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Skills You Need to Apply for Online Quran Teacher Job!

apply for online Quran teacher
apply for online Quran teacher

If you want to apply for online Quran teacher job then this article is for you! come with us to tell you the most important things about applying for this job and how you can get it!

Of course, there is no dispute that the profession of memorizing the Quran for non-Arabic speakers has now become one of the professions that everyone aspires to work in, given the many advantages available through it. Here we are talking about material and moral advantages, which is something that everyone certainly desires, but many problems remain that prevent working in this job and make it a difficult dream for many.

And the truth is that these problems or restrictions are usually easy to solve and can be avoided in several ways, And this is exactly what we will talk about in the next few lines when we discuss in detail the profession of memorizing the Quran for non-Arabs with everything related to it, mentioning the way to start practicing this profession and how to benefit from all what it provides to its employees.

All those interested in this matter, are you ready to discover the secrets of the profession of memorization from afar? Well let’s start!

Memorizing The Quran for Non-Arabs Online.

In fact, you can’t hear the term “memorizing the Quran for non-Arabs” and think that someone will sit there with a group and teach them the Quran face to face, this may happen of course, but it’s definitely not what we will talk about in this article.

What we will talk about here revolves around the person living in a place and willing to take upon himself the teaching of the Quran to someone living in another part of the world, via the Internet and through a group of popular programs in this regard.

What’s important is that the teacher may not see their students, and perhaps they will also be required to teach the Quran to young children who cannot speak Arabic, and this means that they will be required to have some conditions that I will tell you about, so keep following with me.

What Are The Skills I Should Have to Apply for Online Quran Teacher Job?

Now you know roughly what is the job we are talking about, you know what you are going to do once you start working, but you still don’t know what you have to do in order to participate in this job in the first place, simply, working in this field means complying with the terms of enrollment, and the whole thing comes by following steps And they’re as follows:

Memorize The Quran With Tajweed

If you want to be a teacher of Quran and Tajweed, you must first be a memorizer of the Quran, and this is what some people do not seek to achieve sufficiently.

First of all they look forward to the money that they will get from this job, and then proceed to apply for it, despite the fact that the job requires full proficiency in the Quran and Tajweed, in addition to being familiar with the explanation of some of the rules of Tajweed, and some educational matters for children, which are basically Extracted from the Quran.

Simply, put this condition and the other conditions that I will tell you about into account if you want to be accepted for this job and even go further, and by that I mean make real achievements and do what a teacher has to do, think about educating students well before you think what you will gain from it in return.

English Language Proficiency.

Another main condition that must be fulfilled before you apply for the position of Quran teacher online for non-Arabic speakers is related to full proficiency in the English language.

Some may think that knowing some simple rules is enough, or they think that they need some words Which enable them to communicate with students only, but in fact in order to accept this job, you need to be aware of everything that is going on around you in this language because it is the first global language that your student will often use, and for this you need to be one hundred percent English proficiency.

Full Knowledge of Communication Programs.

At the present time, social media has become one of the most important ways to know about Quran learning centers or watch religious content. And of course study the Holy Quran online, through special communication programs such as Skype or Zoom where it is possible to communicate with students and give them lessons. But this is of course not available with the same strength in other programs. Therefore, being proficient in the use of these programs is very important if you want to apply for online Quran teacher job.

Full-Time And Adapting to Appointments.

One of the main and very important things in entering the field of teaching non-Arabs to memorize the Noble Quran is being free and adapt to the dates that will be imposed on you because your students live in different countries and parts of the world and for this, you will have to take into account the time difference and adapt to it.

And in return for you to adapt to their dates, you are given a lot of money, of course, bearing in mind that the amount you get in this job is much more than usual in other jobs, and for this, you have to give everything, this issue of dates is one of the main things that determine whether you can handle the job or not.

In fact, it is only fair to be upfront about this and tell everyone what you will be able to offer and what not, because later on, if you break any condition you will cause a bad reputation for everyone in the job.

Now that we have told you how to apply for online Quran teacher job, we have a small gift for you to help you go through this job without getting into big trouble, are you ready? Let’s move on to the next point!

Top 4 Tips When You Apply for Online Quran Teacher Job.

These are some of the most important tips that you should follow when starting to work as a teacher for non-Arabs online, which will help you a lot, inshallah.

1. Communicate With The Specialized Companies.

You are now familiar with all the conditions that you must take into account when you want to apply for online Quran teacher job. Now let’s discuss a serious issue that you should beware of.

Unfortunately, there are many companies and websites that only exist for fraud, as they are not specialized or professional. They deceive you in an attempt to make you join it, and then finally be shocked with the unfortunate result, but don’t worry, the good news is that you can now find many professional and specialized companies through social media, all you need is to ask an expert or even just an experienced person in dealing with these companies to nominate the best and most suitable for you.

2. Observance of Allah During Work.

The most important thing in any job, whatever it is, is to master it and feeling Allah’s watch over you, through this way, it is actually possible to guarantee the achievement of the best possible results, and this applies more and more comprehensively to the job of learning the Quran in general, and to non-Arabic speakers in particular.

The reason for this is simply that foreigners do not understand the Arabic language, which drives some people who do not have a conscience to deceive and exploit them in order to earn money, and deceiving people is absolutely forbidden by God Almighty, so what about those who deceive a student of the Quran!

That is why it is necessary to feel God watching over you while you are teaching the Quran, so that you master your work to the fullest extent and make sure that you never fall short, in order to ensure that the money you earn from your work is permissible without any doubt, and always remember the saying of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Allah loves that whenever any of you does something, he should excel in it“.

— Hasan, Reported by al-Bayhaqi

3. Consult The Expert Teachers.

You are certainly not alone in this field and there are many others working with you, that means that there are many experiences that you can use when you start, and never think that it is easy and you don’t not need to ask experts, no! asking experts or older colleagues is not a shame and lack of experience is not a shame too.

So make sure to benefit from the experiences of others and learn from their mistakes so that you try to avoid them, you will certainly make mistakes during your own experiences and there is nothing wrong with that, in the end we are all human beings who make mistakes, Anas ibn Malik reported: The prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, said:

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

All the children of Adam are sinners, and the best sinners are those who repent“.

— The prophet, peace be upon him.

4. The Best Way to Get Started.

After we know how to work in this job in a distinctive way that ensures that there is no breach or failure, we will certainly have a look to know how to start, and perhaps the first thing you should do is learn how to use such programs while also learning the language and practicing it intensively, it means that you will become equipped to deal with foreigners.

Also do not forget before that to have a strong and fast Internet so that it does not make you miss one of the important classes that may be your first, and thus you will be fired from the job before you even start, which is the last thing you definitely want to happen, and do not forget that you are not doing what you are doing just to get money.

Although that is the goal of most of those who join this job, but at the same time there is the religious aspect, for surely those who teach the Holy Quran have a special place with Allah, and we all undoubtedly aspire to this position.

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