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Looking for an Online Quran Teacher USA? – Your Demand Is Here!

Online Quran Teacher USA
Online Quran Teacher USA

Hello dear reader, if you are an American Muslim looking for an online Quran teacher USA, we pretend that we have what you’re looking for! How? This is why you have to read this article!

Within the framework of our interest in teaching the noble Quran, we found that the United States is one of the places where online Quran teachers must be provided, but do you know why?

Why Does Shaykhi Academy Provide an Online Quran Teacher USA?

Islam is the third largest religion in the United States of America.

And embrace Islam equivalent to 3.45 million Muslims living in the United States, representing about 1.1% of the total population of the United States.

And that is a not insignificant number, so Shaykhi Academy decided to help you and help all of them to receive the lessons of the Noble Quran and learn the Book of God while you are in your homes. Is there anything more accessible than that?

In the context of answering the question-why Shaykhi academy is interested to provide an online Quran teacher USA, let us not lose sight of an important reason for our endeavor to provide an online Quran teacher USA is trying to overcome the problems that the USA students suffer from in learning the Noble Quran, whether they are related to the pronunciation of the Quran or the rules of intonation (Tajweed), or let us address that in detail so that it becomes clear to you.

What Are The Difficulties That USA Students Face in Learning The Quran?

There are some problems USA students may face especially in learning the Noble Quran in Arabic, such as:

Difficulty Pronouncing Letters

There are a number of letters that are difficult to pronounce, either because there is no equivalent in English or because the pronunciation of this equivalent in the Quran is different from that in English.

Let’s give an example to illustrate this:

The letter(ر) in the Arabic language is different from the pronunciation of the corresponding letter (R) in English.

The letter (ح) in the Arabic language does not have an equivalent in English.

Therefore, there will be difficulty, especially if your desire as a USA student is to learn the Quran in Arabic. Still, we guarantee you an online Quran teacher USA who is experienced in teaching students from the USA.

Difficulty in Memorizing

It’s a natural difficulty for everyone, but the teachers of Shaykhi Academy offer the best methods to increase attention and follow the approach of rest during the lessons so that you can comprehend and increase the ability to remember.

The repetition and periodic review teachers do with you can also fix this point.

Difficulty with Some Words

And that’s when the word itself is long and difficult to pronounce, like the verse that says:

“فسيكفيكهم الله وهو السميع العليم”

“God will suffice them, and He is the All-Knowing Hearing.”

The word:


“He will suffice them”

is considered somewhat difficult to pronounce.

Or that the word contains difficult-to-pronounce letters, such as the one we mentioned above, for example, the verse that says

“حَتَّى إِذَا جَاء أَمْرُنَا وَفَارَ التَّنُّورُ”

“Until our command comes and the oven has gone away.”

 This verse contains the (ح) and (ر) together.

And this problem is solved through lists of the most frequently used verbs and words in the Holy Quran.

Perhaps you are confused now, is online learning the best way to learn the Noble Quran and overcome all these obstacles, or is face-to-face learning always the best method? Let’s discuss that now.

Are There Quran Circles for Teaching The Quran in The USA?

Certainly, there is. But is it enough to provide good Quran learning for such a number? And if it is enough, is there a possibility to learn the Noble Quran in Arabic?

All of these points may interest you and many more, and this is what we thought when we put ourselves in your place. The Holy Quran circles and mosques were and still are the origins of learning the Quran, but in light of the speed of life and technological progress, the online learning system has entered, a system whose effectiveness cannot be questioned as an alternative to face-to-face learning in some cases, such as:

Lack of Availability of Places for Face-to-Face Learning

And this does not mean the lack of places in general. There may be many places, but they are not in your surroundings, so online learning is a good option.

Learning The Quran by Specialized Teachers

It is another advantage of learning the Noble Quran online through Shaykhi Academy because it seeks to provide specialized and qualified teachers and subject them to many conditions to ensure that you get the greatest possible benefit and learn the book of God as it should.

Save Time And Effort

Getting lessons to learn the Noble Quran may be a daunting task if the lesson is far from you, so online learning guarantees you to save the time you spend going and searching for a teacher and also help you save the effort by giving you the possibility to get all of that while you are at home.

The Ability to Follow up And Supervise Your Child

This feature is the best if you are looking for a teacher for your kid, learning the Quran online will help you as a mother or as a father to follow the child’s progress and see him while he is getting the lesson and how much he benefits from it, and it will also save you from accompanying him to and from the lesson as well, so if you are busy there is no longer a problem with that.

If You Have Busy Work And Lack Free Time

If your goal is to learn the Noble Quran, but you are very busy with your work, then learning online, as we mentioned, will save you the time spent going to classes, so you can use your free time to receive lessons while you are in your home or office.

The desire to Learn The Quranic Arabic

This point is very important, because learning the Noble Quran in Arabic and being able to read the Quran properly is an important thing that everyone seeks, and you may be one of them, dear reader. So if you want to learn Quranic Arabic, receiving it from a specialized Arabic teacher is an added advantage that we should not ignore.

The online Quran teacher USA is the link and the main element in this process, so Shaykhi Academy is keen to choose them for you in an integrated manner, so what are their advantages?

The Most Important Advantages of Online Quran Teacher USA for American Students

Online Quran teachers USA is characterized by a number of characteristics such as:

Fluent English Speakers

In order for the teachers to be able to deal with you as a USA student, it was necessary to be fluent English speakers, which helps them to ensure the possibility of interaction between you and them and ease of conveying the information to you.

