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How to choose the Best Website to Learn Quran Online?!

How to choose the Best Website to Learn Quran Online - Shaykhi Academy

Among these huge number of sites and academies, you might wonder what is the best website to learn Quran online! Here is the answer and the selection criteria!

How to choose the Best Website to Learn Quran Online - Shaykhi Academy

First of all, we’ve to admit that Online learning has become one of the most popular methods of education, especially in the cases that may prevent an individual from face-to-face learning. This leads us to an important question, which is:

Does Learning Quran Online a Good Option?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself before looking for the best website to learn Quran online as learning Quran online might not be suitable for you!

Does Learning Quran Online a Good Option - the Best Website to Learn Quran Online

Simply, the answer is yes, as the students might not find the best Quran Tutor to learn with them face-to-face, because of one of the next reasons:

1. Time and Place Obstacles.

This means that the student is a resident of a non-Arab country and there is no possibility of learning Quran or Arabic language in it, whether because of the shortage of Islamic centers or qualified teachers!

To overcome Time and Place Obstacles, it seems that Learning Quran Online is a good option! Right?

Sure, as this will help you to learn Quran while you’re setting in your home, as no travel and no discomfort!

Also, many fathers and mothers are busy with work, and at the same time they are keen to teach the Noble Qur’an to their children, a matter that puts him under pressure as they cannot reconcile following the memorization process with work. What will relieve you here is choosing the Best Website to Learn Quran Online. Isn’t it? So, we are here to help you 🙂 Join Now!

The same goes for the time factor. Right?! Even though learning Quran with a Shaykh face-to-face is the original state of learning Quran, I think all of us have hard work that requires a long time and might prevent us from going and learning Quran Face-to-Face with a Shaykh!

To be honest, I don’t recommend learning Quran Online to each one! Even if you have hard work but you can go and learn face to face with a qualified Shaykh, so, do that, please! We’ve to admit that face-to-face learning is better or it might be the best! Yes! It’s a fact, my dear reader!

To conclude, my advice here is to learn Quran Online from home just in case of the unavailability of Shaykhs and teachers in your locality!

I promise you that after this article you will be able to decide what is the best website to learn quran online, and thus your problem will be solved Insha’allah.

2. The Spread of Epidemics Like Covid-19.

In reality, the Spread of Epidemics like Covid-19 forced us to go to synchronized online learning to be safe! The actual situation says and proved that online learning is very effective, esp, with the updates of online conference platforms and helping tools like classroom screens websites, game-based quizzes websites, etc.

3. When the Student Is A Housewife.

The housewives have many responsibilities, such as taking care of their children, which make them sometimes unable to go to the face-to-face lesson. Thus, resorting to online lessons is a good option!

So, If you are a housewife, this article will help you to determine what is the best website to learn quran online, and thus your problem is solved alhamdulillah.

4. If The Student is Disabled or Has Special Needs.

Online education has the possibility to open the door for learners who are challenged by traditional classroom environments, as E-learning reduces the need to travel.

5. In The Event That The Student Is A Child.

Teaching some children and kids requires the presence of one of their parents, and this is what online education provides them with while receiving the lesson and to be assured that their child is learning well.

6. Technical Progress.

The current generation, especially the young ones, is accustomed to relying on technical and modern methods in performing all tasks, even the learning process. This prompted our Shaykhs to use these techniques to make it easier for their students to memorize, follow up and understand.

All the previous reasons don’t mean that the offline learning of Quran is bad but the truth is the vice versa, as it’s better to understand the explained info, but we just speak here in the case that it is impossible to learn offline and you want an alternative (which is the best website to learn Quran online).

By ending the answer to the first question, I think now you decided whether Learning Quran Online is suitable for you or not! If it’s suitable, kindly read the remaining of the article, as I will tell you the criteria that will help you to decide which Quran academy has the best website to learn Quran online! Keep Going!

How the best website to learn Quran online Should deliver online Teaching (Shaykhi Academy as an Example)?

How does Shaykhi Academy deliver online Teaching - the Best Website to Learn Quran Onlin

Shaykhi Academy delivers online Teaching through its main three types, which are synchronous, asynchronous, and Blended learning. Synchronous learning is manifested in our face-to-face Quran classes, while asynchronous learning is manifested in our recorded courses.

Let’s explain in detail!

Kindly, after reading the next, let us know in the comments Are we deserve to be an example of the best website to learn Quran online or not?! Your answer means a lot to us 🙂

1. Synchronous Learning.

It means direct communication learning, which requires the student and teacher to be present at the same time in front of computers for explanation and discussion, or in other words it requires simultaneous attendance at scheduled meetings or lectures.

