha” or (مشافهة).

Level 2

Upcoming Learning Quran Book

Shaykhi Academy always wants to serve non-native Arabic speakers Muslims when it comes to students who want to learn to read al quran. For this reason, it’s not all about Al-Menhaj – level 1, but now we’re working on Al-Menhaj – level 2. If you want to let you know once it’s published, kindly, let us know your e-mail.

FAQ related to The Rules of Reading Quran

This is after considering that Al-Menhaj is the best Quran book for beginners.

Among the different reading quran books such as Qaida Noorania, Noor al-Bayan, Qaida Baghdadiyah, and others, Al-Menhaj book comes first because of its gradual approach which makes it easier for the students and its excellent design. Besides that, the completion certificate students get if they study it at Shaykhi Academy.

When it comes to the rules of reading Quran, it can be classified to two classifications, Arabic Reading and Tajweed Rules. Both of them are branches of knowledge that depend on sound and thus listening and trying to imitate. Thus, even though you can learn some rules by yourself, in the end, you need Shaykhi to correct your mistakes when you read especially if you’re a non-native Arabic speaker!

As a beginner, whether you’re a native Arabic speaker or a non-native Arabic speaker, you need to start with learning how to pronounce Arabic letters correctly and to get each letter from its correct point of articulation. After mastering this, you’ll move to simple Tajweed rules. Having a qualified Quran teacher during this journey is important.