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This is your guide to know how to choose the best qualified online Quran tutor to learn Quran online!

online Quran tutor

Learning Quran is the best noble act that any Muslim should do. Whether you are a child or a grown-up, you have to perform this act daily. As a result, Quran will provide you with all knowledge about all aspects of life. Also, it will bring you near to Allah almighty.

Let’s admit that learning Quran is an easy decision to be taken due to Its importance for all Muslims. But to be honest, it is not that easy when it comes to the first step; How to start? Muslims who’ve decided to learn Quran find it difficult and a bit challenging to find the best way to learn Quran. They don’t know if they should find a nearby mosque or an online academy to learn Quran

You may answer that logically, Online classes are better according to the uncountable advantages of online learning in general, so even if you are right; do you think that is it easy to find suitable academies that provide qualified online tutors?

Now I think you understand my point, any Muslim who wants to learn Quran has to search carefully for an academy that suits their abilities to gain the most benefit according to their qualifications. So, this is your guide to know how to do so!

The Importance of Learning The Quran

As you know, the Holy Quran is a deep ocean of knowledge as it comes from the Almighty, which guides us to the right path. That is why we must learn it and understand it very well to be able to follow it to satisfy Allah in worldly life and therefore be satisfied in the hereafter.

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

O mankind! I have left behind over you that which if you hold fast to it, you will never go astray: the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His prophet“.

— Our prophet, peace be upon him.

Why Quran Is A Must to Be Learned?

Firstly, Quran learning is essential for all Muslims whether men or women; as it’s the first source of Islamic legislation or Shari’a (but not only), so, it is vitally important to learn Quran. Secondly, the benefits of learning the Quran are unlimited with the basic benefit of being our guidance in life matters or being a guide to follow the straight path, with considering Al-Sunnah because it clarifies the Quran.

Also, Quran is a complete doctrine that guides Muslims toward truth and embarks them with the enlightenment of the Islamic teachings. Moreover, it will intercede for Muslims on the day of judgment which is what we all seek when we are memorizing our Holy Book.

Those who recite Quran regularly will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels in the hereafter. And those who learn the Quran and teach it will be raised in status in this life and the hereafter as well; as our beloved prophet peace be upon him said “The best of you is he who learned the Holy Quran and taught it to others.” (Bukhari)

Finally, Learning the Holy Quran will lead us to paradise; to inform you that “whoever recites a letter from the book of Allah, he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a ten-fold reward” (Ibn Masud) said. So, imagine how many Hasanat, good deeds, you will be credited from reciting the Quran; mountains of good deeds will lead us to Janah.

Why Learning With Online Quran Tutors Is A Good Option for Some?

After reviewing the importance of learning the Holy Quran, we will tell you now how to fulfill this duty to gain Allah’s satisfaction. As I mentioned in the first of this article, most Quran learners nowadays prefer taking Quran classes with Online Quran tutors. But why do they prefer online Quran tutors rather than face-to-face teachers? Here is the answer:-

Online Learning Is Convenient

Nowadays, life is fast-paced; children are busy with sports, school, learning new languages, and other extra activities. Meanwhile, home tutors are only available within the day hours. So, most of the learners are not able to do Quran classes during day hours as they are engaging in other pieces of stuff whether work or school. So, what is the solution? Online Quran tutors can easily fill this gap as they are teaching from the comfort of their homes.

Which saves time and effort for both, students and teachers. Also, most students prefer being online rather than offline as they never feel stressed or physically tired while they are sitting in their houses resting on the sofa, and doing nothing but just listening and repeating. We don’t justify not exerting efforts to learn Quran, but all we are trying to say is that if you’ll decide not to learn Quran because of the hardships that may face you while going to a face-to-face class, here is the solution, set it in your home and join an Online Class with 1 click! However, it is better to join a face-to-face class if you’re able to.

Online Learning Enables You to Select The Best Online Quran Academy Comprehensively

As you know, online Quran academies have become so common which means that the competition provides students with various and numerous options. The academies themselves have to do their best to ensure that they are offering specialized services to be single out of the crowd. Every online Quran academy strives to be the best in this domain. As a result, students are offered a wide selection to choose from.

Also, not every online Quran academy can be a good fit; so, this variety enables students to choose the best academy that meets their needs. Also, as we mentioned above that each academy is striving to lead, so logically each academy is trying to choose the best and most qualified online Quran tutors, which makes it easy for the learners to find the most professional and qualified tutors in a short time.

Online Learning Is Flexible in Days And Times

Perhaps, the flexibility of days and timings is the most beneficial aspect. Through online learning; learners can continue attending school, play sports, go out with friends, and doing whatever they want. At the same time, they will memorize and recite Quran. Online Quran classes just need to have an hour per day; students can choose any time that suits their schedule whether day or night.

So as a student, you will never feel cramped for time. Online Quran classes are accessible 24/7, which is the most flexible option for adults and children as they are leading fast-paced life nowadays.