Our online Quran teachers in this type rely on some means and tools that help them to explain as if they were in an actual classroom, such as the whiteboard, virtual classrooms, online conference platforms, game-based learning platforms, etc.

For example, the online Quran Teacher and their students start the class, whether in one-to-one classes or students groups, and the online Quran teacher starts to explain using a whiteboard after sharing the screen with the student, and then asks the student through one of the game-based learning platforms, etc.

One of Synchronous Learning’s downsides is the need for a good communication network!

A Real Example of Synchronous Learning from our classes:

Thus, when we speak about the best Academy or Best Website to Learn Quran Online, it must provide the best face-to-face classes!

2. Asynchronous Learning.

It is indirect learning, meaning that the teacher and student do not have to be in front of the computer at the same time, but allows students to access materials, ask questions, and practice their skills at any time that works for them. This is done via e-mail, mailing lists, discussion groups, file transfers, CDs, etc.

With this type, the student can go back to the explanation and repeat it whenever needed, but the downside of this type is not getting the student’s reaction immediately and thus the inability to ascertain whether they comprehended the lesson presented to him or not, and this is a major weakness in this type, especially in the field of teaching the Qur’an online.

For example, that the teacher records the lesson and then sends it to the students or uploads it through one of the platforms or on the site so that the student can enter and watch it at the appropriate time for them.

A Real Example of Asynchronous Learning from our courses:

Click here to watch the whole playlist.

Thus, when we speak about the best Academy or Best Website to Learn Quran Online, it must provide the best recorded courses!

3. Blended Learning.

This type, however, combines synchronous and asynchronous learning together! The blended learning program includes many learning tools, such as online virtual collaborative learning software, Internet-based courses, and self-learning courses.

Our real example of Blended Learning here might be clear, which is we offer both online classes for the students so that the student can learn with the teacher synchronously in the online class, and the same student can go and repeat the lesson through the recorded course or watch a new one that the teacher ordered him to watch as preparing to the next class, for example!

Besides that, we use effective e-learning methods and techniques, such as combining collaboration activities with the self-paced study, personalizing learning paths based on learners’ needs, and using simulation and games! This is one of the reasons that make us an example of the Best Website to Learn Quran Online! 🙂

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments if you have any suggestions that make us an example of the best website to learn Quran online or not?! We’re waiting for you 🙂

How We Use Effective E-Learning Methods and Techniques in Teaching Quran? Gamification as An Example!

How We Use E-LearningTechniques in Teaching Quran - - the Best Website to Learn Quran Online

The term “Gamification”, technically, is defined as adding game mechanics into nongame environments, but Gamification in Education is defined as an educational approach that seeks to motivate students.

A Real Example in Quranic Arabic Class: (It is well known that games always draw the attention of young and old)

One of the techniques is presenting the screen to the student that has Arabic Letters while using blocks to hide these Arabic Letters, the rule of the student here is to choose the block to remove it and then read the letter, and if they read it correctly, they get points as a reward! It becomes really effective if we linked these points with a reward or prize that the parents can give to the student if the student is a child, even if this prize is just 5 dollars 🙂

We deserve to be an example of The Best Website to Learn Quran Online, aren’t we? 🙂

What Are the Features That the Shaykhi Academy’s LMS Provides?

What Are the Features That the our LMS Provides - the Best Website to Learn Quran Online

First of all, LMS stands for Learning Management System, which, simply, means an online platform or software that’s used to organize and manage online learning, whether Synchronous Learning such as face-to-face classes or Asynchronous Learning such as recorded courses.

As for the features that the Shaykhi Academy’s LMS Provides, they are the following:

1. Monitoring Student’s Progress and Performance.

You as a student in Shaykhi Academy or as a parent can follow up and monitor the progress through student’s handouts of Shaykhi Academy.

Each student is dealt with them separately, studying their case well, figuring out their pattern of personality and abilities, and also educational level. This helps us to suggest a suitable teacher for them, and to fill in the handouts and sheets in a way that helps them.

These handouts aim at two main functions, to pre-plan for each student what they will study after studying their case, and also follow up the plan to measure their progress.

The main handouts are the following:

A. 6-Week plan & 3-Month Plan.

The teachers prepare for each one of their students a “6-Week plan” when the student joins the academy. After 1 and half months, the teacher finishes two “6-Week plans”, and starts making a “3-Month plan” for each next three months.

The reason for making 2 “6-Week plans” and not moving to “3-Month plans” directly is that the teacher can figure out the student’s personality, and abilities during the 1st one and half months.

B. Classes Sheet.

The sheet is made to fill out all information regarding classes after the end of the class, unlike the pre-planned plans.

C. Monthly reports.

This report is extracted from the classes sheet, with further feedback, if found.

