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The Rules of Watching Movies And Anime, And Playing Video Games During Ramadan?

The Rules of Watching Movies And Anime, And Playing Video Games During Ramadan

The rules regarding watching movies, anime, and playing video games during Ramadan are based on Islamic principles that prioritize activities beneficial for spiritual and moral growth. 

While playing video games is permissible if they don’t contain prohibited elements or distract from religious duties, watching inappropriate movies or series, especially during Ramadan, is discouraged as it diminishes the purpose of fasting and may lead to sinful behavior. 

Similarly, engaging in frivolous activities like playing with recreational devices contradicts the essence of fasting and should be avoided.

The Rules of Watching Movies And Anime, And Playing Video Games During Ramadan

Can You Play Video Games During Ramadan?

Playing video games during Ramadan or at any other time is permissible as long as the games do not contain prohibited elements and do not distract from religious duties. Muslims should prioritize activities that benefit them spiritually and morally, and avoid those that may lead to sin or waste valuable time. 

The answer to whether one can play video games during Ramadan is based on Islamic principles regarding entertainment and the avoidance of prohibited activities. The primary obligation for fasting Muslims, as well as all other Muslims, is to be mindful of Allah in all their actions and to avoid what is prohibited by Him at all times.

This includes refraining from engaging in any form of entertainment that contains imagery or content that is forbidden by Islamic law, such as nudity, suggestive images, or objectionable content. Similarly, Muslims are required to avoid playing with recreational devices, such as playing cards, that may lead to immoral behavior or distract from fulfilling religious obligations like prayer in congregation or other duties.

The Quran warns against indulging in idle talk and frivolous activities, stating, “And of the people is he who buys the amusement of speech to mislead [others] from the way of Allah without knowledge and who takes it in ridicule. Those will have a humiliating punishment” (Quran, Surah Luqman, 31:6-7). Additionally, believers are encouraged not to engage in falsehood and to pass by frivolous talk with dignity (Quran, Surah Al-Furqan, 25:72).

The term “amusement” in these verses encompasses all forms of objectionable entertainment, including video games. Therefore, Muslims should be cautious about engaging in any form of entertainment that may lead them away from the remembrance of Allah and His commandments.

However, if video games do not contain anything prohibited by Islamic law and do not lead to prohibited actions, there is no harm in playing them. Some scholars have issued rulings permitting certain types of video games that meet these criteria (Fatwa numbers: 8393, 9168, 880).

It’s essential to distinguish between playing video games and creating or viewing content with prohibited imagery. The prohibition primarily pertains to capturing or drawing images, not merely watching or playing.

Regarding children’s video games, if they are free from objectionable content like music and adhere to Islamic guidelines, they can be considered permissible. Scholars have approved educational cartoons and games that promote beneficial or permissible content for children.

May Allah grant us steadfastness in adhering to His commands and increase us in righteousness, happiness, and closeness to Him.

Can You Watch Movies During Ramadan?

Watching inappropriate movies on TV or through satellite is not permissible for both fasting and non-fasting individuals. Such actions do not invalidate the fast, but they do involve sinful behavior that detracts from the reward of fasting. 

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Many a fasting person receives no more from his fasting than hunger.” This indicates that the purpose of fasting, which is to attain piety, is not achieved by engaging in sinful activities like watching objectionable content on TV or satellite.

Watching series that contain prohibited elements such as immodesty, mixing of genders, and other similar sins during Ramadan or any other time does not invalidate the fast in the sense that one is not required to make up for it, but it diminishes the reward of fasting. 

It is essential to understand that fasting is ordained to attain piety, as mentioned in the Quran (Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:183). Therefore, watching such content during fasting hours does not fulfill the purpose of fasting, which is to strengthen one’s relationship with Allah.

Most series contain elements that violate Islamic principles, such as immodesty, prohibited mixing of genders, music, romantic dialogues, and obscenities. Some even promote ideas aimed at secularizing society and diverting it from its Islamic values. 

Therefore, watching such series, whether during Ramadan or at other times, is not permissible. Engaging in sinful activities is even more reprehensible during auspicious times like Ramadan, when the gates of paradise are open, and the gates of hell are closed, and when the devils are chained.

It is regrettable for an individual to waste precious time, especially during Ramadan, on activities that do not benefit them spiritually or morally. Fasting is not limited to abstaining from food, drink, and physical relations; it also involves restraining oneself from sinful desires and intentions, and adhering to what pleases Allah.

In conclusion, it is obligatory for fasting individuals and all Muslims to fear Allah and avoid watching inappropriate movies or content that contravenes His laws, whether it’s on TV, satellite, or any other medium. Additionally, Muslims should refrain from engaging in frivolous activities like playing with instruments of amusement, as they lead to witnessing and perpetrating sinful behavior, hardening hearts, and neglecting Allah’s commandments. 

Allah warns against those who indulge in frivolous pursuits and turn away from His path without knowledge, and those who do not bear witness to falsehood and pass by it with dignity. Therefore, it is imperative for Muslims to uphold piety in all aspects of their lives, especially during Ramadan, and seek refuge in Allah from indulging in sinful actions.

Can I Watch Anime During Ramadan?

Cartoons and anime, like any other forms of entertainment, should be approached with caution and evaluated carefully for their content. If they are free from any religious prohibitions such as promoting disbelief, immorality, or magic, then there is no harm in watching them.

However, if they contain content that contradicts Islamic teachings, such as promoting polytheism or sorcery, then they should be avoided, and others should be warned against watching them as well.

Therefore, you should review the content of the films you want to watch during Ramadan and ensure they are free from any religious prohibitions. If they are, then there is no religious prohibition against watching them.

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During Ramadan, Muslims are advised to be mindful of their actions and avoid indulging in activities that detract from their spiritual growth and piety. 

While playing video games may be permissible if they adhere to Islamic guidelines, watching inappropriate movies or series should be avoided as it diminishes the essence of fasting and may lead to sinful behavior. 

Similarly, engaging in frivolous activities contradicts the purpose of fasting and should be abstained from. It is essential for Muslims to uphold piety and seek refuge in Allah from indulging in sinful actions, especially during Ramadan, a time for spiritual reflection and devotion.

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