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The Best 6 Quran Memorization Apps

Quran Memorization Apps

Quran memorization apps are software applications developed to aid individuals in learning and memorizing the Quran, the central religious text of Islam, through features such as audio recitations, interactive learning modules, progress tracking, and mnemonic devices.

Quran Memorization Apps

Memorizing the Holy Quran is a fundamental goal that every Muslim seeks in compliance with the word of God Almighty 

“وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا القرآن لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِنْ مُدَّكِر”

“And We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there anyone who remembers?”

But on the way to achieve that Muslims may face several obstacles, including:

  • Difficulty in having a nearby memorization place.
  • Difficulty finding a sheikh in your area.
  • Difficulty finding time to read and repeat according to your schedule.

Therefore, in order to overcome these difficulties, Muslims are always looking for modern and easier ways to help them memorize the Quran, and hence the ideal alternative solution is memorization through online Quran memorization apps.

What are Quran memorization apps?

Quran memorization apps are mobile applications designed to assist users in memorizing and learning the Quran, the holy book of Islam. These apps often provide features such as audio recitations, interactive learning tools, progress tracking, and memorization techniques to aid users in memorizing Quranic verses and chapters.

Quran memorization apps are a variety of useful applications that you can download and install on your mobile phone or desktop as an additional tool and an alternative to compensate for the difficulty of reaching a specialized Quranic teacher to help you progress in memorizing the Holy Quran.

What is the Top Quran memorization app?

There are a large number of Quran memorization apps, but we chose the best of them in terms of the app of Quran memorization software and the advantages it provides us.

Here are the 8 best applications for memorizing the Quran:

1. Muhafiz Al-Wahy’yen app

Muhafiz Al-Wahy’yen app helps you memorize the Holy Quran and the Noble Sunnah as well, as well as learn the rules of correct recitation.

This application is distinguished by several advantages:

  • Completely free, through it you can memorize the entire Qur’an without paying any fees.
  • easy to use, so you will not face any difficulty while saving through it or handling it.
  • allows you to hear the verse first, then read it in your voice and record it, then hides that verse for you until you are sure that you have memorized it, and then compare it with the correct one to know whether your recitation was correct or not.
  • provides you with listening to the Holy Quran in the voice of 12 reciters
  • and supports many languages, including: English, Arabic, and French.

2. The Glorious Quran app

The Glorious Quran app is one of the best applications for memorizing the Quran, as it:

  • provides a large group of reciters from which you can choose one of them to listen to the verses in his voice.
  • allows you to repeat verses while viewing them so that you can memorize more easily.
  • provides you with the advantage of translating verses into 45 different languages, and what is even better is that it provides you with an interpretation of any word or verse that you want to understand and know its meaning.

3. Jadeal Hifz Quran app

Jadeal Hifz Quran app provides you with different Quran memorization programs which help you to finish memorizing the Noble Quran in several months or more According to your ability, so you can choose the appropriate period for you, and also provides you with a plan for review and daily reply.

One of the special features that distinguish this application from others is that it provides a program dedicated to the month of Ramadan, which enables you to complete the Qur’an more than once. The application also gives you special methods that make it easier for you to memorize.

4. The companion for memorizing the Noble Quran app

The companion for memorizing the Noble Quran app offers you two methods to continue memorizing. The first is the method of parts and prices, or the method of parts and pages, and you can choose the appropriate method for you to start through this Quran memorization app.

This application also relies on a creative method to facilitate memorization and increase attention, which is using colors and conducting group challenges of up to 25 people, in addition to lesson plans containing 5 verses each day, and personal challenges. It also allows you to activate the alert service to receive notifications that remind you if you forget to review.

5. Al Quran (Tafsir & By Word)

Al Quran (Tafsir & By Word) app relies mainly on interpretation (Tafsir) as a way to confirm the verses because interpretation is of great importance when memorizing the Quran, especially for the first time, as it greatly simplifies the process.

This application contains a wealth of interpretation in every sense of the word, as it includes (Tafsir Ibn Kathir – Tafsir in other languages – Index of the Quran – many translations – color coded Tajweed – analysis of words and translations word by word – taking notes with custom bookmarks – synchronization – advanced search – topics and multiple lines) and all completely free.

6. Surah for children App

Surah for children app is the most prominent application dedicated to memorizing the Quran for kids.

As it is an application designed to teach them the last ten chapters (surah) of the Holy Quran.

This application includes methods and tools that encourage children to persist and love memorization, such as a reward system in a very dynamic display list. Includes the Holy Quran in English, Urdu and French translations, in addition to its original Arabic form.

Looking at this list of Quran memorization apps, we can find that all of them suitable for everyone’s financial level, and most of them are completely free, and this is a distinctive sign so that everyone can memorize the Holy Quran without burdens, even while at home.

Also the best thing is that all of these Quran memorization software is available on both iOS and Android devices, and you can install in your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

But, dear reader, let us remember an important thing that we mentioned at the beginning, which is that using applications for memorizing the Holy Quran is a good alternative instead of going to Quran memorization circles if you are unable to do so, but the best and surest solution is certainly to seek the help of a teacher who runs a learning plan with you, even through the Quran memorization apps.

There are many platforms that allow this and provide it to you online as a way to make your learning environment easy and at the same time disciplined, and one of these platforms is Shaykhi Academy.

Shaykhi Academy provides you with a group of professional teachers who follow up with you on the progress of the memorization process, give you a plan appropriate to your abilities, and ensure correct pronunciation so that you and your kids memorize from your home under the care of a specialist who ensures that your learning progresses successfully.

Why do you start your Quran memorization program through Shaykhi Academy?

You may now be wondering what this academy provides for you to start with?

So let me answer you! Shaykhi Academy provides you with:

1. Specialized teachers

All of them hold qualifications from Al-Azhar University and accredited Islamic institutes, so they have a high degree of understanding and specialization.

2- Female teachers

Shaykhi academy provides you with so that you, dear reader, can study and memorize under a woman like you, which will provide you with a comfortable memorization environment.

3- Teachers who specialize in memorizing the Quran for kids

Shaykhi academy provides you with Quran memorization teachers for kids, these teachers trained psychologically and educationally to deal with kids, persuade them, attract their attention towards memorization, and deliver information to them in the best ways that suit them.

4- Various price plans and many appointment programs

You can choose what suits you.

5- The possibility of obtaining a completely free trial session

Before participating in the course, shaykhi academy provides you with a free trial class which enables you to collect your mind and make the decision to complete the course or not. Start your free trial now!.

6- Tests before and after you start memorizing

It’s a very important step which you should go through to determine your abilities and level and develop a memorization plan that is appropriate for you.

You can get all of this at home without wasting time and effort, and with great effectiveness, it compensates for the absence of the offline teacher.

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