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Arabic Alphabet Transliteration With English Examples

Arabic Alphabet Transliteration

Arabic Alphabet Transliteration is a valuable resource that facilitates the learning process and helps open up the rich Arabic language and culture to a wider audience.

It is particularly useful for beginner students, as it helps bridge the gap between the unfamiliar Arabic alphabet and the more recognizable Latin script. This is why Shaykhi Academy has chosen to use it in its Al-Menhaj book to introduce learners to the Arabic alphabet.

What Is the Arabic Alphabet Transliteration?

Arabic Alphabet Transliteration is the process of converting the Arabic letters, which uses a different writing system than the Latin alphabet used in English, into a form that can be represented using the Roman letters.

Arabic Alphabet Transliteration:

Arabic alphabet transliteration is an important tool for learners of the Arabic language, as it allows them to pronounce and read Arabic words and texts without needing to first master the Arabic script. 

It is one of the primary tools that tutors of the Arabic language course at Shaykhi Academy use to teach students how to pronounce the different letters.

English LetterArabic EquivalentTransliteration of the Arabic Letter Its Phonetic TranscriptionExamples
AأَAlif/a/أرض – باب – سماء
BبBa/b/بستان – رابط – قلب
CسصCinCad/c/سمك – رسم – صورة – قميص
DدضDalDad/d/درب – برد – ضعيف – قرض 
EئHamza/e/بئر – فئة – دافئ
FفFa/f/فئة – فأر – رفق
GجGeem/g/جمل – مجلس – سجل
HهحHaHa/h/هرم – مهر – حمار – مزاح
IإAlif/i/إبرة – إذن – إصبع
JچJeem/ʒ/چميل – شچر – سچل
KكKaf/k/كلمة – ركام – تلك
LلLam/l/ليمون – بتلة – يميل
MمMeem/m/مرن – نمر – رمان
NنNun/n/نمر – هناء – رمضان
OأُAlif/o/أُذن – أُلفة – أُمة
PپPa/p/پنجاب – پاكستان – پيتزا
QقQaf/q/قرآن – نقرأ – رق
RرRa/r/رجل -سارية – سر
SسSin/s/سر – رسم – دهس
TتTa/t/توت – تمر – كتاب
UيُYa/u/يُوسفي – يُؤتمن – يُروى
VڤVa/v/ڤازة – ڤاتيكان – براڤو
WوWaw/w/ورد – يوم – هواء
YيYa/y/يوم – مياه – طمي
ZزZay/z/زرافة – رزق – أبرز

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Arabic Alphabet Transliteration is a crucial tool for students and learners of the Arabic language. By converting the Arabic script into a form using the familiar Latin alphabet, transliteration provides a bridge that allows non-native speakers to more easily access and engage with the Arabic language.

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