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Is It A Good Choice to Learn Quran Online Pakistan?

learn quran online Pakistan
learn quran online Pakistan

To be honest, Joining online Quran classes in Pakistan may not be the best choice. And that’s for several reasons that we will talk about more in detail in this article, so, keep reading to know why it is not a good choice to learn Quran online Pakistan

The Difficulties That May Face Pakistani Teachers While Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabs

Let me shed light on the difficulties that may face Pakistani Arabic and Quran tutors in the process of teaching Quran and why it is better to learn Quran with native Arabic tutors only.


Arabic is the language of Qur’an, and to learn Qur’an the right way, you need to be trained in the hands of skilled and experienced teachers in order to master the Holy Quran. You need to learn it from native Arabic teachers who know everything related to Arabic.

I’ve noticed that some students ignore this point and go for any Quran teacher no matter what their mother tongue is. Some of these teachers if not all are not qualified enough to teach Quran or Arabic because they are not native Arabic speakers.

Difficulties in Pronouncing Some Arabic Letters Correctly

It is noticeable that some Pakistani teachers can’t pronounce Arabic letters well and can’t differentiate between them in pronunciation. This is basically because they speak different and many mixed languages which makes it difficult to identify the letter and its exact pronunciation. For example, some Pakistani teachers pronounce the letter (ث) as (s) which is the result of being affected by the Urdu language that spreads among Pakistanis.

Another example is the usability of many Pakistani teachers to differentiate between the letter (ق) and (ك). These examples and others are clear evidence to non-mastering the articulation of the Arabic letters. Of course, if you are studying in the hands of non-mastering teachers you will not be able to master Quran either because learning the exact articulation of the letter is very beneficial when you read Qur’an and the meaning might be changed because of changing the pronunciation of one letter.

Difficulties With The Vocalization of The Arabic Letters

Every Àrabic letter has 3 Harakah (vocalization) that must be regarded when pronouncing the words. Changing the Harakah of the letter can change the meaning completely. For example, the word (الجِد) means working hard, another word with the same spelling but different harakah over ج will change the whole meaning to (الجَد) which means grandparent, and the meaning is not the same in (الجُد) with Dammah over the ج as it will give you the meaning sea cost.

Arabic is full of these examples indeed. The teacher of Arabic and Quran must comprehend the difference in meaning according to the Harakah. Pakistani teachers as non-native Arabs can’t have control over vocalization and it is difficult for them to recognize the meaning according to the Harakah as their minds are not very rich with Arabic expressions and terms.

Difficulties With Tajweed Rules

Tajweed rules are the rules of reading the Quran. The Quran teachers must know these rules theoretically and practically. Unfortunately, some of the Pakistani teachers don’t control reading with Tajweed. You will find them reading in the wrong way. Of course, you as a foreign student, can’t identify whether the teacher is reading accurately or not.

Pakistani teachers speak many languages. The influence of the multilingual tongue over Pakistanis is great. Learning Tajweed rules is not easy for foreigners and the Pakistani teachers as a foreigner speak in Arabic will find it difficult. As a result, not all Pakistani teachers can master Tajweed and it is obvious in their ways of learning.

Difficulties Within Arabic Sentence Structure And Grammar

The Arabic language is very rich with rules and grammar. Mastering grammatical rules is not easy for non-native Arabic speakers. Thus, they need to learn Quranic Arabic grammar carefully before starting to teach it to non-natives. Now it is clear that if the Pakistani teachers don’t have command over the rules and grammar and if they don’t master the Arabic grammar, they will find obstacles in teaching Qur’an and Arabic to the non-Arabs. Having grammatical and sentence structure difficulties is not true for just one or two or a few Pakistani teachers, instead, it is, unfortunately, true for many of them, the thing that makes them unqualified enough to teach Quran and Arabic.

Difficulties With The Methodology of Teaching Quran And Arabic

Methodology or the way of teaching is very important as it has direct effects on the students. The student may not find it fruitful to learn if they can’t comprehend the idea fully. Some Pakistani teachers’ ways of teaching are not accurate indeed and it may cause issues in the learning process for the students. An example to illustrate that is when Pakistani teachers who teach Arabic to non-Arabs explain how to say the letter with the harakah, they tell their students to pronounce the letter first and then the Harakah, which very wrong.

Background Information About Teaching Arabic in Pakistan

Actually, the reason why Pakistanis have an interest in Arabic is the religion on the first place. The relationship between the Arabic language and religious awareness is a direct relationship, meaning that if it increases, (Awareness of the Islamic religion in a society) the interest in the Arabic language increases, and vice versa, if the Arabic language spreads in a society in which religious awareness has increased, then everyone affects the other and is affected by it positively. 

The great interest in the Arabic language lies in the fact that it is the language of the Qur’an. Pakistani people did not study the Arabic language outside the religious perspectives. They can’t understand every Arabic word because they didn’t study the Arabic literature. Their Arabic is acquired just from religious perspective. We can find that Pakistani tutors lack knowledge in Arabic, which is a reason that may cause many difficulties in teaching Arabic to the non-Arabs.

