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Online Quran Teacher Jobs. But are you Qualified?!

Online Quran Teacher Jobs. But are you Qualified?!

Are you looking forward to online Quran teaching jobs whether for Shaykhs or females while you are in the home?! If yes, Check our requirements!

Online Quran Teacher Jobs. But are you Qualified?!

Do you want to get good and profitable Online Quran Teacher jobs while you are at home? Yes, being an online teacher of the Holy Quran seems to be an ideal option if you are a qualified Quran teacher!

What are the main advantages to be an online Quran Tutor?

1. Teaching Quran Anywhere and Anytime.

You might be a qualified Online Quran Teacher, but there are no students in your locality, or you might want to reach a larger network and teach more students. Also, you might have sufficient students but you want to share your experience in teaching to help other students. So, If you feel that we are speaking about you, you are in the right place!

Also, because you will teach students from all over the world, you can teach students in specific hours you want!

2. Learning while Preventing Epidemics like COVID-19.

To avoid any Epidemics like COVID-19, we offer you Online Quran Teacher Jobs while you’re in your home!

It’s the time now to discover the Online Quran Teacher Jobs we offer!

What are the Online Quran Teacher Jobs we offer?


The main Online Quran Teacher Jobs we offer you my dear teacher are the following:

1. Online Quran Tutoring.

We mean by this that we are hiring highly qualified and experienced teachers to teach Quran through online classes. They must be qualified to teach our next courses:

1.1. Hifz Quran Course.

They must be able to teach students who want online Quran memorization courses whether kids, adults, males, or females!

In addition, they have to:

1.2. Quran Recitation Course.

They must be able to teach students how to read Quran probably according to Tajweed Rules, as it was revealed to the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

1.3. Learn Quran with Tajweed.

They have to be qualified in explaining Tajweed rules whether for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners!

1.4. Online Quran Courses for Kids.

They must be able to deal with students in the class, whether how to teach them or how to be friendly with them!

1.5. Noorani Qaida Courses.

They must be able to teach students how to read Arabic in an easy and gradual way while using with each student the approach that suits them!

2. Articles Writing Contribution.

If you have an experience in teaching Quran and Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers, you can share this experience with us through writing articles while earning from this! For more details about this, kindly, check this article!

What are the basic requirement and qualifications that must be fulfilled to apply for the job?

If you know your students, you can know the requirements and qualifications by your self!

Your students are the:

Non-native Arabic speakers of Muslims who wants to learn Quran and Arabic Reading online and those who speak English all over the world.

And hence the the requirements and qualifications basically are:


We’re training qualified teachers who meet our requirements but they have no experience in teaching Quran for non-native Arabic speakers!

For teaching Quran job (to be an online Quran tutor), kindly, submit this form, while for sharing with us your experience in teaching, you can connect us from here!

You will receive a message through WhatsApp that shows you the details.

Online female Quran teacher Jobs

(A chance for each Online Lady Quran Teacher)

This job is definitely for men and women alike, and there is no additional advantage in the teacher, the man or the woman, as they both perform the same role, and both of them have to enjoy the same previous advantages to enjoy the job.

Also, we have to have highly qualified Online female Quran teacher jobs because it’s better for female Quran students to learn with Online female Quran teachers because this helps them to ask questions and be able to learn comfortably.

You can as a lady teacher apply for all Online Quran Teacher Jobs above!

What are the branches of knowledge that the Quran teachers must know?

1. Branches of knowledge that a Muslim Cannot Be Ignorant Of.

(ما لا يسع المسلم جهله)

It is the knowledge of God Almighty, and At-Tawhid His Essence, Names, and Attributes. This branch of knowledge is important for the teacher of the Noble Qur’an and all Muslims.

2. Specific Knowledge.

This means knowing and mastering the branch of knowledge that they are studying, as mastering the subject the teacher will teach, and knowing its subtleties is a legitimate necessity.

What are the requirements that must be fulfilled for the Online teacher?

When some qualities are fulfilled by any online teacher whether Quran teacher, makes them highly qualified. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Passionate about learning and developing its methods.

That means that you have a special interest and appreciation for this profession and seek to add to this field and contribute to it in your own way, and if possible, contribute to the development of new ways to achieve the goals in addition to the usual methods.

2. Proficient in teaching their materials and subjects.

They should have a high degree of specialization and excellence in the content they present and the material they explain to their students.

3. Familiarity with teaching methods and strategies.

Such as:

3.1 Differentiated Education.

In this method, the teacher takes into account the diverse learning needs of students in the classroom, and also the individual differences between students.

3.2 Question-Based Education.

In this educational method, the teacher relies on asking questions that motivate students to think, and in a way that inspires and encourages them to ask questions and verify their own ideas and beliefs, with the aim of improving their problem-solving skills, and deepening their understanding of academic terms and concepts. It is highly dependent on technology.

3.3 Game-based Learning.

This method of education combines achieving the required learning goals on the one hand and achieving fun for the student on the other, and this type of teacher requires planning well, which requires additional time and effort, especially since it also depends heavily on technology.