Online Learning Is Secure And Easy to Be Monitored

To be honest, many teachers can practice violence with their students out of their impatience. The mentality and the lack of education of some teachers can lead them to do violent acts such as; pulling of ears, beating, and harsh words that are unheard. This uncivilized way is prohibited in online learning. The teacher is watched by the supervisors of the academy before being watched by the parents. Whoever does such acts will be expelled at the same moment.

Online Quran Learning Is Entertaining And Interactive

As we mentioned above that our tutors are trying, by all means, to make it fun and exciting, so they are using technology with their creative sense; for example, they create online games that funnily contain quizzes (gamification). Also, they help students to memorize the surah by explaining its meaning which helps students to understand the Surah and its rules or stories contained, and sometimes the reason for the revelation.

This method stimulates and motivates the student to memorize more and know more rules and stories from Quran. In contrast with the traditional way, tutors always depend on papers which leads students to lose interest.

Online Quran Learning Is A Global Option

One of the brilliant features of online learning is that it never matters where the online academy is based, it is accessible to anyone at any time regardless of the place where they live. Another brilliant feature is that online Quran academies broaden the scope of teaching materials and subjects; side by side with Quran, they teach Tajweed, Tafsir, Sirah, Hadith, and other Islamic aspects explained as well.

To make it short, an Online Quran tutor is a blessing for those Muslim parents living in the west, especially those who want their kids to remain steadfast in Islamic teachings.

Why Shaykhi Academy Is The Best Academy to Learn Quran With?

As we mentioned above that you have to find a suitable companion to encourage and stimulate you in your memorization journey. So, do you think it is easy to find this companion? According to the western community we are living in, it is too hard to find a pious and religious person that can take our hands to Jannah. So, we have to find them in another place. From my point of view, the best place to find a suitable companion is Egypt. Why? Because it is the country of the most famous Muslim scholars.

Shaykhi Academy Has Highly Qualified Online Quran Tutors

Shaykhi Academy always chooses its online Quran tutors according to specific criteria, so they have the best tutors you’d ever have.

Our Teachers Are Arabs

Our online Quran tutors in Shaykhi academy are native Arabic speakers, which enables them to recite Quran perfectly and therefore teach it.

Hafiz Online Quran Tutors

This means that our online Quran tutors have memorized the 30 Juzz of the holy Quran which is clear evidence of their efficiency.

Our Teachers Recite With Tajweed

Being well aware of the Tajweed rules enables the teachers to teach the Quran with Tajweed rules; as a result, their students will be good reciters like them.  

Azhari Online Quran Tutors

Our online Quran tutors graduated from Al-Azhar university. So, you’ll get an Azharian Teacher.

The Are Patient

Our online Quran tutors know well how to deal with all ages as they never get upset from the childish acts that adults may do or the naughty behavior of the kids.

Fluent in English

They know well how to communicate with their students as they speak English like natives.


Our online Quran tutors are always updated with the new methods, they use modern ways to teach easily and effectively.

Communication Skills

Having transferable and communication skills enables them to transfer their knowledge to students easily and in different ways according to the student’s mindset.

Experienced And Knowledgeable

Our online Quran tutors are experienced to teach Quran and all its sciences to all ages

Advantages of Shaykhi Academy’s Online Classes

Qualified Teachers

We provide highly professional Quran teachers to effectively teach Quran to males and females as we provide both female and male online Quran tutors

The Plans

We provide comprehensive personalized plans for each student to learn Quran online

Our Service

24/7 online customer service to assist you to learn the Quran faster

We Keep Up with You

We send you daily reports about your progress in learning the Quran online


Interactive Quran classes (as if you are sitting with the teacher in the same room)

Trial Classes

We offer you two free trials before starting.


We offer flexible discount policies for families.


Offers for studying many branches of Quran Education at fewer prices

Group Classes

We provide group classes that are more beneficial and cheaper


We provide periodical tests to test your progress


We grant active learners valuable certificates.

What Are The Different Branches of Quran Education That Shaykhi Academy Provides? 

If you think that Shaykhi Academy teaches only Quran, then you’re wrong. Shaykhi Academy provides several courses according to the needs of its students, such as;

Quran Memorization

Here you will learn how to memorize the Holy Quran in the easiest way that suits your mindset, which enables you to put the verses of the Quran in your long-term memory in order not to forget them after a short time.

Arabic Reading

Tutors in this course help you to read Quran correctly. For example, how you have to apply the correct Harka not to mix between Fatha and Kasra or to pronounce Dommah instead of Tanween. Also, tutors in this course teach you Noorani Qaeda side by side with Quran to let you know exactly what are the correct rules of Arabic and Quranic recitation; such as Sukoon, tanween, Shadah, Maad, and Leen letters and many other rules to read like native Arab.


In this course tutors teach you how to recite Quran as if you are a sheik applying the rules of Tajweed which give a beautiful sound for the letters of the Quran. Tutors teach you the rule and how to apply them in the verses of the Quran. So, what are those rules that will let you recite exactly like native Arab and sheik?! Tutors will teach you rules of noon Sakinah, rules of Meem Sakinah, rules of laam Sakinah, qalqalah, and all types of Madd.

(Take a look at our Tajweed rules classes on YouTube!)