Why Should Non-Arabs Learn Quran And Arabic With Native Arabic Speakers? And Not Learn Quran Online Pakistan

Having Native Arabic Tutors has advantages that makes it much beneficial to learn in their hands.

They Teach You The Arabic Sounds Accurately

As we know, Arabic is the language of the Quran, so if you want to learn the Quran effectively, you must choose a Native Arabic Tutor. Online Native Arabic Tutors have an excellent command of all the tricks and the uses of Arabic words. The Arabic language has some special terms and sounds which are must be learned to understand the Quran. Native Arabic speaker tutors know how to teach each sound of each word correctly.

They Teach You Specific Arabic Quran Terminologies

As every book has some glossary at the end, in the same way, the Quran has some specific Arabic terminologies which must be known by everyone before learning the Quran. Native Arabic tutors have well knowledge of these terminologies and can teach these in the best way.

They Recite The Holy Quran Beautifully

As we all know, learning the Holy Quran is a must for every Muslim. Learning the recitation of the Holy Quran is also a key factor that everyone must learn. Online Native Arabic Tutors have a stronghold over their voice and have a unique method of recitation.

They know how to break breath during recitation, how to loud their voice, how to breathe rhythm, how to give stress on words, and how to manage to breathe. They will teach you every aspect of the recitation of the Holy Quran. Egyptian tutors for example are known for their melodious voices which results from their long practice as they always speak Arabic and practice Quran reading.

Native Arabic Teachers Apply The Rules of Recitation Perfectly

Every language has some specific rules and regulations which can help in speaking, teaching, and learning. These rules and guidelines can help you to get a better mode of communication. The Arabic language has its own rules, but there are some specific rules in the Holy Quran. Some rules as:

Waqaf Taam ( الوقف التام )

This gives you an indication about finishing a verse named as “Furqan e Hameed.”  Also known as a Perfect stop.

Waqaf Lazim ( الوقف اللازم )

It is a stop where it is a must to stop and break the breath.

And many other specific rules of recitation are there. These all can be learned under the supervision of a Native Arabic Tutor.

They Are Able to Understand The Quran Clearer Due to The Match Between Its Language And Their Mother Tongue

When you’re trying to memorize something in a new language, you must first learn the basics of the language. And when you are done with the basics, then it will be easy for you to memorize everything of that language.

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

حامل القرآن حامل راية الإسلام؛ من أكرمه فقد أكرم الله؛ ومن أهانه فعليه لعنة الله
“The Hafiz of the Holy Quran is the standard-bearer of Islam. Whoever respects a hafiz undoubtedly respects Allah. Allah’s curse is on those who disrespect a hafiz”. 

— Our prophet peace be upon him (ابي أمامة- ٣٦٦٠)

Arabs learn Quran very well, then memorize it and teach it. If you have a Native Arabic Tutor, they will guide you about the basics of Arabic, and then it will be easy for you to memorize the Holy Quran. Quran Memorization has too much importance in the eyes of Allah.

Why Shaikhy Academy?

As we mentioned, you need to learn Quran and Arabic with native Arabic speakers, simply, because they know their language more than any other tutor from other country. Shaykhi Academy is a reputable online Quran school whose teachers are native Arabs. Thus, it is your best choice as you will find many advantages to learn Quran and Arabic with them.

Shaykhi Academy’s Teachers Are Well-Experienced Native Teachers

Not just because them being Arabic native speakers, but also because they are well-experienced, well-trained, and highly educated teachers who spent 4 years or more studying how to master Arabic rules and other related topics like how to explain the points to the non-natives.

Shaykhi Academy’s Teachers Have An Ijazah Certificate

The Ijazah is clear evidence that the teacher has mastered Quran reading with Tajweed (the rules of reciting the Qur’an). Almost all of Shaykhi Academy’s teachers have an Ijazah in reciting and memorizing Qur’an. Thus you will not feel worried about whether you are learning with accuracy or not. Having Ijazah means that they know the Tajweed rules and how to apply them perfectly.

They Know The Tafseer (meanings) of Qur’an

The teachers of Shaykhi Academy know the meanings of the Qur’anic words as they studied Tafseer, so they will teach you Qur’an meanings with accuracy. So if you want to learn Tafseer of Qur’an this will be your best choice.

Their English Is Perfect

The Academy’s teachers are best trained to teach and communicate in English. They know what in English equals what in Arabic. Thus, they will understand you perfectly and you will understand them which is very important for the interaction process.

Join us and you will not regret!

To conclude, teaching non-Arabs the Quran is a great responsibility. Teachers from different Arabic backgrounds now teach non-natives online, some of them are qualified and some of them are not. Although some Pakistani teachers have problems teaching Arabic, we wholly respect them and we don’t say that they have to stop teaching Arabic. Instead, our aim is just to show the issue. Some Pakistani teachers may be more clever than some Arab teachers in teaching Quran and Arabic. But the problems with the Pakistani teachers lie in the fact that they have mixed languages and that they don’t practice the pure Arabic language.

The Editor: Raghad Qasim


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