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How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic? Learning Arabic varies in time depending on factors like previous language experience and commitment level. Achieving fluency may require 2,200 hours or more, while basic proficiency can be reached in 6-12 months. For kids, it may take years, but starting young aids learning. Immersion, conversing with natives, and using Arabic media are key. Shaykhi Academy offers courses with native tutors to expedite learning.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic

Mastering the Arabic language at an advanced stage may take more than two years if you are committed to learning for a period of no less than 20 hours per week.

But this should not make you frustrated because this learning is divided into stages where you can learn at a beginner level and then move to the intermediate stage and then the advanced stage.

How long does it take to learn the Arabic alphabet?

The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters, and each letter has one fixed sound. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to memorize them and learn their pronunciation if you practice learning daily and continue practicing them.


How long does it take to learn Arabic for English speakers?

Learning Arabic for English speakers is more difficult because Arabic belongs to a linguistic group different from the Romance languages to which English belongs, so learning it requires more time. According to estimates by the US Foreign Service Institute (FSI), the time it takes to learn Arabic for English speakers mostly takes 2200 hours or 88 weeks to achieve fluency.

Can I learn Arabic in 6 months?

It is possible to reach a basic level in the Arabic language within 6 to 12 months and continue to improve through practice and exposure, but it must be agreed that the time it takes to learn the Arabic language varies from person to person according to a number of factors, including:

1- The individual’s previous linguistic experience

By this we mean whether your native language is similar to Arabic. Speakers of a language such as Turkish, for example, learn Arabic faster than speakers of English.

2- Learning style

Learning through listening and practicing would greatly speed up the learning process, while learning through memorization and reading only makes learning more difficult and requires a longer time.

3- The amount of time and effort allocated to study

This depends on your aspiration as a learner and whether you are doing your best to learn and commit, or moving slowly and intentionally.

How long does it take to learn Arabic for Spanish speakers?

Arabic is a Category 4 language, which means that it may take longer to learn than other languages, perhaps around 2,200 hours to reach conversational level and 4,400 hours to master professional work.

For Spanish speakers, it may take 23-24 weeks, meaning 575-600 hours. It must be known that these are approximate estimates and may vary from one individual to another.

How long does it take to speak Arabic fluently?

It is estimated that in order to learn Arabic fluently, an English speaker for example would take at least 2,200 hours of Arabic lessons over 80 weeks, or about a year and a half, of studying the language regularly and committedly.

This is a relative estimate that varies from person to person. The duration of your learning the Arabic language differs from the duration of your friend’s learning, for example, and this depends on two important factors:

1- How many minutes or hours can each of you spend learning each day?

2- How many days, weeks and months are you willing to continue with the same amount of achievement?

The higher your commitment, focus, and enthusiasm, you may reach an advanced level even in a shorter period than these estimates.

Also choosing the right place to take lessons with Arab teachers may make it easier and faster. Start with us now.

How long does it take to learn Quranic Arabic?

In a study conducted by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the United States, learning Arabic requires around 720 teaching hours to reach a fundamental fluency level, which exceeds the time needed to learn group 1 languages such as French and Spanish by 240 hours.

How long can it take for adults and kids to learn Arabic?

According to studies, the beginning of mastering the Arabic language can occur after 2,200 hours of study, but this number varies according to several factors, such as the extent of dedication to learning, previous experience in learning other languages, the teacher through whom you receive it, and also according to the individual abilities of each person.

Also, a person’s mother tongue can affect the potential duration of his learning of the Arabic language. An English speaker, for example, can learn the language more easily than a Spanish speaker, but why?

Because English and Arabic may meet in some places, such as some similar terms, such as the word lemon it’s the same in Arabic and English, for example.

Learn how to learn Arabic for kids,

Levels in learning Arabic:

In general, learning The Arabic language is divided into 4 levels, each with a time period:

1. The time it takes to reach the Initial level in Arabic:

It is a general level in which the basics of speaking and understanding are learned. It may take a few months (3-6 months) if you are committed and practice regularly.

2. Intermediate level:

This is an advanced level in which the learner is more able to use language and communicate. It may take a few additional months (6-12 months).

3. Advanced level:

To reach a level where you can read and understand literary and more complex texts, and articulate fluently, may take longer (an additional 1-2 years).

4. Professionalism:

That is, mastering the language like its native speakers. This stage is important if you aim to use the Arabic language at work or to study and memorize the Quran, and this stage may take years.

As for kids, it may take years to master a language, but research has shown that children have an amazing ability to acquire the language during their early years, so it is preferable to start with your child now when he is young. The younger he begins this journey, the faster and easier learning will be.

Enrolling your kid in Shaykhi Arabic classes for beginners is a fantastic way to begin!

How to Learn Arabic Quickly and Effectively?

So if you are looking for a quick recipe that helps you learn Arabic, let me give you simple tips!

Practice Language 

Spend a lot of time speaking the language and having a conversation with native speakers online, for example.

Listen to Arabic speakers

Listen to Arabic movies, videos or Arabic Radio channels for example that will help you know the way of real conversations and give you a chance to learn phrases and practice pronunciation with grammar, especially if you are a beginner.

Listen to yourself 

Using audio recordings is a great way to practice your pronunciation and help you correct mistakes yourself.

Collect repeated words

It is an effective way to advance quickly. Every language has recurring terms and sentences, and memorizing these terms helps you understand the language easily and quickly.

Start Learning Arabic quickly with Shaykhi With Native Arab Tutors:

As we said, learning the Arabic language can be easier and faster if you choose the appropriate learning place and an experienced teacher, and this is what Shaykhi Academy provides you, as it includes a list of Arabic language teachers of Arab origin, which helps you learn the language from its indigenous people through a number of Arabic language online courses with modern educational curricula and tools. The academy also allows you to take a trial session for free so you can try it yourself first.

Choose one of our Arabic courses (Online Holy Quran CourseOnline Arabic Learning CourseClassical Arabic Lessons) and start your journey of learning Arabic with us now!

Learning the Arabic language is not impossible, so don’t stop and start with us now!

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