This helps you to understand every single word in Quran. As a result, you will be able to memorize it easily and apply Allah’s commands and fulfill your duty as a human being. 

Islamic Studies


Which enables you to understand your duties as a Muslim and how to fulfill them easily; such as, how to perform salah, zakat, fasting, and pilgrimage as well. Also, through studying Fiqh you will surely know how to do Ghousl to be purified from Gnabah or Haid.


In this course you will learn what are those things that you have to believe in by heart to be truly Muslim; such as Tawheed, believing in all the messengers and books and angels of Allah.


In which you will study all the sayings and doings of our prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, to follow it to be the best Muslim.

Sirah of The Prophet

You will study and know about the life of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him from childhood until his death.

History of Islam

You will learn about the history of islam, how it started and how it spread

Arabic Classes

You will learn Arabic and everything related to it

To make it short, not all learners are the same; some want to memorize the Quran and others want to just recite it correctly with Tajweed. Also, some students already memorized the holy Quran with Tajweed and now they need to go deeper and start studying all the branches of Islamic education, not just the Quran. So, choose whatever you want to study and we are ready to provide the best online Quran tutors for you.

How Shaykhi Academy Will Make The Process of Quran Learning An Easy Task?

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has taught the Ummah that we are all guardians, and each one of us is responsible for their words. Parents, for example, are considered the guardian of their families and are responsible for them. Hence, teaching Quran to kids and instilling the love of it in their hearts can be the greatest present you will ever give as it is a duty to look out for our children.

Shaykhi Academy’s online Quran tutors deal with their students as if they are their children whether young or adults, both are treated in the best manner in order to make them find the learning process enjoyable as much as possible. As a result, Shaykhi Academy’s online Quran tutors follow certain steps to do so. Also, you as a parent have to follow such techniques to give a hand to your kids to enjoy learning Quran.

Our Tutors Always Share Inspiring Stories from Quran With Their Students

Surely, you’re aware that stories play an important role in various educational and didactic areas. Sharing a Quranic story with your students helps increase the love of Quran learning in their hearts as they feel it is exciting and motivates them to learn more. Also, using stories as a method to teach Quran to kids carries different aims, such as serving as a good example for them to follow. We are achieving this easily by reviewing the story of the surah that the student is memorizing which clarifies to them why and when Allah revealed this surah and what is the exact meaning of the Ayat (verses).

Our Tutors Have Different And Various Teaching Methods

As we all know children find it boring to learn or to be engaged with any serious act; they love to play and they tend to cling to the things that are fun and enjoyable. As a result, our tutors try by all means to make learning and memorizing as fun as possible by using videos as we mentioned above, or to memorize throughout playing some games, such as; changing roles and repeating blindly, or playing tic-tac.

Once we follow this fun method, we will find that our students are more likely to follow along and retain what they learn.

Our Tutors Cooperate With Parents

Our tutors always talk to the parents because they are the leader and the role model for their kids; so, they must set themselves as practical example for their kids. It is said that actions speak louder than words; so, if you want to see your kids reading Quran regularly with hearts attached to Allah, you should do it first in front of them, and they will copy you. To be a good role model for your kids is better and more effective than preaching through words.

Our Tutors Deal With All Students in A Civilized Way

No doubt that supporting kids is the best method that can motivate students to perform better. We support them even if they are not able to memorize because their attempt is enough and the rest is our duty as tutors.

We have to help by all means to let them memorize the surah during the class. Criticizing is wrong, it may lead the student to hate the process of learning and stop memorizing the Quran forever. As a tutor, we have to encourage them even if they will do a little bit of memorizing each class, as it is not a matter of quantity. just one word of encouragement can achieve many positive results during the journey of teaching the Quran to kids.

We never force any student to memorize, instead, we make it simple for them to memorize. We are so patient with all of the students whether kids or grown-ups as we are seeking the reward from our God. If the student finds it difficult to memorize, then reciting Quran is enough as a starting point. Then we have to tell students why it is important to memorize Quran and how many benefits they will gain from memorizing it. By doing so, they will decide to take the risk and memorize it regardless of all the difficulties that they may face.

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Repetition is the mother of all learning.“.

— Unknown

Repetition is one of the most effective ways to memorize Quran. It is one of the most fruitful key learning aids in teaching, especially for kids. So, our tutors follow this way with their students to let them memorize the surah during the limited minutes of the class, to make it familiar to them and to not make them find it difficult while they are practicing at home.

As we know, most parents are working and do not have enough time to help their kids in memorizing, so we carry this mission upon our shoulders. Inshaa-Allah day by day you will notice a huge difference in their level.

How to Join Shaykhi Academy?

You will only have to get to our website and fill in the form with the necessary data to get the trial session. After filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation message and then you have to schedule the date for the trial class. And finally start your journey with our unique team!

Finally, we have to tell you that you are welcome any time to join us. Keep your time and invest it in the most important thing that must be done. you have to know that we are created just to worship Allah through applying His words and following his orders which are mentioned in our Holy Quran and the Sunnah.

The Editor: Raghad Qasim


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