3.4 Gamification.

This is by adopting a system to reward students: Either by giving them prizes or by doing fun activities with them

What is the difference between Game-based Learning and Gamification?

Game-based learning is training that uses game elements to teach a specific skill or achieve a specific learning outcome. It takes your core content and objectives and makes it fun. Gamification is the application of game mechanics in a non-game context to promote desired behavior and drive learning outcomes.

In short words, the teacher must be renewed and familiar with the developments of the times, whether in the methods of explanation or in the style of explanation.

4. Familiarity with Modern Technologies.

The teacher should be familiar with the skills of using a computer and dealing with the Internet. In other words to be familiar with how to deal with modern technology, as their work in this job is basically related to that.

This leads to another point which is:

5. Familiarity with Online Communication Platforms.

For example, they must be aware of how to deal with the online meeting conference platforms, such as Microsoft Word, Zoom and Google Meet, etc. In fact, when we talk about familiarity with these sites, we do not mean only just knowing how to use them, but rather mastering that use in an optimal and more professional manner.

6. Fresh Thinking.

This means that the teacher must always be looking for new and better ways of doing things. In other words, the teacher should be innovative or creative!

7. Frendeniess and bringing Joy to The Hearts of Students.

This means that the teacher should be able to attract their students in a fun way that breaks the stereotyped image of the teacher and his students, but without losing their students’ respect for sure. What is meant here is to build a friendly relationship with students, so that the student accepts their words with open arms and do entertaining things together.

8. Patience.

Patience with the educators, kindness to them, and being merciful in dealing with them are integral parts of the process of teaching! This arises when the teacher considers the individual differences and hence deals with their students patiently and wisely and repeats it if necessary.

9. Good Manners and Ethics.

The teacher must be of good morals, choose the words, actions, etc.

10. Adapting to Appointments.

One of the main and very important points to apply for one of the Online Quran Teacher Jobs is adapting to the appointments that will be imposed on you, which means you must work on adapting or creating a suitable alternative for you and your students, even if this will require some extra effort from you to arrange this. This issue of dates is one of the most important things that determine whether you will be accepted into the job or not.

What are the conditions to be a qualified Online Quran Tutor?

To be a qualified Online Quran teacher, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Having the Academic Qualifications.

This means that when the Online Quran Tutor is graduated from one of Shar’i faculties, it gives them superiority over other qualified Online Quran Tutor!

2. Memorizing Quran with Tajweed Rules.

The obvious situation says, of course, that if you want to work in the profession of teaching the Qur’an with Tajweed, you have to memorize the Qur’an with Tajweed, and this may not be what some teachers seek to achieve adequately despite its importance, as they look before everything to the idea of the money that they will get from this job, and then immediately proceed to applying for it and going through the steps of acceptance, although in theory it cannot be relied upon because that job requires full proficiency.

3. Mastering English Language.

The more you are fluent in speaking English, the more your communication is better with your students!

4. The Integrity of Faith and Biography.

Being a teacher of the Qur’an requires you to be worthy of that, representing the morals of the Qur’an. Before you teach it, you must be distinguished in this from the ground up.

5. Sincerity.

The Quran teachers must have a clear goal, in addition to their desire for money, which is they must be willing to transmit the word of God, teach him, gain reward, and master their work for the sake of Allah.

6. Proficiency and observing God during work.

The most important thing in any work, whatever that work, is that the work is perfected and made to go in the optimal and best way for it. As a teacher, you can deceive the student for a very simple reason, which is that they do not know anything about you and have no knowledge of what you are saying. In general, observing God appears at that stage because you will try not to fall short in your work so that the money you get doesn’t become forbidden.

What are the Salaries of Online Quran Tutors?


The method of payment per hour is often relied upon, and this differs if you work as a freelancer or in a company.

If you work as a freelancer on a site like Qutor, you set your own price. If you work with a company, the hourly price is usually between 3:6 USD, either according to your skills and qualifications or according to the number of hours you work per day. This is the salary system of this job.

If you are interested in knowing the history of online teaching and its development, the next questions might be useful for you!

What are the advantages of working as a tutor at Shaykhi Academy?

advantages of working as a tutor or applying for one of our Online Quran Teacher Jobs

1. Schedule Flexibility.

The Academy offers you the flexibility to set your schedule so that you are able to learn at the times and days that are suitable for you, relieving you from having to choose a specific time except in a few cases. If you’re qualified, hurry up and apply for one of our Online Quran Teacher Jobs Now!

2. Good Salaries.

When you apply for one of our Online Quran Teacher Jobs, while you are a qualified teacher, you will be satisfied with our salaries, hourly rate, and incentives!

What is the history of Online Learning?

It appeared in the nineteenth century, and it was known as correspondence education, and this type of education helped learners who could not regularly attend the place of learning in educational institutions. The educational content was compiled in writing, with tasks, functions, and a learning plan. All this was mailed to the learner to learn by correspondence this was in the year 1873.

Now it’s your turn to continue this long series of developments and apply for one of our Online Quran Teacher Jobs! We’re waiting for you 🙂

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