2. Analytics that Offer Unique Insights.

The students or their parents can also follow up the progress through our analysis and reports, such as the following:

You can’t judge one of the Quran Academies that it’s the best website to learn Quran online without knowing if it has pre-plans for the student, monitoring these plans, and giving reports at the end or not!

What Are the Advantages of Learning Quran Online with Shaykhi Academy?

What Are the Advantages of Learning Quran - the Best Website to Learn Quran Online

You’ll get the next advantages:

1. Well-Designed Materials.

The material that you, as an Online Quran Student, will study is very attractive and designed by professional graphic designers under the supervision of highly qualified teachers to facilitate studying from them and to be easy to follow so that you can learn easily without any distraction, but with enjoying 🙂 !

This is one of the points that nominates us to the rank of the Best Website to Learn Quran Online! 🙂

2. Good Presentation of Materials.

It’s not just Well-Designed Materials, but also the way of presenting it is very attractive!

3. Highly Qualified and Skilled Teachers.

By this, we mean two things, the first is that our teachers are highly qualified with respect to mastering the curricula and materials, while the second point is that they are skilled in terms of e-learning and its techniques.

4. Experienced Teachers.

All our Online Quran Teachers are Egyptian Native Arabic speakers, highly qualified, Azharites and have sufficient experience in teaching the Holy Quran, Tajweed, and Arabic reading for different nationalities as well as different ages.

5. Friendly Teachers Especially for Children.

All our Online Quran Teachers are experienced teachers for children so they know how to deal with kids and make them love the lessons in a friendly way. We believe that the learning process, especially for children, should be mixed with entertainment, as this helps students interact and learn faster.

If you are a parent, this is an important point to judge that a certain Quran Academy is the best website to learn Quran online for your kids!

To know more about our teachers, I suggest you to read this article, Discover Our 8 Best Online Quran Teachers Now!

6. Fluent English Teachers.

All our online tutors are fluent in English, so, you will not face any problems regarding communication!

7. Male or Female Quran Teacher.

If you are a man, you can learn with a Shaykh, while if you are a woman, you can learn with a female teacher!

8. Curricula, Materials, and Teaching Methods that Are Suitable for All Levels.

We provide the students with curricula and materials that are suitable for all levels and everyone (Grownups -Teens – Adults– Beginners – Intermediate learners – Advanced learners)! The main aim of this Curricula is to help to master Quran Reading through learning Arabic Reading and Tajweed Rules from scratch until you master them.

9. Interactive Quran Lessons.

Shaykhi Academy relies to a large extent on the interactive education system by making the students actively participate with their peers in the lessons in groups classes or with the teacher in one-to-one classes, which encourages the students and makes them learn better and faster.

Are you still wondering if we’re the best website to learn Quran online or not?! 🙂

What Are the Features of Online Quran classes with Shaykhi Academy?

What Are the Features of Online Quran classes - the Best Website to Learn Quran Online

1. Flexibility in Scheduling Classes

Shaykhi Academy offers you the flexibility to set your schedule, which means you’ll be able to learn at the times and days that are suitable for you.

2. One-to-One Class

Shaykhi Academy provides the possibility of obtaining lessons within a group or one to one lesson.

3. Reasonable Fee

(Affordable pricing plans for our Quran Featured Courses)

Shaykhi Academy takes into account all financial situations of all students through the development of different plans, prices commensurate with all levels, so that prices start from 20 to 200 USD.

By the way, any good website or academy that teaches Quran must pay for its teachers, and then, you can’t find a good academy that learn Quran Online for free. We clarify this as some people search on google about the best website to learn Quran online free and this is in reality a kind of wasting time!

4. Family Discount Package

Also, families get 10% discount, whether siblings, brother and sisters, husband and wife, etc.

5. Free Trial Classes

We give you the opportunity to attend a Free trial class first so that you can make a decision. After trial class, you decide whether to join or to request another free trial class.

6. Suitable Payment Method

Students can pay using“Paypal. The payment is done un USD whether the student is from USA or UK (United Kingdom), Canada, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.

7. 24/7 Tech Support

It is characterized by the availability of technical support and answering questions and inquiries throughout the week, around the clock, to provide a distinguished service.

Again, Are you still wondering if we’re the best website to learn Quran online or not?! 🙂

If you’re wondering about the steps of joining us, here are the simple steps!

Steps of Joining the Best Website to Learn Quran Online:

1. Filling out subscription form Here.

2. Receiving Confirmation Message or E-mail.

3. Attending the Free Trial Class.

4. Choosing one of The Plans and Subscribing.

5. Enjoying the classes with the Best Website to Learn Quran Online 🙂


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