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Want A Qualified Online Quran Arabic Teacher? Here Is Your Need!

learn Quran with A Qualified online quran arabic teacher

Are you seeking to learn the Noble Qur’an in the language in which it was revealed to our prophet Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him-? If yes, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll help you choose your online Quran Arabic teacher

learn Quran with qualified online Quran Arabic teachers

The Arabic language is one of the richest languages throughout the ages, so learning it is a benefit in itself. What about if it is related to learning and reciting the Noble Qur’an in the language in which the Master of the Messengers Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, recited it?

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an so that you may understand.
“إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ””.

— Surah Yusuf

The Qur’an has been linked to the Arabic language and its clarification from the moment it was revealed. People only believe in it, or at least are convinced that it is the truth because of its impact on its meaning and pronunciation.

The wisdom of the revelation of the Noble Qur’an in Arabic is only known to God, but it is known that Arabic is one of the greatest languages ​​on earth in terms of its diversity and richness. In Arabic, Honey has eighty names, the fox has two hundred, the lion has five hundred, and the sword has a thousand. Just as a single word, with the same exactness, may have countless meanings. All this gave the Arabic language enormous capabilities, so in Quran, the verse is revealed in a few limited words, yet it carries meanings that are unimaginable to be limited.

The Importance of Learning Arabic

Learning such a language and learning the Noble Qur’an in it, then, is of great importance, represented in the following:

Preserving The Islamic Identity

Since many of the Islamic legal rulings and rules are the origin of their existence in the Arabic language

The Ability to Understand The Rules And Legislation of Quran

To be able to stand against suspicions in its primary language, which is Arabic.

Preserving The Islamic Heritage Left by The Companions And Their Followers.

Interpreting The Qur’an

Interpreting the Qur’an correctly and in profound ways, not superficially and spontaneously.

Every Muslim must learn the Arabic language as much as possible, in order to reach the deep meaning and the accurate and eloquent analogy of the Noble Qur’an in its verses
Therefore, learning the Noble Qur’an in Arabic is the focus of attention of all Muslims all over the world and a priority that they seek to reach, just like you, dear reader. You are reading this article now because of your desire for this thing, right?

So we will help you choose your online Quran Arabic teacher, are you ready?

First, let’s talk about the steps that you must go through to reach your goal of learning the Qur’an in Arabic Insha’Allah

4 Main Steps to Reach Your Goal

  1. Choose an excellent online Quran Arabic teacher
  2. Determine your level to advance from
  3. Determine the right course for you according to your level and according to your dates and your teacher’s
  4. Continuous follow-up until you can master the Holy Quran in Arabic.

In the beginning, you must know that the availability of any educational process from the ground up is dependent on the presence of a good and professional online Quran arabic teacher who can guide you through a planned course that matches the level you are standing at.

Characteristics Every Online Quran Arabic Teacher Must Acquire

To be able to choose the right online Quran Arabic teacher, it’s necessary to know the basic characteristics that should be in every online Quran Arabic teacher which we in Shaykhi academy provide!

1- Native Arabic Speaker

Native speakers make the best teachers of their language, and since we’re talking about online Quran Arabic teachers, you will have to look for a native speaker of Arabic. Because they know the language! They know all the grammatical rules as well as how to pronounce every Arabic letter correctly, making it simple and clear for students.

2- Fluent In English

Online Quran Arabic teachers must be fluent in English to be able to communicate with the Muslim students from all over the world and deliver information easily

3- Having Sufficient Knowledge of Phonetics (points of articulation)

The Arabic language has thirty-four sounds, and as a student, to be distinguished in its pronunciation, you need an online Quran Arabic teacher who is knowledgeable with them and knows how to easily transfer it to you without any interference.

4- knowledgeable with The Rules of Intonation (Tajweed)

The main purpose for you as a student is to learn the Noble Qur’an in the Arabic language, so you must learn the rules of Tajweed as a major part of the proper Arabic reading of the Qur’an.

5- Has Good Communication Skills

So that they can understand you and deliver information clearly
If you are a parent, dear reader, this feature is very important for you to consider it’s presence in your child’s online Quran Arabic teacher, and not only communication skills, but also knowing the extent to which he is qualified to teach children , so that your kid can learn the Qur’an in Arabic easily.

6- Good Manners

The online Quran Arabic teacher you will choose must be of high morals because he deals with you over a long period of time and is a role model for you, and this feature is more important if the student is a child because children are more likely to be affected by the teacher more than others.

7- Knowledgeable with Online Learning (To be able to deal with technology)

Looking for an online Quran Arabic teacher means that the whole process is done through the computer, online, and using the internet. For this reason, we provide you with a teacher who is familiar with all the techniques of online education. Not only knowledgeable with technology but also all the characteristics mentioned above!

Now you must have become familiar with the general features that you should look for in your online Quran Arabic teacher.

Shaykhi Academy Advantages

1- Providing A Female Online Quran Arabic Teacher

Our academy provides you with the advantage to learn Quran in Arabic with professional female online Quran Arabic teachers who are specialist in this field, our teachers have all the advantages required to complete this process and produce distinguished results in more comfortable sessions that enable you to interact freely with the teacher and ask any question you want.

2- Special Online Quran Arabic Teachers for Kids

Shaykhi Academy provides you with professional online Quran Arabic teachers who know exactly how to deal with kids, and they have special methods for teaching them, such as using games and a reward system that encourages and help them love the material presented to them.

