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online Quran teacher egypt

If you’re looking for an online Quran teacher Egypt but you live far away and can’t afford to go and study there, then you are in the right!

online Quran teacher egypt

Why Egyptians Are Fond of Teaching Their Kids The Holy Quran?

The Nature of Egyptians

The people of Egypt are emotional and sentimental human beings, they have great passion towards loving Islam, they love the Holy Quran. So in Egypt’s villages, it is difficult to find a house devoid from a person ended memorizing the entire Holy Quran or at least some of its chapters.

The Abundance of Quran Teachers

There are so many Egyptian Quran teachers available in every part of Egypt, so it is easy for Egyptians to find their kids a Quran teacher.

The Innate Nature of The Egyptian Children Adoring The Holy Quran

Egyptian kids were born loving Quran by instinct. They love to hear it, write it, and recite it. That is why they compete with each other in memorizing it. May Allah saves them and guides them to the right path. May Allah Subanhu wa ta-alla makes them one of those who were mentioned in His verse of the Holy Quran. He The Most High said: “Those who adhere to the Scripture, and practice prayer—We will not waste the reward of the reformers.”  Surah Al- a’raf, verse, no 170.

The Abundance of Quran Schools (Katateeb)

Parents in Egypt used to send their kids to Kotaab (a small school with one teacher for teaching only Quran). In the following section, I am going to give you a hint about these unique small schools with only one teacher.

What do You Know About Kottab?

Egyptians are always the people with a high passion for loving the Holy Quran. They are religiously tender and emotional human beings by instinct. They love Allah and His messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). Kottab is a kind of old unique classic class for teaching the Holy Quran. It is the individual teacher school as it contains only one Quran teacher.

In old days, there was a teacher who was so-called El Shaikh or Maolanah in a reference to the scholar or the Quran teacher, Parents used to send their kids to him to teach them the Holy Quran. He used to teach them in a simple place. It could be his house where he lives or the mosque building. He taught them without any educational aids or teaching facilities. There was no board, no cassette recorder, no books, and even, there were no notebooks. The only available teaching aid was something called (loah), a wooden tablet or a metal one that students used to write on it with chalk, then it is erased.

In these difficult circumstances, great authors and Islamic scholars graduated from Kottab and later they became famous figures. They ended up memorizing the entire Quran in Kottab at young ages. Later Some of them become professors in big universities. Allah has promised us to preserve this holy Quran, facilitate its memorizing and make it easy for those who aspire to memorize it, He the Almighty said in his noble book: “We made the Quran easy to learn. Is there anyone who would learn?”  Surah, al- qamar, verse,17. Allah the most wise said also in His Noble book: “Surely We revealed the Message, and We will surely preserve it.”Surah Al- Hijr, verse, no,9.

Why Students from All Over The World Come to Egypt?

A long time ago, I was going to Saudi Arabia for performing Umerah (a kind of pilgrimage). And there were many people from many different nationalities on board of the steamer. Then All of a sudden I heard a group of youth Kyrgyz people fighting with some Egyptians, it was a big fight so I smiled and approach them trying to calm them down. I tried to make them release their anger. They were still angry and the Kyrgyz men expressed their anger about cruel the Egyptians behavior was with them. But when they calmed down I made both sides Reconcile.

Then we talked about many topics, and I asked them, “What is the best thing in Egypt in your opinion?”. To be honest, I thought their answer would be the pyramids or the Nile or the Pharaoh’s monuments or the great temples of the valley of kings in luxur and Aswan. But I got surprised when one of them looked into my eyes and answered immediately without any hesitation, “Science”! I said, ” Huh?” He said, “Yeah! Islamic science is the best thing in your country” Then the rest of his friends nodded, in gestures of reassuring what their friend has just said.

Then one of them said, “You have science.” Another man added, “Egypt is the land of Islamic science.” And the last one said, “You are the world’s core of Islamic knowledge”. Then, they showed that they had gone to many other countries seeking knowledge but they hadn’t found it anywhere except in Egypt. They talked About Al Azhar Ash- Shareef, the university of Islamic sciences, and its scholars and told me about its great role in spreading Islamic knowledge in the world.

They explained to me how their mother country, Kyrgyzstan, -with its fine weather and pure water splashing from high mountains- is much more beautiful than any other country, but Egypt is much prettier with its Islamic science! Egypt’s beauty lies in its great Islamic scholars and its Islamic sciences. Since then, I realized why many students come to Egypt.

A Glimpse About Al- Azhar Ash- Sharif

Al-Jāmiʿ al-ʾAzhar, (The Resplendent Congregational Mosque’), known in Egypt simply as alAzhar ash- Sharif, is a mosque in Cairo, Egypt in the historic Islamic core of the city. It is one of the most famous ancient mosques in Egypt and the Islamic world. Its construction dates back to the beginning of the  Fatimid state. Commissioned by Jawhar al-Siqilli shortly after Cairo was established as the new capital of the Fatimid Caliphate in 970, it was the first mosque established in a city to be The same as Amr ibn Al- Ass Mosque in Fastat and Ibn Toulon Mosque.