Fluent with The American Accent

As we know that all languages have different accents, and English is one of the languages that is dealt with more than one accent and these accents affect the meaning and communication between people.

Therefore, Shaykhi Academy takes into account that the online Quran teacher USA, that it provides you with, should be a fluent American English speaker.

Qualified to Teach All Branches of The Holy Quran

All of the teachers of Shaykhi Academy have high qualifications from Al-Azhar University and others in the field of teaching the Holy Quran and all its branches, Tajweed, reading, memorization, and Quranic Arabic.

Native Arabic Speakers

This feature is very useful for you if you want to learn how to read the Quran in the language in which it was revealed to our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, which is the Arabic language.

In this case, learning at the hands of a teacher who is a native speaker of the Arabic language is more efficient because you receive the knowledge from its original country.

Possibility to Deal with Children

It’s one of the most important things any father and mother search about to teach their kid the Holy Quran. Shaykhi Academy knows very well how difficult it is to teach the noble Quran for kids, so it is interested in providing an online Quran teacher USA for kids.

After we talked about the advantages of the online Quran teacher USA provided to you by Shaykhi Academy, dear reader, you may have more requirements about this teacher based on your own circumstances, but we are here to guarantee you everything you want.

If you are looking for a teacher for your child or a female teacher for your wife or something else, let me explain to you what types of teachers we provide for you.

What Kind of Teachers Does Shaykhi Academy Provide to USA Students?

Shaykhi Academy provides all kinds of online Quran teachers for USA students, which are:

Female Online Quran Teacher USA

If you are a woman and you are looking for a female online Quran teacher USA, then Shaykhi Academy provides you with the best female teachers in this field, which will help you learn the Holy Quran in a more comfortable way to get the maximum benefit.

Arabic Online Quran Teacher USA

This type is important if you want to learn the Quran in Arabic, and he is a teacher who is a native speaker of the Arabic language (mostly from Egypt). To learn more about this type, click here.

Online Quran Teacher USA for Kids

As we mentioned, dear reader, Shaykhi Academy is keen to provide an online Quran teacher USA who specializes in teaching kids and has a distinctive method of dealing with them.

They are friendly and flexible that they use methods such as games or entertaining paragraphs in order to attract kids’ attention and increase focus during classes, and these teachers are aware of the individual differences between kids and how to deal with them. You can find out all the advantages of this type of teacher and the methods they use with your child from here!

Private Online Quran Teacher USA

In the event that you cannot learn in a group and want to get a private online Quran teacher USA, Shaykhi Academy has not overlooked this either, so you can book and choose your own private teacher now!

After learning, dear reader, about our teachers, you may wonder, is this the only academy that offers this? Or is there an additional advantage in Shaykhi Academy?

If you wondered about that, let me briefly introduce you to what distinguishes Shaykhi Academy.

Why Choosing Shaykhi Academy?

As a USA student, Shaykhi Academy provides you with a number of advantages such as:

Flexible Tables

Shaykhi Academy gives you an opportunity to set the dates of your classes without restriction to a specific date that may not suit you.

Reasonable Prices

Shaykhi Academy takes into account all financial levels, so it provides you with courses at reasonable prices, as well as providing courses for free through our YouTube channel, watch it now!

You can find out about our plans and prices of our courses here!

Professional Teachers

All Shaykhi Academy teachers are professionals in all branches of the Noble Quran, and the Academy selects them based on specific conditions to ensure a wonderful and useful experience for you.

Teachers of All Kinds (men – women – Arabs – teachers for kids)

This is what we talked about, as the provision of teachers of different types is a great point of distinction for Shaykhi Academy, as it seeks to ensure everything you may need as a USA student.

Now let’s talk about something very important, assuming that you applied for Shaykhi Academy courses, what do you expect to learn?

Memorizing the Quran or understanding the rules of Tajweed or are there other things? Let’s know about this!

What Do USA students Benefit from Learning The Quran Online with Shaykhi Academy?

Learn the Quran online through Shaykhi academy online Quran teacher USA makes you able to:

Read The Quran Properly

Through the efforts made by teachers, you can learn how to pronounce difficult letters and words, and thus correctly read the exits of letters and words.

Learn The Rules of Tajweed

And that is by obtaining the Tajweed course, which helps you to know all the rules that control the correct reading on the one hand, and the understanding and meaning of the verses on the other hand. This is one of the most important things, as reading and contemplating the Noble Quran is not correct without comprehension and knowledge of the rules of Tajweed, Apply Now!

Learn to Read The Quran in Arabic

And that the Quranic Arabic course offered by our Arab teachers gives you the possibility to read the Quran in Arabic properly. Learn more about the Quranic Arabic course now!

All that and more you can learn through the courses and teachers of the Noble Quran at Shaykhi Academy. All it takes is just to make some little effort because the right start reduces the effort you need to reach your destination with our help by God’s command.

How to Join Shaykhi Academy?

You can register now and join us in 3-steps:

Enter Shaykhi Academy website

You can enter the Shaykhi Academy website from here!

Choose The Right Course for You

Choose the course you need from among the courses offered by Shaykhi Academy, and you can learn about what we offer and apply now!

Get a Trial Class

Once you apply and fill out the form, a confirmation message will be sent to you through which you can get a trial session, through which you can make your decision about the teacher and the course.

We wish you a learning journey full of enjoyment!


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