The next step in your journey to learn the Qur’an in Arabic online after completing your choice of teacher is to determine your level to know the starting point from which you will start, Are you a beginner, for example, or do you have some knowledge, or are you already familiar with the subject and your goal is just to remember and review so that you do not forget?

It is a very important step that helps you shorten the time and effort, and the teacher assists you in determining it in the first class you enter. The importance of this step lies in determining the appropriate curriculum that the teacher is following, and the study plan that will achieve your goal of learning by determining the level of the student in the first lesson is the straight line that represents the shortest distance between the starting point and the goal.

The third step, as we talked about, is choosing the course that you will undergo according to your level on the one hand and according to your schedule and the dates of the teacher you have chosen, and this is an additional feature provided to you by Sheikhi Academy as it provides you with flexibility in setting your schedule without trouble to be able to obtain a distinctive educational experience.

This step will leave you familiar with the following:

  • Recitation: This means that you learn how to read the drawing of the Qur’an when looking at it
  • Memorizing the Qur’an: that is, the correct indoctrination and repetition of verses with repetition until you memorize them, whether this is associated with learning the recitation or not.
  • The study of Tajweed: any theoretical provisions of intonation with practical application.
  • Understanding the Qur’an and its interpretation: that is, translating the verses to know the meaning, and studying the interpretation in your own language

The last step is a step that goes at the level of the course as a whole, not isolated, as your follow-up with your online Quran Arabic teacher will be continuous from the first lesson to the completion of the course and reach the goal of it, which is to learn the Noble Qur’an in the Arabic language, and follow-up is considered an indispensable necessity in learning languages, in general, to be able to pronounce and master them in a way especially if it comes to reading the Qur’an and its various rulings

As part of the follow-up, Shaykhi Academy will provide you with interactive videos with your friendly teachers, through which you can practice the subject in a practical way to apply all the grammar and reading rules so that you can learn easier and better. Now I think that things are starting to take place in your mind, but I guess another type of confusion is represented in “Will I face difficulties on my way to learn the Arabic language and read the Holy Quran in it?”

It is a good question in any case. Learning a new language in general requires patience and effort to face any difficulties, especially if the final goal is worth the effort, such as learning the Holy Qur’an in its language that was revealed to our Holy Prophet.

In order to be assured of this aspect, let us summarize for you the type of difficulties that you may encounter and how the online Quran Arabic teacher in Sheikhi Academy will help you to overcome them Insha’Allah.

As a student seeking to learn the Arabic language in general and the Qur’an in Arabic particularly, you may encounter some difficulties on more than one level

Difficulties You May Encounter

Wrong Teacher

You would face this difficulty If the teacher wasn’t a native speaker of Arabic, skilled, or experienced. In addition to not being an expert in the methods of teaching the Arabic language to those who don’t speak it. That’s why in Shaykhi academy we matter to choose the best teachers for you.

Student Difficulty

This occurs when the student lacks the enthusiasm and encouragement to study, or when the learner is not putting out sufficient effort.

Wrong Teaching Methods

Such as not taking into consideration individual differences among students and adopting the memorizing method during the educational process. or could be a lack of interactive tools that assist you in learning as a student.

Wrong Pronunciation Difficulty

Arabic letters have different exits of sounds but never worry, facing this difficulty is very normal for a non-Arab student and our online Quran Arabic teachers help you overcome this difficulty InshaaAllah

Not Being Able to Read Smoothly, Especially At First

As a beginner, you may find it difficult to read Quran smoothly and it’s totally normal.

Difficulty In Distinguishing between Fluttering And Jerky Movements of Letters

Our teachers in Shaykhi academy are professionals to teach you all of this and help you distinguish between fluttering and jerky movements.

All these difficulties and others that face anyone who wants to learn to read in a language other than their original language which you can overcome with Shaykhi academy! My advice for you is to always have patience, belief, and effort because remember, as long as what you seek is great, your effort is worth it.

Qualified Memorize Quran Online Teacher for kids

Continuous effort, not intelligence, or strength, is the key to unlocking our potential“.

— Unknown

We certainly carry the magic lamp for you, as we provide you with the best online Quran Arabic teachers who are experts in phonetics and intonation sciences, and above all they are of Arab origin, which helps you to overcome all these obstacles only by sticking with them, you will find a big difference. We also have an organized strategy that helps you direct your effort in an organized manner according to a specific approach based on your level, so you can overcome all the previous difficulties, God willing.

Before we finish our hearty meal today, let us briefly summarize the advantages we offer you that make you choose Sheikhy Academy while you are assured that you are in the right place:

  • The Academy gives you the flexibility to choose your online Quran Arabic teacher among a large number of options (the teacher is a female, for example, or a man, or is able to deal with children)
  • Provides you with the flexibility to set your own schedule
  • Availability of professional online Quran Arabic teachers, professionals in everything related to this branch of other sciences
  • The Academy provides you with interactive courses and stimulating activities that increase your level of understanding and transform the purely theoretical material into an exciting practical one.
  • It provides you with continuous follow-up until you reach the goal you seek
  • The Academy is characterized by flexibility in prices, as its first and last goal is to benefit Muslims around the world
  • The Academy provides you with reassurance if the student is your child, because it provides you with friendly, professional teachers in dealing with children and realizing individual differences between ages and even between children of one age.

If you reach this point, dear reader, let me wish you a successful trip with us, and do not forget to share with us its exciting details.

The editor: Raghad Qasim.


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