In its time, it was also prepared to be a school for teaching the Shiah doctrine and spreading its ideology. Johar Al- Siqilli started building it in Jumada I (359 AH /970 AD) its construction was completed in  361 AH /972AD and the first Friday was held in Ramadan (361 AH /972AD)

It is known as the (Cairo Mosque) and although the hand of repair and restoration rolled over it over the ages, changing many of its Fatimitic features, it is still considered to be the oldest outstanding Fatimid building in Cairo. It is said that Cairo eventually earned the nickname “the City of a Thousand Minarets in reference to the great number of mosques that existed in the city.

Historians differ on the origin of the reason for naming the mosque, the Fatimids probably named it Al-Azhar after Fatima Al-Zahra, the daughter of our prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) other historians say that its name( Al Azhar name) is usually thought to derive from az-Zahrāʾ (meaning ” the shining one”), a title given to Fatimah, the daughter of Mohammad( peace and blessings be upon him) 

The Aims of Al-Azhar Ash-Sharif

Here are some of the aims of Al- Azhar Ash Sharif:-  

To Help All Muslims Realize The Truth of Islam

In a weird world full of strange ideas and concepts about the religion of Islam, some scholars of al- Azhar Ash Sharif have the responsibility of correcting these wrong concepts and spreading the truth and the real face of the religion of Islam.

To Prepare A Generation of Islamic Scholars All Over The World

To fulfill this target Al-azhar ash Sharif grants many scholarships and internships to many Muslim students. And it opens its doors for any learners aspiring to learn about Islam and its various sciences.

To Spread The light of Islam All Over The World

And that’s by sending its Islamic scholars (Shaykhs) to many different parts of the world to teach people the virtues of Islam and to let them know about the forgiveness features of Islam.

Encouraging Researchers To publish many islamic books and researches

Al-Azhar Ash Sharif has  big Islamic library,  and it has its worldwide website for islamic sciences. It encourages scholars, educators and researchers to publish their works to rich the Islamic heritage.

Holding Many Worldwide Conferences

It holds many conferences in and out of Egypt to discuss many Islamic issues and find solutions for the recent crisis and present new concepts about the differences between religions.

The Egyptian Tutors’ Qualifications

In this section, I will talk about the qualifications of Egyptian Quran teachers. Know that these qualities should be available in each and every Quran tutor.

Graduated from Al- Azhar Ash- Sharif University

All of the Quran tutors in Egypt graduated from Al-azhar Ash Sharif university, the biggest and the greatest Islamic university in the world. Al- Azhar Ash Sharif is an old Islamic university in Egypt.  its message is to spread Islam and its various sciences all over the world.

Educated In Al- Azhar Ash- Sharif Schools

If you think that the Egyptian Quran teachers are just graduated from Al- Azhar Ash- Sharif university, then you are wrong, you should know that Al-Azhar Ash-Sharif education starts from the stage of preschool learning.

It starts from kindergarten levels, then primary education, then preparatory, then high school or what is so-called in Egypt secondary education. Al- Azhar Ash- Sharif’s education is totally different from the public education of the Egyptian ministry of education.  It is important to show that Al- Azhar Ash- Sharif education mainly focuses on the Quran and Islamic studies from the first day the student joins it. Its target is to provide the Egyptian society and the whole world with qualified scholars.

Having An Ijazah

When someone memorizes the entire Holy Quran, the next step they take is to look for an authorized great scholar (certified Shiekhi),  to obtain A Tajweed Ijazah, they go to this certified well-known Shiekh and recite the entire Quran with Tajweed rules in front of him.

This big sheikh tests them on all sides related to the Holy Quran Memorization, he listens carefully to their recitation and asks them about each detail even small ones, He asks them about the number of Surahs of the entire Quran, the order of chapters in the Holy book ( Mushf), he asks them about the Quranic similar verses (Ayat) of the Holy Quran, the signs ( Harakat) on each word of the Holy Quran and how it is articulated, the sentence punctuation, the Tajweed rule for each verse, the meanings of the different verses of the Holy Quran and he tests them in many other difficult issues.

Then if they succeed in passing all these tests, they are given Ijazah (an authorized and authentic certificate) this certification endorses that this tutor, male or female has ended memorizing and reciting the entire Holy Quran by Tajweed and that they have memorized correctly one of the ten narration of the Holy Quran versions. This narration is permitted and approved by our old ancestors, Thus, this person is qualified for teaching the Holy Quran and they are also qualified to give others Ijazah (permission for teaching the Holy Quran).

Those who obtained Ijazah are considered professional Quran reciters. Their reciting of the Holy Quran adheres to the first transmission chain of the old ancestors and it is a perfect copy of the recitation of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Native Arabic Speakers

The Arabic language is the first language of the Arabic republic of Egypt. So all the Egyptian Quran Teachers are born speaking the Arabic language. The accent of Egyptians is considered the best one and the most understandable accent all over the Arab world. No wonder the most famous Quran reciters all over the world are Egyptians and educated in Egyptian schools.

Finally,  I ask my lord  The Most High, the creator of the universe to make us one of those who say and do what they have said and always guide us to His right path. Amen.

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